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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hey there! So, blogging two times in one day is NOT so good. Cause I'm tired. Ha! I set my alarm for 9am, so that I could make sure that I woke up in time to get Jake to his Therapy appointment.

After I got up and got ready, I went and took a picture of each of the kids to see what they were doing. Joe was wearing his new outfit, but SO didn't want his picture taken. ha!

Jake wanted the game in the picture with him. hehe. Silly boy :)
And Eme! I was gonna take her with me to Jake session, and aftewords, we were going to the Beauty school for a hair cut!
And sweet little Jimmy cat :)
And me :)
Who knew that America Funny Videos could STILL entertain kids, a whole generation later! I so remember watching this growing up! hehe. My kids LOVED it! Thanks, Netflix!
We went to Jake's session, and I went in and talked with his therapis for a few minutes to give her the low-down on the week, then Jake went in for the rest of the time. Eme played on her fake tablet, and I texted people. Ha!

After the session, we headed on over to the Beauty school. They were able to get Eme in right away. Here's eme's before pictures.


Getting her hair shampooed
I followed her back, and sat in the chair next to her. It's funny, because I had 2 instructors stop and almost scold me for being on the phone, until they realized that I wasn't a student. Ha! I'm like, I'm a mom here to take pictures!!! LOL ;)

When the girl was all done, I found out that it was her first day on the floor. Nice. ha! At least she did a FABULOUS job! The teacher was there a lot, and helped out quite a bit. So Eme got a FANTASTIC hair cut! What do you think???

I so want her hair! hehe :) We paid, I gave Eme money to give her girl a tip, and we headed home. Jake had been watching a movie on his MP3 player, and was definitely ready to go. hehe. He wanted to swing by Game Stop to exchange 2 of the games. They didn't work. But I didn't have/feel like taking the time. I told him we'd do it later tonight.

Here's another picture I snapped of Eme when we got home at lunch time. Isn't she adorable!!!
When we got home, we had a quick lunch, and I left Jake playing PS2, Jim on the Wii, Tom on his computer, and Eme playing at Lexi's house. And I took Joe and we headed over to my new friend Maria's house. Shes from church. The one who told me that her hubby told her to find a friend that one Sunday? Remember. hehe. Her Joseph is the same age as my Joseph, and I have him in Scouts! He's the kid that got the Ornament! LOL :)

I got directions to her house, and we got there around 2pm. She has a BEAUTIFUL house in the North East side. LOVED it! She had 6 kids, first 3 boys, then 3 girls. All her kids are super sweet. The boys played, and we chatted. And watched the little ones do their thing.

Check out this homemade swing set in the back yard! I've NEVER seen anything like it! That's Joseph and Joseph swinging on it! Look how they look like ANTS compared to the size of the swing set!!!
It's not quite finished yet, but her hubby had to go for a training and left yesterday. He'll finish it up when he gets back :) After a few hours, Joe and I said bye, and headed back home.

I cooked dinner for everyone (ground sausage and cheese salad - hey, I had to cook the sausage, so it counts as cooking!), and then Joe and I got ready to go to Basketball practice. Kari asked if I'd drive Leo there, and of course I said yet. And Jake said that he wanted to come, so that we could stop at Game Stop on the way home. Good idea :) that way, I wouldn't forget. hehe.

So we headed off to Basketball practice. I visited with Deborah from church (I apologize if your name isn't Deborah... I remembered it as that!! If it's not, maybe you should consider changing it... it suits you) and another mom. Actually, for the first 20 minutes, I texted. And after being silent for 20 minutes, I couldn't stand it, and butted my way into a group of mom's conversation where I met the other parent next to me. She seemed SUPER cool. But I failed to catch her name. (not that it would matter : Deborah)

She liked the thrift stores too, and had a 13 year old and an 11 year old and an 8 year old. Similar aged kids. Her hubby is in Special Forces. She just seemed super down to earth, and cool. She lives in the North East side of town. I'll have to get her name next time, and friend her on Facebook. I enjoyed her :)

After practice, we loaded up, and headed back to post. Stopping at Game Stop for the exchange. Which took WAY longer than anticipated... Jake couldn't decide what he wanted. Go figure.. ha! Leo and Joe were having a grand time playing on the XBox 360 demo, though. hehe.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we were done. Jake got 2 different games, and we were out of there! We dropped Leo off at home, and came back to our house. I gave the kids about 15 minutes to finsih up what they were doing, and then it was bed time. Or quite reading time for the older ones. Tom was gonna take "I am number one" to his room and finish it off. He LOVED what he read so far. Only about 40 more pages to go. He can finish that in no time flat. The kid is a SUPER reader.

