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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet D

Sooooo. Woke up with a headache this morning. Seriously... Is it the change in the weather? Is it uber stress in my life? Is it a sign from above that I need to be a better person? hehe. Ok, so I'm already awesome, maybe it's not that - ROFL!

Anyway, when i realized that the headache was gonna be bad, I got up and ate some breakfast so I could take some meds. Can't take those on an empty stomach, you know. Do cupcakes and left over cheese count as a healthy breakfast?? Maybe that's why I've picked up weight. Whatever...

So I watched some cartoons with the little boys until I felt my intelligence slip below where I felt comfortable (do stupid cartoons do that to you too???), then went back to bed.

CPT got up about 30 minutes later. Or was it an hour? I can't remember. Kids kept coming in and asking stupid questions. And I think he had had enough. It was a rough integration day. But for some reason, when he self recognizes it, it helps me. Anyway, I'm getting ahead.

I went back to sleep, and mentally decided to try and kick the caffeine habit. I don't drink soda every day, but I get caffeine in pill form every day. And if I don't get it soon enough, I get headaches. I'm addicted. Maybe that was contributing to the headaches. I was desperate.

Anyway, I slept until around 11, I think. And CPT was in a mood. He didn't realize that I had a migraine I was sleeping off. And the kids were bugging him. And the house was bugging him. And apparently men don't like to be called "pissy", even of the term fits.... Note to self.... Darn, cause it fit SOOOOO well. We did talk about that one for quite a while, and came up with belligerent. That's a good word. I still prefer pissy. If I say "belligerent", y'all will know I really mean pissy, ok? Hehe.

The difference between this fight and our others is that we kept on going, and he recognized that he was being belligerent for no good reason. So we were able to work thru it. It really helped.

Kim's family went to White Sands today and took Joe with them, and Eme was still at Bella's house for her sleep over. CPT and I loaded up on the new suburban and headed across town to get some car errands done. Tom was watching Jim, and Jake went to the gym with Justin. Sounded like everyone was accounted for :)

We stopped by the title place, but it was closed on Saturdays. There was a Lowes across the street, so we stopped in there. CPT wanted to get some screws and I wanted to get some metal pieces to make a new Miche holder for my big purses. I'm obsessed, I know... Obsessed and an addict... I have issues.

After Lowes, we went to Audio Express to look for a different stereo. The new suburban has no way to hook up the iPhone. And that's what I like to listen to in the car. Plus, the old suburban has broken speakers and a broken stereo. And if CPT is gonna restore it, it needs a new one. So we were in the market. And CPT said that now would be the time to get a flip down TV/DVD for the Suburban! Really???? I never would have expected that from him! I think he felt bad for yelling at the kids this morning. Hehe. This particular one took media cards that you could play movies on. That's what the man said. I'm gonna be mad at him if he was lying to me.... We may have a little go-round if come Monday it's installed and I bring my card and it doesn't work..... Your days may be numbered, little man....

Just kidding. Kind of. He worked out some deal where the stereo was cheap, and we got military discount, and I conned him into giving us 5 wireless headphones for the bundle price of 4. We left paying a buttload of money and getting an appointment for monday morning for 2 hours for Brent's suburban (to be known as the truck) and 3 hours for my new suburban (to be known as the suburban).

My headache was kicking up a lot more at this point. We went to big lots and looked around for a bit to see if they had anything we couldnt live without. We did get some cleaner wipes and laundry soap. That's important. Then we headed home. And I was hurting.

I took some Tylenol, which was doing nothing. It was becoming full blown withdrawal. I was so nauseous. I felt like someone was wringing my brain out. Freaking hurt!

And I started to make dinner before I died. CPT eventually saw that I was doing, and took over and sent me to my room to die in peace. He made the soup for the kids. Joe and Eme and Jake made their ways back home, and the kids and Brent watched some Star Trek and Dukes of Hazzard together. I would come to consciousness long enough to catch snippets of it. I don't remember a lot.

At one point, I crawled out of bed to try my neck massager and see if it would help. The movement sent me running to the bathroom to throw up. This was SO not gonna work. I can't detox like this. I went and found CPT's straight up caffeine pills (200mg), and downed. And 5 minutes later, I was puking my guts out again. I curled up in a ball on my floor and dozed off for about 30 minutes, then felt good enough to move up to the bed. Then gradually felt better and better. Slowly. Very slowly. All the while, silently wishing that my head would free itself from my body and I would be out of my misery :(

I woke up at 11pm, sweaty, but pain free. The caffeine pill must have kicked in! Oh thank goodness! Today is not the day to kick the habit. Tomorrow is not the day either. That sucked. I'm gonna have to wean slowly.

I went to find CPT and see what he was up to. The kids were all in bed, and he was detailing my suburban. He LOVES to do it. He has cleaned the engine parts (looked SUPER) clean, and waxed the hood and front area. He was working on the sides. I guess he must have washed it earlier too. It was pulled mostly onto the garage. It's so big that it doesn't all fit. Lol. Either that or we have teeny tiny garages...

I stayed and visited with him, but was distracting him. Hehe. Eventually, I went and grabbed my laptop to blog. I got a few paragraphs done, but wanted to go and sit in the suburban to see what the back seats were like. So I hopped on in. It's pretty nice in there! A lot more fancy than anything we've ever owned! Harty kids, you'd better not mess it up, you hear???

As I was sitting in the back seat, CPT continued waxing, and I pulled out my phone and continued blogging with my blogger app. Funny. I was blogging in the suburban again, but for completely different reasons. Lol.

So, it's almost 1am. I'm gonna tie this up and go to bed. CPT is still out there detailing the outside of my suburban. It makes him happy. And that makes me happy to see him happy :)

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Feb. 05, 2012. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

I love these alphabet letters - Thanks!

marsie55 said...

Glad to hear that you are a bit happier .. it does help when people recognise it is Their Mood!! And I like "pissy" too .. "belligerent" just doesn't have the same ring to it, you know??? Thanks for the wonderful word art! :)

Crystalnva said...