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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love is Forever

Hey there. I'm gonna run and grab a jacket, and be right back... *runs for bedroom to get a hoodie and socks...* Back, did you miss me? I took out my contacts, too, and grabbed Captain Americas fleece. Cause he said I can wear it when he's gone away. Cause it reminds me of him :)

I actually woke up about 5 minutes before my alarm this morning. Not too bad :) AND it was before 7am. Yeah, I felt tired, but I'm getting better with it. I SO love sleeping in until after 8am.... sigh.

I got the kids up and moving and getting ready. For some reason, the power had gone out this morning, and no ones alarms went off. Good thing I use my wrist watch. I was up on time - hehehe. And Captain America uses his phone, so he was good. He was already gone to PT by the time us civilians woke up :)

He came home in time to see the kids off to the bus, then I helped him get ready and out the door to go to the field. How sad :( I know he's only gonna be gone for a few days, but I really don't like it when he's gone. Yes, I'm much more productive with my time when he's gone, but I like the man, and I like having him here :) Miss ya, hone :)

So I showered, and got myself ready, and sat down at the computer. Well, the laptop with the 46 inch flatscreen. That computer. I needed to design something for the Raingutter Regatta. It was tonight. I made sure Jimmy was all ready for school, and started designing. I designed a participation certificate, and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place certificate, sent it to Walmart.com, and got it all ready. That took a lot longer than I thought it would. Could be that I was facebooking while doing it. Silly facebook. LOL :)

So at 10:50am, Jimmy and I headed to the bus stop. Maggie was there with her kids, too. And 2 buses came to pick up our boys. LOL. So we sent them on the first bus, and hoped it was going to the right place - ROFL! (Yes, we asked the bus drivers before they took our kids off, I was just kidding!)

So Jake did school, and I headed off to Walmart to pick up my prints for the Raingutter Regatta. It was yellow day for me, can you tell?

I went with Hilary, and we swung by her house so I could borrow a big pair of yellow earrings. Cause I don't own a pair. Sigh. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open for a pair :)

We went to Walmart, and got the prints, then met Paul at Whataburger. He needed lunch. And yeah, I wasn't gonna spend THAT much money on a burger I wasn't gonna eat the bun of, and a side salad. I can get 2 burgers and 2 side salads for $4 at BK, but here, I couldn't even get a burger for $4. So yeah, I passed.

We chatted with Paul during lunch, then headed back to Hilarys house for cheese and cucumbers. Jake and I texted on and off while I was gone, and he took a lunch break at noon and played with his fish. It was the funniest thing. Fish aren't that entertaining, last I checked. ROFL!

We hit Circle K for me for a $0.79 refill, and I was good :)

Oh yeah, check out my new yellow accessories :)
We stopped and check out one more goodwill (and used the bathroom before either one of us sneezed), and headed back home. I got Jimmy from the bus (with Jake's help), and we headed home. Here's me, FREEZING inside my house. Chugging 64 oz of soda isn't the best thing to keep a person warm. Good thing I had my hoodie :)

OK, so next task at hand was building the boats. And testing the tracks. First, I filled up each track with water to see if it would hold. One did, and one leaked. So I super glued it a bit. Here's me draining one of the tracks. Cool, huh?

Here's the blue boat. And Jimmy blowing on it with a straw. Yeah, they needed MUCH better directions in that boat kit. I had to text AND call Captain America to get the rutter and whatever that other piece on the bottom is called. I didn't know where or what or when or why to put things. I eventually got it figured out, and super glued in. And glue ALL over my fingers. Yeah, they feel nice now. AND I held the boats to spray paint them, so now my hands are blue and red. Yeah, I rock...

1/2 a bucket filled the track. Our hose wasn't the best for filling it inside the garage, so I opted for the bucket method (or trash can, in this case...)

I may have spilled a bit, then walked in it. See my foot prints. And yes, EVERYONE should have a pair of socks like this. Thanks, Kayley, for the Christmas Birthday Socks!!!

Captain America came home for a few minutes around 5:30pm. He was heading to his Baseball game, and needed to get changed and eat. We got to see him for a few minutes, and he helped us get the truck loaded with all the gear, and we were off. All the kids and I got loaded up in the truck and headed over to the church a little after 6pm. We got there about the same time as the Nouhans. Paul has a church key, so it was VERY helpful. We carried out 3 little tables, and got the track all set up. Brother Pennei had a hose, so we were able to fill up the tracks, too. And the kids brought out all the chairs we needed. Everyone pitched in, and we made short work of set up.

Here's Jimmy, excited to play :)
Joe, Hilary, Megan, and Eme
Yeah, it was funny, because Joe didn't wanna take a happy picture with me, only with Sister Nouhan. Rude, Joe!
Meghan took this of all of us.
And as we waited for everyone to show up, the kids had a ton of time to practice with the boats. Here's some pics of their practicing sessions - hehehe.

And the races began. We had 10 kids who wanted to participate. We divided it into a Girls bracket, and a boys bracket. The boys wanted the girls to go first, so here's the girls racing. I broke it down where everyone raced everyone else one time, then you counted the number of wins, and that's the winner. It made sense to me, so we went with it. ROFL!

Eme ended up with 1st place for the girls! Way to go, Emeline!

Then here's the boys bracket. Tom got 2nd place. Not too bad :)

So when we first got there, I took off my tall shoes, and decided to go bare feet. Well, at some point, we realized that with Hilary's new wedge shoes, she's about my height without any shoes at all. So here she is, gloating over the fact that she's momentarily taller than me....
Then I put my shoes back on, and I'm an Amazon woman again... hehe.
We cleaned up the track, had treats, loaded up the track in my truck, put stuff where it belonged, and were done before 8pm. But the youth weren't so we had to wait around for another 20 minutes before they were done. Sigh.

We finally got home, and Captain America was there after the game. He got to shower, pack some stuff for tomorrow, and had to be back to Tobin Wells by 2145. He'd gotten his in the forehead at the game with a pop up foul ball. Sigh. He needs a mask, or pillows, or something. Poor guy. BE CAREFUL, HON!

We got the kids to bed, and said prayers, and off he went. I sat down at the computer, and started blogging and Facebooking. Ok, so maybe more Facebooking than anything else. I eventually got into my groove.

It's now 11:34pm, and I'm sleepy. I'm listening to ALL of Muse. I copied/pasted all the individual songs from the albums into one folder, and took out the track numbers, so it's all of Muse alphabetized. Kinda cool :)

But I still need to make you all a freebie. Hmmmm, what to make, what to make... How about a WordArt from one of my FAVORITIEST Muse songs? Sound good?

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

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deb said...

Thanks for the word art! It's awesome as always. The little Rainwater Regatta boats are too cute! I wanna do that! LOL

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

Joe smiles with me because he wants to be my son! I think I spoiled him WAY TOO MUCH the week I had him when you and Brent were out of town! hehe! Either that or he wants to be my boyfriend! ROFL!

melliel said...

Thanks for the great wordart.