I put Joe and Jim in their beds first. Then ake took his meds, and went to his room to read. I informed him that we'd be going to Seminary in the morning. He wasn't enthusiastic, but he didn't flat out refuse... Eme went to bed with no issues. I went to re-check on Joe and Jim, and yeah, they'd smuggled a portable DVD player into their rooms. Naughty, boys! I took it, but didn't make a big deal of it. And re-tucked them in. Then went in my room to start to blog.

After getting all the pictures posted from yesterday, Tom came downstairs. He'd forgotten to get a haircut! And I'd promised him one before school started back up. Crap. So I put my stuff away, and he got out all the hair cutting stuff, and I buzzed his head. 1/16 on the top, and nothing on the sides. That's how he likes it.

On the off chance that Joe or Jim were still awake, I went to check on them. They HATE their hair cut, but they SO needed it. Well, Jim mostly. And I found them both sitting up in bed in the dark. Weird. With a box of cereal. Upon closer inspection, they had a DS. VERY naughty boys! Now they were in trouble.

Two birds with one stone, here. I told them that they were electronics grounded tomorrow, AND that they had to get their heads shaved. Joe was MORTIFIED. He didn't know that he was gonna have to get it cut that way anyway. He was sobbing as I brought the two of them into my bathroom.

I shaved his head first, then he got in the shower. Then Jim was next. His hair must grow faster than Joe's, because it was SO bushy. Maybe it's just a different consistency? And his head was kinda nasty under it, too. After his haircut, I lathered on the baby oil, and rubbed it around real good. That loosened up all the dead old skin. He hated it, but his head look SO much better afterwords. And he smelled good too!

They both showered up, then got dressed and went to bed for real. I told Joe, that next time Jim does something naughty after bed time, to COME AND GET ME. Then he wouldn't get in trouble (and his head shaved) and only Jim would. I think it may have sunk in this time.

I cleaned most of the hair up, and FINALLY started blogging. So much for an early bed time in preparation for Seminary! I finished up the first blog, then started on this one. And here it is, 11:17pm. I guess that's not TOO bad, right? And it would have been a lot sooner if Facebook hadn't been so darn distracting. hehe.

So, Wednesday... Kids go back to school. BOOYAAAAA! Can you tell I'm just a little excited? hehe. Kari and I were supposed to go and see Footloose. But she totally ditched me to go with her hubby tonight... What's that all about. hehe. Just kidding, girl. Maybe she and I will go and see something else. There's a TON of good new things out, and quite a few at the Dollar Theater that I wanted to see, too. Or maybe I'll just clean something. Cause that's always a good thing to do the month before your hubby comes home, right? Wouldn't want it to sneak up on me or anything. Anyone wanna volunteer to come and help me clean? hehe ;)

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Anonymous said...

Bethany, I read every day, but rarely comment. Sorry about that. First, thank you so much for the awesome freebies... loving the numbers!

Second, your daughter's haircut prompted this comment. It is ADORABLE! Please tell her that some stranger in Georgia thinks she looks gorgeous. My DD has a similar (but shorter) cut b/c her mom is lazy, hehe... and I just LOVE.LOVE. it!

Oh, and my DH was military so I pray for your husband and family often as I read. God Bless.

deb said...

Eme's hair is ADORABLE! So cute! Thank youfor the word art!

Lainie said...

Bethany, Just had to comment on Eme's hair, it is so cute. Just fantastic.
I love all your wordart. Thanks so much.

Janneke said...

Your daughter's haircut looks great! Sounds like you stay very busy. Thanks for these WA freebies -- I think they'd be perfect for doing school pages. My son is not in school yet -- he's only 2. But I have already earmarked them for such an occasion. :)