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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Look Out!!!

OK, so I never made it back on here last night to finish off my day - hehehe. Captain America came home around 6:30 or 7pm, and we waited for Paul to get off work. Here's me, new make up applied, and hair pulled back. I've got on the new earrings and bracelet from Jewelry box for $2.00, new shirt from Fallas for $6. New belt from "That Store I Found with Maddie" for $5, skinny jeans from Goodwill for $3, and shoes from a different Goodwill for $2.50. What's that total?
$18.50 for the whole outfit? That's not too bad, right?
I'm liking the look of the skinny jeans and the belted sweater. Ha! I think I'm trying to be younger than I am. ROFL!

We had Jake take a few pics of us before we left, but I liked the one that I was holding the camera the best - hehehe.

So we drove over to Paul and Hilary's house, and went with them in their new Truck. They kept telling us how great the Far East Side's Circle K was. How it had Sonic Ice, and Diet Dr Pepper AND Diet Mt Dew. So we wanted to hit it before our movie.

So we drove the 20 minutes to get there, and they were remodeling the drink section! WHAAAAT? No soda for us. Crap! That was disappointing, but amusing at the same time - hehehe.

We drove to Tinseltown movie theater, and watched a movie with a WHOLE bunch of teeny boppers. ROFL! We went and saw "Vampires Suck". It was hilarious! I thought Captain America was gonna wet himself a few times. Heck, I was gonna wet myself a few times - hehehe.

Now, let me preface this with, it makes fun of Twilight/New Moon. It's a spoof on the movie. So if you're offended by that kind of thing, don't see it. And it's a bit raunchy. So mom, you wouldn't like it. Dad, you probably would, IF you've seen the Twilight movies. Don't bring kids, though. Definitely not for children. Or teens, in my opinion. But that could just be me :)

About 2/3 of the way through the movie, my contacts started freaking out. Sigh. I brought my solution, just in case, but should have brought my case and glasses too, apparently. I did my best to keep them moistened, and positioned on my eyeballs. I even took it out once, but then my eyelid was rubbing my eye funny, and that hurt worse than not having it in there...

After the movie, I tried to fix it in the bathroom, but to no avail. AND, the bathroom door to my stall was broken. So I had to push it shut all the time. Ever peed while holding a stall shut? Pulling back up the skinny jeans with one hand was the real tricky part. Hehe. My friends/Captain America totally had to wait for me, I was so slow - hehehe.

So we loaded back up in Paul's truck, and headed back to their house, where our car was. And Captain America was SO tired from a LONG day at work, he promptly fell asleep on my shoulder. Here's me with my "DONT SLEEP ON MY DATE" face -LOL :)

He is cute when he sleeps, though...
I finally woke him up, telling him falling asleep on my date was rude - hehehe
So we got to Paul and Hilary's house, and my eyes felt like sand was in them. Sigh. It wasn't fun at all. But somehow we ended up hanging out outside for about 20 minutes, playing with our Chuck Norris apps for our Droids. ROFL! Here's a few of the favorites:

Chuck Norris has the greatest Poker-Face of all time. He won the 1983 World Series of Poker, despite holding only a Joker, a Get out of Jail Free Monopoloy card, a 2 of clubs, 7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game UNO.

Chuck Norris is not Politically Correct. He's just correct. Always.

When Arnold says the line "I'll be back" in the first Terminator movie, it is implied that he is going to ask Chuck Norris for help.

Chuck Norris CAN believe it's not butter.

There ya go. Now your life is full. hehehe. Anyway, I eventually drug my hubby away from the Chuck-fest, and made him take me home. And of course, as we came in through Cassidy gate at midnight, we were chosen for random inspection. Sigh. My poor, itchy eyes. See, they hurt me...
Anyway, we discovered that we didn't have proof of insurance anymore. Sigh. I was supposed to print that off a while back..... I did manage to go to usaa.com and pull it up, though. So that was good. See, I'm glad I got my phone back - hehehe. We were home within 10 minutes, and I was asleep VERY shortly after that. Captain America and I were both exhausted.

OK, so that's what you missed yesterday. Now you're caught up to date. On to today. Yeah, I was tired, so we slept in. I think I woke up at 9:30am, but didn't actually get out of bed till closer to 10:30 or 11am. I just love sleeping in on Saturday. I couldn't do that when my kids were real little. Just wait, girls. Your little kids will get big, and your kids will be older :)

We had tons of plans to clean and build Captain America's table saw and do laundry and organize rooms and such. But, we blew most of them off. Hehe. We got the kids set up with a movie, and I helped Captain America take his truck to the shop. The dudes owed him some labor on it, so we dropped it off. I drove the Saturn, and he drove the truck. I picked him up, and we stopped for a soda at the gas station, but mostly because I was about to wet my pants - ROFL!

