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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day Off

First off, I wanna invite all of you to come and chat a Scrapbookgraphics! There's chats going on ALL DAY LONG. I'm gonna try and be there for quite a bit of it. It starts at 7am EST, and ends at Midnight EST. I won't be there ALL that time (lol), but I do have some time set aside for it :)

Click HERE to go to Scrapbookgraphics, and click on the chat tab :) It's inbetween "Info" and "help".

So my plan for the day was to do absolutely nothing. Well, get kids to school and such, but do nothing of consequence. I accomplished my goal for a little while - hehehe.

I woke up at 7am, and felt sick. I directed kids to get ready, and laid on the couch with a blanket. After they left at 7:30am, Jimmy woke up, and Jake too. They did their things, and I laid on the couch. By 8am, I'd put in a movie for Jimmy, and moved to my bed. I was beat. I went back to sleep, and woke up around 9:30am. Dang! Maybe it wasn't that long. I don't know. But I felt a little better when I woke up. Maybe it was 10am. I remember eating breakfast at 10 am. I bet that's right.

So I went and got some yogurt and a nectarine, and felt a little better with food. I helped Jimmy get ready for school, and walked him to the bus at 10:50am. He wanted a picture of his bus, so here it is.

It was sooooo bright, and my hair was SOOOO messy, that I didn't even look at the camera. LOL. Should have put on my contacts so I could have grabbed sunglasses.

Jimmy playing by the mailboxes

So since I was feeling a little better, I decided to go out. With Jake. Cause we never go anywhere with just the two of us. And it's his 13th birthday on Tuesday, so I decided to take him out for his birthday. Nice, huh?

Here's me before heading out. Yeah, I should have showered. OH well. It's my day off, remember...

We decided to go to Chili's. Jake was SO excited. We got sodas (usually just waters when kids are with us) and chips and salsa for an appetizer. He ordered a bacon burger, and I got the quesidilla explosion salad. Mmmm!

We went to Walmart when we were done, and Jake spent his babysitting/birthday money on Halo Lego toys. He was SO excited about it. He got one now (from the babysitting) and is saving one for his birthday. Which is Tuesday.

We just got those 2 things, then headed back home. I kinda wanted to shop ,but I wasn't really in the right mood for it. Almost, but not quite. And since I had 5 Diet Cokes at lunch, I figured I'd hold off on Circle K. LOL :)

We went home, he finished his last classes for the day, and I sat down at my 46 inch laptop screen and played on facebook. I was supposed to be doing something productive, but again, it was my day off. So I just played.

See my ouchie? I don't know how it happened...

At 2:40, I sprang up out of my seat, and Jake and I SPRINTED to the bus. It was already there. Oops. At least they waited for us. I think they were only there a minute or two. It helps that he's the ONLY kid that rides the bus. ROFL!

We came back, and in about an hour, the other kids were home. I decided to take a shower, since Captain America was coming home, and I hadn't showered since, um, yeah, I don't remember. hehehe. So I went in my room, and got distracted cleaning my bathroom. That's never happened before - LOL!

So after it was all clean, I took a shower. And got pretty. Cause it's fun to be pretty :)

So I decided to take a few "pretty" pictures. And the little boys wanted in too!

Then I came out and cooked French Toast for the kids, and I even ate a slice. And this is what I had for dinner. Leftovers from Chili's! Doesn't it look yummy!

And this is for any of you who are thinking of doing something you shouldn't do. hehehe. It's my "you'd better not" face. LOL! (Completely random, I know... I keep you on your toes!)
So after dinner, I sat back down at the computer and blogged. And here it is 7:19pm, and Captain America still isn't home from the field. He's texted a few times saying their moving the launchers "home", but they keep getting stuck in holes. Sigh. HURRY UP and come home, my dear :) I've missed you :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your life with us...

deb said...

That's what I need! A day off! :o) Glad you enjoyed yours.

LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) said...

thank you again bethany!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your great word art, there are always something to say on a layout and you have the words we can use thank you, Viola.