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Saturday, January 7, 2012


So, I'd set my alarm for 6:45am. And I KNOW I turned it on. But at 7:40am, my kids burst thru my door, wondering why I wasn't awake. Really? You come thru at 7:40am wondering that??? Fully dressed? You couldn't have woken me up sooner? Sigh.

Tom had gotten up at 6am, and left for the bus at 7am. Eme was up at 6:30am, and the little boys got up with their alarm at 7am. I'm pretty sure Jake got up with his alarm too. But no one came to get me! I guess they were letting me sleep in?

And I don't know what happened to my alarm. It was showing that I turned it off. And Maggie tried calling from the bus stop. And she texted too. And Kim texted. And my ringer was even on! I have no idea what happened!

Anyway, since the kids were all ready, I loaded Jim and Eme and Joe up inside the car, and we drove on up to the school. They were early, at least. And Jake was ready for his bus. He'd made it, at least.

I pulled over to the side of the road by the crosswalk outside of the school, and let Jim and Eme out, and Joe said that his shoe was stuck in the seat!!! What??? So Eme and Jim left, and I parked and tried me best to free Joe's shoe. Nope. Totally stuck. I had to cut the lace out with a pocket knife. And by that point, the lace wasn't salvageable. So I had to drive back on post to get Joe new shoes... What a morning!

He hurried and got new shoes, and I dropped him off. Then hurried back home. I got a text from Kim saying that she was SUPER duper sick feeling. I don't know if it was an illness, or her back, or what, but she was having a hard time. And she and Austin had an appointment today for paperwork for their move to Germany. And she could barely drive.

I told her to take it easy, and that I'd head home, get changed and ready for the day, and be right over. I'd play chauffeur for the day :) So I did. Check out their new stool! It's Captain America!!!!
We loaded up, and headed up to the hospital. Luckily, we found a parking spot inside the parking garage so Kim didn't have to walk very far. She wasn't feeling very good. I walked them down stairs to their appointment, and because that office didn't have a waiting room, I went to the one down the hall. And after playing some Jewel game for about 30 minutes, I headed back upstairs and outside to find some WiFi connectivity. hehe. No internet in the basement :)

I played on Facebook for quite some time, then called and chatted with my mom at work. Then Captain America called and chatted with my for a bit. Every once in a while, he gets to call from a phone. Especially now that they are in tent/trailers now, and not "dorms" anymore. But those calls are limited to only a few minutes. He mostly just wanted to call to say I love you, and to have a good day. Awe, what a sweetie!!!

I was SO enjoying myself, sitting outside, soaking up the sunshine. It was a little chilly in the shade, but it was AWESOME in the direct sunshine. About 60 degrees. I was loving every minute of it. Kim finally came out, and we were on our way. She felt bad that it took so long, but really, the sunshine was JUST what I wanted and needed!

We went back to her car, and she had some more papers to fill out. It didn't take very long, then we headed over to the VA part of the hospital. She needed her doctor to fill out some paperwork. And, of course, we couldn't just leave it for her doctor. No, that would be too easy. We had to go to a different floor and have the medical records people fill out forms and have them give it to the doctor to fill out. And it would take 7-10 days.... Seriously? Sigh.

Anyway, it took a while, but we finally got it done. And then we were done with paperwork for the day. And headed back to post. We were gonna drop Austin off at school, but decided it was too late to be worth his while. So we took him with us. We swung by GameStop to pick up the PS2 for Jake. So he could earn it over the weekend. By doing jobs. And since they were only $29.99, I decided to buy and extra one for Joe and Jim to earn. And just put it away. They already have games for it. Sounded like a good plan :)

Then we headed back to my house. Austin played his DS, and Kim decided that she could help me clean the kitchen a little bit. I told her she was CRAZY, to just sit on a chair and visit with me, but she said that cleaning helped her take her mind off of the fact that she was so sick. OK, crazy lady! Not what I wanna do when I'm sick!

While we were cleaning, I decided to use my free hours for daycare for the kids on Saturday. To help keep the house clean. Cause whats the point in cleaning if the kids are just gonna mess it up, you know! Ha! I got an appointment set up for 1pm.

I cleaned the dining room. And it looked SO much better when I was done. She wiped down the cupboards and counters. And fridge and appliances. And yeah, it really did looked a lot better when she was done.