Here's me in the car right before we left for the gas station.
And here's me in the store. They had the BIGGEST cups I've ever seen. AND, they were plastic. So they wouldn't disintegrate like the Sonic ones were doing. AND they were 64 oz, not 32 or 44. HOLY CRAP! I was so excited!

See, Sonic ice. I was in love...

So then we were left with a dilemma. Do we drive back to our Walmart, which has a 15 minute wait to get into the parking lot (no joke), or do we drive the opposite direction and go to the Las Cruces one, and not fight the crowds. We'd heard that the Las Cruces Walmart is AWESOME, but hadn't been there before. PLUS, Texas was having a "No Tax Weekend" sale, so I was banking on the Las Cruces people going to Texas.

We decided to stop at Applebees for lunch, and I got a salad (instead of fries) and a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. OMHeavens, it was good. I just ate the bottom bun, and threw away the top one. It had green and red peppers, onions, tons of burger, and some kinda cheesey sauce. Let me tell you girls, I LOVED it :) hehe.

I should have taken a picture of the steak sandwich, but all I got was a pic of the salad. It was a good salad, too. With vinegar instead of dressing.
While at the restaurant, we took all 4 of the school supply lists for the kids, and made one big list of what we needed. We had about 1/2 of the stuff. That's good, at least. So we drove across the street to Walmart, and were AMAZED that there were parking spaces. And super friendly people! Here's me, and Walmart in the background.

This reminded me of how Walmart was in the Midwest. Well, anywhere NOT El Paso, really. Not over crowded. Greeted by a friendly greeter at the door. Who offers you a cart. People smiling. And going slow, not hustling and bustling around. TOTAL difference from El Paso.

AND, they had everything we needed for school supplies. It was well stocked. AND they had them on sale. Like these Composition notebooks. Walmart in El Paso had been out for weeks. They were telling people to look at Walgreens. And we all know how expensive Walgreens is. I think I bought them for $1-2 last year, per book.

These were a quarter a piece. SWEET!
Yeah, I bought more than 1 whole box. hehehe. Anyway, we got all the things on the school supply list, and a few other essential items, and went to check out. And only had to wait in line for 5 minutes. It would have been 20-30 minutes in El Paso. It's amazing how getting out of the city, just a little ways, and you're in a completely different environment.

So we drove home, and got the kids ready for the Ward Picnic. We were a bit late getting there, but it was good. They had hamburgers and hot dogs, and people brought sides and desserts and stuff. We brought Walmart cookies - LOL!

Here's me. I reapplied more make up, and pulled the hair back again. hehehe. AND, I've got another new belt on. Lets see if I remember how much this one cost. $6 red shirt from Melrose, $4 belt from "That Store I found with Maddie", $4 jeans from Savers, $1 tank top from Fallas, $1 shoes from Ft Bliss Thrift Store, and $2 earrings and bracelet from Jewelry Box. This outfit was $18. Cool thing is, I have that shirt in teal and gray and pink, too. Cool, huh?

Yes, I refilled my drink - hehehe. Diet Dr Pepper this time :) But there was a TON of ice from home inside it, so it wasn't a true 64 oz.

So the guys were all hanging out by the food and the wiffleball area. The girls were all hanging by the picnic tables. And it was pretty fun. My girls are awesome :)

Here's Danielle with her hubby.
And Aimee with her kids. Her hubby TOTALLY looks like "The Rock". We tease her about it regularly. Sometimes she refers to him as just, The Rock. LOL!

Ha! I said "SMILE" Danielle! hehehe
Yeah, this is one of those pictures that makes you wonder, "How did these girls attract husbands???" ROFL! We're trying to look sexy, it's just not really working...
Hilary taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. I'm not sure where the one of me taking a picture of her went, though... Let me go look on her Facebook. BRB...
Here it is! AND, she had a few other of the girls hanging at the table!
Aimee had to go and do something at one point, and passed the baby to Danielle. She was playing with Danielles phone, so we took it away from her, and replaced it with this fruit newton cookie. ROFL! Here's ya go, Danielle! Present for ya - hehehe. I'm so mean :) I guess that's why I don't hold babies :)

Aimee and her baby girl
Danielle and Aimees baby. You can't tell from this picture, but Danielles eyes look the color of her shirt today. GORGEOUS, girl!
Hilary and I posing. We started off further apart, but she couldn't aim it well enough, so I kept edging closer - ha!

