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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Day 6: Prayer

Day 6
Christ's Example of Prayer

To ponder: Do we take time to have heartfelt conversation with our Father?

Scriptures: Matthew 6:5-6, 9-13; Alma 34: 17-27; 3 Nephi 17:15-17

"Today, in a quiet grove at Valley Forge, there is a heroic-size monument to Washington. He is depicted not astride a charging horse nor overlooking a battlefield of glory, but kneeling in humble prayer, calling upon the God of heaven for diving help. To gave upon the statue prompts the mind to remember the oft-heard expression, "A man stands tallest when upon his knees." Men and women of integrity, character, and purpose have ever recognized a power higher than themselves and have sought through prayer to be guided by such power. Such has it ever been. So shall it ever be." Thomas S Monson, The Prayer of Faith, Aug. 1995 Ensign

Song: Sweet Hour of Prayer, www.jennyphillips.com

First off, what do you think of my NEW Facebook profile picture??? Fabulous, huh??? ROFL! My kids found my fake mustaches that I've been saving for the PERFECT occasion (what, I'm not sure) so I had to join in on the fun...

It was a long morning. Our leave time was 10:30. We tried to get everything done. We wanted to get everything pack, kids showered and adults showered, errands ran, CPT wanted to lift, all by 10:30. Yeah, didn't happen. I did get all my errands ran, though. And CPT did get his lift in. And we did get everything packed. And kids did get showered. And people did get stuff done that needed done. And no one get snarky with each other. And no one had a melt down. Or got into a fight. So it was a success, right?

We ended up leaving post at 12:15. Not too bad. I guess, CPT's 2nd deadline was noon. I didn't know that. It's good to have a backup deadline. hehe.

When we left town, and were JUST getting ready to leave El Paso, the Check Coolant light came on. So we pulled over at a gas station, and bought some more. And filled it up. Sigh. But luckily, no more issues after that. And off we went. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Cloudcroft from El Paso.

The kids watched movies/played computers/did whatever they did while we drove. CPT and I talked, and listened to music, and did whatever to pass the time. It went pretty quick, actually.

Check out my new purse! Isn't she pretty! She's for the Demi size!

We saw the JLENS on the way to Alamogordo. It was pretty cool. CPT looked up what it was to explain it more to the kids on my phone, and I screen shot-ed it for ya!
We got to Cloudcroft in time to check in, and we didn't get the room that we normal do. The big one that we like. We got the 2 rooms next to it. Sigh. BUT, it turned out better, actually! More space! Who knew! The 2 rooms were adjoining! So there were 2 big rooms with doors! We ended up with one for us, and one for Joe and Jim. And one pull out couch for Jake, and one pull out couch for Tom, and we had a roll away bed for Emeline. And 2 giant bathrooms with showers and jacuzzi tubs! 2 fridges and 2 4 TV's. Oh yeah. My kids were in heaven!

Then we briefly drove back into Cloudcroft to check out the Pioneer museum that we've always been meaning to check out. The one that my dad said that my ancestor donated something to. We asked about it, and apparently there's a Shotgun there. It's a HUGE pioneer museum. It was closing soon, and we needed to get back for our conference, So we said that we'd be back tomorrow. The woman let us look around briefly, though. She was super nice. We'd DEFINITELY be back tomorrow :)

We came back to the Lodge, and got the kids signed into childcare (well, the little ones), and went off to our meeting. We watched a video that was pretty good. I'll find out the name of it tomorrow for you guys. He was a pretty good lecturer. He talked about "man brain" vs. "woman brain". Very good stuff.

We had a 15 minutes break, then back to class. At 5:30, we broke for dinner, got the kids, and ate at the restaurant at the lodge. It was buffet style. Such yummy stuff! We didn't all get to sit together since we were near the end of the line, and there was limited space. But I didn't care, since I got to sit by CPT. hehe. Someone else got to sit by Jake and Tom and Jim. ROFL! Have fun with my kids, random people... If someone has a problem with it in the future, they can move... Just sayin'...

We had about an hour after dinner before the last session started. Joe and CPT played some chess, and I went back to the room with the other kids. I laid down for a brief nap. I was feeling a bit sleepy and maybe a bit car sick-ish. Not sure what. The nap helped a lot.

We headed back up at 6pm, and got the kids check back in. We had the final session from 6 to 7:45pm. And it was really good. It just FLEW by. Like I said, the video that we're watching of the seminar is REALLY good! The guys is hilarious. Tomorrow, Breakfast is at 8, and the sessions start up at 9am.

We came back to our rooms, and ended up chatting with the other family staying down here. They have 6 kids!!! Similar ages to ours, too. Their oldest is 15, and is ODD, ADD, and a boy, and goes to Chapin, and they live on post too. He and Jake seemed to get along pretty well. Both a tad odd. But he was about Tom's size. The kids all hung in the common area for a while, then we decided to go swimming for about an hour.

We got the kids all changed, and headed to the pool. And the pool was SUPER warm! I mean, REALLY warm! Like almost hot tub warm! I loved it!!!! Not cold at all!!!

We swam, and hot tubbed, and had a grand time. Another family came, and we hung with them and chatted for a while. We went to the sauna for a while, then called it an evening. We eventually got all the kids to bed, and it's now 10:40pm. Time for us Harty's to hit the sack! Night, y'all, from New Mexcio! See you in the morning!!!

Here's a few pictures from the pool side!!!

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cmu said...

Lovely digi. Thank you so much. :-)

Sharon-shutterbug said...

I've often wondered how in the world you manage to fit so much stuff into one day, and I think I'm finally realizing that you are capable of time-warping.
You broke for dinner at 5:30 (and then presumably ATE dinner), had an hour break to take a nap, rest, etc., and then somehow made it to the next session at 6:00? Please tell me your secrets, I could get so much more done with MY days, lol!!!! ;)