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Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Day 5: Strength

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Day 5
Christ's Example of endurance and Strength

To ponder: How do we endure and fight against Satan? Do we remain "steadfast and immovable" against temptations?

Scriptures: Matthew 4:1-11; 10:22; 27:27-31; Luke 22:42-44; John 15:17-21; Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Timothy 4:7-8

"God loves us. He is watching us. He wants us to succeed. We will know some day that He has not left one thing undone for the eternal welfare of each of us. If we only knew it, heavenly hosts are pulling for us - friends in heaven that we cannot now remember who yearn for our victory. This is our day to show what we can do - what life and sacrifice we can daily, hourly, instantly make for God. If we give our all, we will get His all from the greatest of all. Give God your best, and His best will come back to you." Ezra Taft Benson, Jesus Christ - Gifts and Expectations, Dec. 1988 Ensign

Song: We are all Enlisted, Hymn 250

Great quote, huh??! I don't think I've ever heard that one before. I mean, I know the concept, of course, but to hear it again was great :)

Anyway, Thursday morning. I got up, and felt much better. I think the flu was gone. Thank goodness! I was SO ready to be done with it. I got the kids off to school, and then CPT came home to get ready to go to work. And I started working on designing. I stopped at 9am, and had 2 1/2 packs designed. Not packaged, but designed. Not too bad. Well, I had one designed from last week. LOL.

I hopped in the shower, and got ready for counseling. CPT was coming home to pick me up. And, we were late, of course. Bless his heart. hehe :) We were not on the best speaking terms, too.

And, come to find out in couples therapy, he had mis-labeled his love language. He is NOT an acts of service guy. He's a words guy. So, all this time when I was trying to do acts of service for him, because he TOLD me that's what I should be doing for him, it was doing NOTHING for him. Which is why we were having problems.... At least we got to the heart of why we were having problems, right???

Looking back, it's kinda funny. Kinda... A little. Comical, I guess. How much energy we had been expending trying to fix it, when we were just a tad bit off in our focus. And how horribly wrong things were going. Once we figured it out, things instantly became clear, and we both felt better. THIS should work. THIS should make things better. We left couples therapy feeling happier and lighter.

We decided to go out to lunch, and try somewhere new. We stop at somewhere close, and it turned out to be a little place that was from Spain. We thought it was Mexican at first, but nope, Spanish! And it was SO cute and SO good! Never had Spanish food before! I loved it!

It was a tiny restaurant. Only sat about 20 people at the most. Very tiny and intimate. There was one waitress, and the chef even came out and talked to us. He told us what was good, and explained to us how he cooked the dishes. GREAT service! I loved it! Very nice :) Great atmosphere!

We sat and chatted and talked and bonded. JUST what we needed. Especially what CPT needed. See, words love language - hehe. Who knew? Not him, apparently - LOL :) Thanks, Denim (the therapist), for helping us figure it out!

Then, CPT dropped me off at home, and I finished designing. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer. But I got it done! I got all 5 WordArt packs designed, packaged, zipped, uploaded, loaded to the store, the freebie hosted, and blogged.

And then it was time to go and get the kids from the bus. And CPT was home from work early for Family Day! It was a miracle! hehe :) He got ready for Military skate night, and I headed to the bus. And when I headed out the door, noticed my Miche package there! Woohoo! My new Demi shells were there! Score!!!

I hurried off to the bus with my new shells, because I couldn't wait till I got home to gawk at them :) They were SO pretty :) I stayed and chatted with the girls for a while, and Kari, just because she hadn't heard from the Hockey people in a while, called the YMCA to ask about Hockey.

No one had called us, but apparently the FIRST practice was TONIGHT!!! At 5:30pm. At the rink. And they were having Pizza, and a parents meeting. Crap. So I texted CPT. He and Joe and Tom and Eme and Leo had left post already.

He wanted me to meet him off post, and to pick up the kids. He was gonna continue over to the West side to get his new tires put on his Suburban. They were in, and there was JUSt enough time between now and 5:30pm.

I met him at McDonalds, and the kids had ice cream. Worked out great. I got the kids after letting them play for a while (there was some kid at the playland named Anakin!!!), and headed back to post. I dropped Leo off at his house, and went back home to get ready for the meeting.

I decided to let Tom stay home and babysit Jim and Eme, and I took Joe and Jake with me. We picked up Kari and Josephine and Leo, and Alex (Julia's kid) wanted to come too. So off we went, at a little before 5:30, back to the ice rink. CPT met us there a bit later.

We got in line for our skates (well, the kids), then we got the equipment bags. And I, of course, had to complain that NO ONE called us. Because that's just rude. And no way to run a business. Come on, YMCA. Get your act together. I'm just glad that Kari thought to call!!

We put down our deposit for the bag of gear, then got the socks and the jersey. The kids got pizza, then they El Paso Rhinos adjusted their helmets for them. Then, they had about 30 minutes worth of ice time. The kids had fun, and Kari and I and CPT chatted while the kids skated.

And we were offered free Championship tickets (Thorne CUP) for tonights game. We totally should have just gone home and packed for the marriage retreat in the morning, but it sounded like fun! So we said yes. After the parents meeting, we packed up, headed back home, dropped off Kari and kids, and Alex, then got the kids at home fed and situated, then headed back to the game at around 8pm. We were a little late, but it was fun.

The kids had a ball. Sure, Jake just played the gameboy. And Eme read her book. And Jim wanted to run around and be funny. At one point, he asked CPT and I if we'd come and visit him on March 20th when he was a grown up. Random! And then, if they were gonna do boat races in the ice rink when the ice melted!!!! Too cute! And he kept talking about the UTEP Miners. It was SO stinking cute. I guess his Kindergarten teacher is a HUGE UTEP fan... CPT tried to convince him that UTEP isn't that cool of a college, but Jimmy didn't believe him - ha! Jim was SO excited to have found at pick axe inside of the garage the other day, because that just PROVED that his dad was a UTEP fan too! ROFL. Poor CPT. He was trying his hardest to "school" his youngest child.

Joe and Leo had fun standing near the glass together. Tom seemed to be pretty into the game, too. I watched pieces. My attention span isn't what it used to be. Or maybe it never was there. I played on my phone for a bit, to try and keep myself from falling asleep or getting bored a few times. LOL. *ooooo, look at the squirrel*

Unfortunately, the Rhino's lost. It's actually the first game that we've seen that they've lost. Most of their games are SO one sided. The Rhino's dominate and destroy everyone we've ever watched them play. Not tonight. CPT said it was a good game. I don't know that much about hockey. It was 1-2 score. I think they've played this team before. And won. And there's another game on Saturday. So whoever wins on Saturday wins, right? Isn't that how it works?

Anyway, we headed out after the game, and got home, and everyone was sleepy. We put the kids to bed, and CPT did some laundry while I tied up my blog. I'd done most of it already. It's now 11pm. We are keeping the kids out of school tomorrow because of the marriage retreat. We wanna leave at around 10:30am. Wish us luck! We haven't packed or anything. hehe. But we sure did have fun at the hockey game - LOL :)

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 30, 2012. Thanks again.

Phanti said...

Thanks. Strength is my favorite word, it gets me through the trials of Crohn's Disease.