Maggie was also there, but avoided the pictures, somehow. Hmmm, how did she do that? Anyway, she told me that she finally got her oldest registered for Pre K, and that he's in the same class as Jimmy! Woohoo! Now I'll have a bus buddy :) On Tuesday. Cause I'm taking my kids to school on Monday for the first day. Did I tell you that Ft Bliss is starting late on Monday because they want soldiers to be able to take their kids' on their first day of school for the year? Isn't that cool? Thanks, Post Commander!

So at some point, the guys and older kids were playing wiffleball, and Steven Soderborg was running the bases. 17 yrs old. 260 lbs. 5'8"ish. Yeah, big boy. He was running the bases, moving pretty fast. Jessica is the Bishop's daughter, and about 15. Tiny little thing. She decides to step in front of him, and tag him out. And she got knocked down BIG time.

We all just assumed that she got the wind knocked out of her. Well, I mean "We" as the girls at the picnic table. Others seemed more concerned. We looked over at one point, and there was a ambulance there. Yeah, more than the wind knocked out of her, I guess... Poor girl.

So they strapped her to a gurney, and wheeled her away to the hospital. Poor girl. I wonder what ever happened to her. Her brother stayed at the picnic, and said she was gonna be ok. That's good! Didn't she get the memo that there's no injuries at the ward picnic? hehe. I'll let ya know tomorrow what happened :)

This is my I HAVE TO PEEEEEEE face :)

So at some point, I had to pee. REALLY bad. And there was no bathrooms there, and everyone was starting to disperse anyway, so I told Captain America that I needed to either drive somewhere to pee, or we should go. So we decided to go. I think that was the fastest we've ever packed up and left a picnic. hehehe.

We decided that Circle K on Transmountain was closer than home. hehehe. I think Captain America just wanted ANOTHER refill. LOL :) So we stopped, and I ran. And the bathroom was pretty nasty. Someone had peed on the floor. Yeah, that was gross. And the light was motion sensored, and I must not have been moving enough, because the light kept turning off. Then there was no toilet paper. Yeah, gross. AND, no paper towels.... BUT, I didn't pee myself, so it was all good.

The Diet Dr Pepper needed changed, so we got more Diet Mt Dew, but I didn't drink much of it. I was at my quota. We let the kids share it. They were pretty excited to be sharing a soda with mom and dad :) LOL.

We got home, and started cleaning. Kids did their chores, we moved Rob the Beta from the broken tank (it was leaking on the counter) to a smaller glass container, and Jake took him to his room (I know, I'm putting a TON of faith in that child to NOT spill him...), Captain America gave kids baths, and I folded a BUTTLOAD of laundry. I need to stay on top of the laundry, cause it gets out of control so easily...

I organized the school supplies, helped put kids to bed, and was tired. I sat down on the TV/Laptop, and started blogging. And it's taken a VERY long time, because we did a lot today/last night, you know :)

Captain America's building his table saw, and we're listening to Pandora radio, his account. Bands similar to Metallica and Brad Paisley. ROFL! It's quite a wide variety - hehehe.

And here's the finished product! Good job, sweetheart! It looks awesome :)
And then we took some funny kissy pictures, just for fun :)

But I'll spare you most of the kissing pictures - hehehe

Anyway, click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Diane said...

Bethany - Girl, you need to invest in soda stock! LOL What do you DO with all those huge plastic cups??

You look FABULOUS, Dahling! Keep up the great work!

Wish we had clothes shops like what you have 'round here. I LOVE bargains!! Can we make a shopping date?? LOL

Your family is the best - love that you share & love together - it's SO refreshing! Be blessed!

Fanatic follower - D :)

More of Mom's Special Moments said...

How can you have a ward family picnic and show no pics of the children??? mercy mam!!

deb said...

Busy as always! But fun to read! Thanks for the great word art.

shannan Trollmann said...

I just started reading your blog, I am a bargain shopper like you and I love to read the scores you made at the different stores. You look awesome in your $18.00 outfits HOT mama.
And I love Sonic ice too, I love love ice!!! But I call it hospital ice because the hospitals that I have delivered at have that ice and it is the only reason to have kids because I get to have hospital ice after I have a baby! LOL

Thanks for the word art too!

TitanThirteen said...

Who needs 64oz of mountain dew..seriously! lol
Love the Chuck Norris quotes. I'm going to use them as facebook statuses :o)

Thanks for the awesome WA!

Laura said...

Thanks for the fabulous wa