We spent the last 30 minutes before the kids got home sitting on the couch watching Austin play Wii and petting Boxer. He was loving it. hehe. Tom got home from school, then I took Kim home and got the kids from the bus. Austin stayed to play with my kids.

I headed home with the kids, and had about 2 hours before the kids games. Joe and Leo went to play at the park for a while, and Eme went to play with her friends for a bit, too. Jim and Austin played electronics in the house. Jake and Tom did their thing here, and I designed for a bit.

At 6pm, I took Austin home, and took Joe and Jim to their games, picking up Josephine and Leo and Kari on the way. I was playing chauffeur again! hehe :) First stop, Logan gym to drop off Leo and Joe. Brian was gonna pick them up, thankfully!

Then, we went to Josephine and Jim's game. It was a short one, at least :) Kari and I had fun chatting. We made plans for the Cub Scouts to go to the Art Museum tomorrow. At 2pm. Crap. Forgot about that. I'll drop Eme and Jim off at 1pm, and Tom off at the Youth Center, and let Jake stay home and clean, then take Joe to the Art Museum, and drop him off at Child Care after. That's a good plan. ha!

After the game, I dropped Kari and Kids off at their house, and got my kids all situated for the night. They were watching TV and playing games. Looked all good and happy to me. Joe was at Leo's house for a little while.

Kim and Tim had invited me on their date night. You know, I totally should feel awkward and like the obtrusive 3rd wheel. But for some reason, I don't. Ha! I just feel like part of the family. hehe. Luckily, within the month, Captain America will be home, and I'll have my OWN date night partner!!!! I'm so flippin' excited I can hardly wait!!!

They came and picked me up, and we headed to Bassett mall. We stopped in FYE music type store, and saw they had Dr Who stuff! I was SO excited! I had to get something just on principle! hehe :) I got a Sonic Screwdriver key chain and a t-shirt! So cool!

Tim found a few Dr Who t-shirts, and Kim got a Dalek key chain, a Sonic Screwdriver, and a cardboard cutout of the Tardis! It was SO stinkin' cool!!! Yeah, we had to have Tim go and take it to the truck. Couldn't be taking that one to the movies. hehe :)

Then we headed to the movies. We were gonna see Sherlock Holmes. And since I play FourSquare, I had a check in coupon, and got a free popcorn with a soda! So for $4.25, I got a large soda and a small popcorn! It was PERFECT for me!!!

And I must say, I absolutely loved the movie. So much better than the first one. I remember being almost bored in the first movie. I had a hard time paying attention in it. And couldn't understand what they were saying. But this one was great! I'd highly recommend it!

After the movie, we loaded up, and headed back to post. I was having a hard time finding my ID in my purse, and it was funny, because I was hiding behind the GIANT cutout of the tardis. And I thought about just hiding back there from the gate guard. But I found it at the last moment, and popped out from behind it, and handed up my ID. The gate guard seemed super surprised. hehe. I know, I'm so silly :)

For some reason, we were wanting to know the Spanish word for dinner on the way home. And I was asking Siri. And she TOTALLY misunderstood what I said. I thought it was kinda funny, so I screen shot-ed it :)

They dropped me off at home, and Jake and Jim were both fast asleep on the couch. The other kids were just finishing up a movie. And I helped them all get to bed. Do you like the pig tail braids?
My key chain!
Sleepy Jim
One of my new shirts. See why I like it???
I'm totally wearing this one tomorrow!
After the kids went to bed, I sat down to blog. And watched a few episodes of X-Files. And here it is, 12:24pm. And I'm SO tired. How did it get so late? I don't understand it. hehe. I'm wanting to sleep in tomorrow, but we have the "Meet your Teacher" breakfast at church at 9am... So we gotta get up..

Then Eme has a game at 10am, Tom has one at 11am, and childcare at 1. Tom to the Youth Center, then Art Museum at 2, and Joe to childcare. And pick the kids up at 9pm. Busy, busy, busy day. Maybe I'll just come home and nap in the middle of the day. Ha! Maybe I'll go and get my hair done. That would be nice :) I know the school has a deep conditioning treatment thing. That would be super nice :)

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Love your blog!! Thank you

Patti said...

Love the new series!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

I thought Sherlock Holmes 2 was really good also! Maybe I'll have to rent Sherlock Holmes 1 to see it again since I don't remember it at all. Of course, maybe there's a REASON that I didn't remember it! :-)