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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ever In Your Favor

First off, it looks like I DID forget 17,18... I'll post that as Monday's freebie - Oops!!! Silly me - hehe :)

So hello there my fabulous ladies. Sorry I've been so off lately. There has been some stress in my household. About when I should blog. See, some think it should be in the morning. And I think it should be in the evening. When it's fresh in my mind. Cause I use it as a journaling opportunity. A way to unwind at the end of the day.

Anyway, it's caused some stress. So I haven't been able to get at it as of late. And it hasn't happened. And my blog has suffered.... But life goes on, right? None of your lives has stopped without me, I'm assuming... hehe.

I woke up super tired on Saturday morning. Eme had an Activity Day girls stake meeting at the Stake center across town at 9am. CPT agreed to take her, since he wanted to take the newer suburban in to get new tires put on it. So he got her all ready to go. She's the easiest person to get ready, actually. Just tell her to get up and get ready, and she gets up and gets ready - ha!

I had Jim and Tom. Jake and Joe spent the night at Kari's house with Justin and Leo. At around 10am they came home. I was snoozing before that. Kari said that no one had gotten much sleep last night.

Jake ended up taking a nap on the couch from 12-2 ish. Good. And Joe fell asleep on me on the couch at 11am, so I moved him to my bed, and I napped with him from 11 or 12 to around 2pm. Yeah, we didn't do much today - ROFL!

CPT and Eme got home around 4pm. Or was it 3pm? I can't remember. We all just had a super lazy day. Except for Eme and CPT. They were busy.

At 5pm, I was gonna take Tom to the Youth Center, and I gave Jake the option of going or staying home. He wanted to go to Justins house. I said no because he hadn't slept well the night before, and had been too rough with Leo. He wasn't even supposed to be playing with Leo. He'd gone to play with Justin. So he was upset about that.

And he was mouthy, and upset, and ended up being mean and disrespectful with his dad. And we had an incident. And I don't wanna go into it, but Tom was delayed about an hour going to the youth center. Sigh. I fell like every time we make some progress, we hit a set back. And if it isn't with Jake, then it's with CPT and the way that he deals with Jake. And I can't blame him, because today I saw myself a year ago, and my responses were the SAME way that I would have reacted to Jake. Almost step for step... Sigh. I guess unless we experience it, we don't know, right? It's not fun.

Anyway, Jake and his dad were both upset. I was supposed to go to see the Hunger Games with the girls tonight. CPT didn't want to be around Jake, and it was his turn to supervise him. We didn't want to leave him at the Youth Center, though. So I said that I'd take Jake with me. And just make him go see a different movie, or sit somewhere else. He'd already calmed down, refocused, and tried to apologize. He was totally over the situation. His dad wasn't, but Jake was.

At 6, I dropped Tom off at the Youth Center, then came back, made sure everyone was situated, and Jake and I went to the movies. Jake sat in the back, and I held seats for Julia and Kari and Kim. They waited in line for the popcorn and sodas. It was a packed theater again!

And yeah, the movie was JUST again the 2nd time. STILL bawled my eyes out at that one part! If you haven't seen it, GO!!! What are you waiting for???

We got out in time to make it to Biggs to pick up Tom from the youth center before it closed, then headed back home. I put the little boys to bed, and even snuggled with them for a little while. I helped Jake put some new sheets on his bed, and get all situated for bed, and made sure the Tom was good too. I turned out Eme's light, and check on CPT. He was building shelves for the garage still.

Then I went and started to blog. If he's working on a project, then I can evening blog, right?? Makes perfect sense to me. No point in saving it for the morning when I've forgotten half of the junk that is on my mind! The evening is when my head if full of crap that needs decompressed, not the morning! If I don't get it out, then it's rattles around during the night! It needs to come out in paper/keyboard stroke form sometimes - hehe :) But, on the flip side, I can see CPT's point too. It looks like I'm saving my work for when he comes home. And I don't want him to think that I'm purposefully trying to "push" him away. That's not my intention at all. Really, it's not. I'm just trying to decompress my thoughts after the long day. Unwind my brain :) Frazzled though it might be - ha!

So, here we have it - it's 11:12 pm. And I'm a tad sleepy. I did get a 2-3-4 hour nap today. But I don't feel particularly well. It was a stressful day, full of emotional stress and strife. That's sure to zap the juice out of ANYONE. Tom got sick after I got him home from the Youth Center and puked. But that could have just been from the food he ate today. Or he could really be sick. Who knows. There IS a bug going around. I don't know. Only time will tell, right?

So, your freebie for today is from the movie that I've now seen twice. And I've loved BOTH times I've seen it. I hope you enjoy it!

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Shelly said...

As you figured Bethany, my life hasn't "stopped without you". :) But I have missed your regular posts. I hope the stress lets up. Hugs and prayers.