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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Losing Sucks

Howdy y'all. Can you tell I live in Texas? hehe. So today was a busy, but good day. I woke up today on a mission. We had a Raingutter Regatta scheduled for Wednesday night, and the Scout Office was out of boats. Sigh. SO, I had to find some boats. Easier said than done.

I woke up at 6:55am, got kids fed, dressed, packed with backpacks and homework, prayed, and out the door to the bus stop by 7:30am. I was tired (probably because I'm used to getting up at 8:30am - hehe), so I just took it easy on the couch with Jimmy for about an hour.

I emailed Marcia, the Cub Scout committee chair from our non-church pack, and asked her if they had any extra boats for our race on Thursday (I know, 2 raingutter regattas within 2 days of each other), but I didn't hear back from her right away.

So I moved on to plan 2. I facebook my status that I was gonna go to the East Side Hobby Lobby, seeing if I got any takers for it. Hilary wanted to come, but apparently no one else wanted to play. Ha!

She came and picked me up, and we headed to Hobby Lobby. Here's me in my new shirt from yesterday. And a lovely bandana. Cause bandanas are cool (and I didn't shower...)

So we get to Hobby Lobby, and yeah, they have no Raingutter Regatta kits. Pinewood Derby cars, yes, Raingutter Regatta boats, no. They did have some Foam Pirate boat kits. hehe. I actually bought 2 of them, in case things got bad. ROFL!

So we went to Walmart, and looked for little plastic boats. I was getting desperate. Nope. No little plastic boats. Dollar Tree? Nope. Fallas? Nope (hehe). "That store I found with Maddie" (same store/different location)? Nope (LOL).

Circle K? Sadly, no. But they did have Diet Dr Pepper. That was good. We tried one more store, Michaels, and talked with some worker dude in there, and he recommended trying Toys R Us. Good idea. About that time, I got a return email from Marcia. YES! She had 2 boats for me! SO, I was gonna get them from her tonight, make the boats, and bring the 2 of them to the race tomorrow night, and let the boys take turns racing them. Works for me!

We headed back to post, got Jimmy off to school, and had lunch. Hilary and her hubby went out to lunch at El Taco Tote, and Captain America and I didn't join, because Captain America couldn't get off for lunch in time. Here's me, at home, eating my apples with splenda. Mmmm, I do like apples :)

So Jake is doing school this whole time, and is coming along nicely in his classes. Math and Lit and Science and Social Studies and Art and something else today. He's pretty good :)

After Hilary was done with lunch, she came back over and picked me up, and we went to a few more stores. She wanted to go to the outlet malls and look at an expensive store for a dress for church. She'd found a $90 dress for $15 last time she went there. Yeah, they weren't so cheap this time. $25. And since I introduced her to thrift store shopping, that sounded WAY expensive - hehehe.

Since it was raining (GASP! It rains in El Paso???), we hid out in Old Navy until the storm passed, about 15 minutes. Check out these jeans that I found!

Yup, that says $3.47. Not too shabby for a new pair of jeans. I got them in size 6 and size 8, and both fit perfectly. Hmmmm, that's not right, but whatever. Can't turn down $3.47 jeans... I also tried on a white pair, and the 8s were HUGE and the 6's were TINY. So I didn't get any white jeans. hehe.

We went to Savers thrift store, and she found a pair of Steve Madden shoes, and we headed home. Captain America was home on a LATE lunch, and was able to get Jimmy and the kids from the bus.

We swung by Walmart REAL fast, and I got a picture frame for Captain America that he needed, and this fish for Jake. Did I tell you that his fish, Rob the Betta, died? So this is the replacement fish. He seemed pretty happy with it.

Hilary dropped me back off at post, and I hung with the kids for a bit. Chores and laundry and homework and cleaning rooms and organizing things and cooking dinner. Kids had sausage and eggs and texas toast. They were pretty excited about the Texas Toast. hehe. It's not something that we typically buy, but they LOVEd it :)

Captain America left for his game at 5:20pm, and we left at 5:45pm. And let me tell you, it was FREEZING! The wind was blowing, and it was 80 degrees. Now, you people who live somewhere cold, don't judge - hehehe. This is EL PASO. We're not supposed to be that cold in the summer. I thought I was gonna die. Shivering and everything.

Good thing the Nouhans decided to come to Captain Americas game, and Paul and Hilary brought me a hoodie to borrow. Cause I think I would have been a popsicle otherwise...

Here's Captain America getting on base.

It started off good, with us getting 5 runs, and then them getting 2. Then we got a few more, then we TOTALLY fell apart. Final score was 15-7. Sigh. Third loss of the season. I didn't like it. The guys are SO much better than that. I think it had something to do with them playing a double header last night, then having a recall formation this morning SUPER early. I know Captain Americagot the call at 2:45am to get ready as fast as he could and be into the battery. Playing a game when tired makes for a lot of errors. Sorry, Charlie. I feel for ya :(

We headed home, got kids ready for bed, clothes laid out for tomorrow, some chores, scriptures, prayers, family prayer, and kids in bed. After they were in bed, Captain America and I headed to the PX for a few last minute things for his time in the field. They're leaving tomorrow for Tobin Wells (about 20 minutes away), and aren't coming back home until Friday after work. Sigh. So he's missing both Raingutter regatta races, AND won't be home over night. I hate going to the field.... At least it's only a few days. AND at least they'll be able to come back in tomorrow for their play off game, so I should see him tomorrow night. Oh crap! I have the Raingutter Regatta race, so I WON'T!!! I'm not happy about that.... can you tell I just put this together. Crap! No I need to go and find him and find out what time the game is.... grrrrr.... It's 7pm. The race starts at 6:30pm.... sigh :(

Anyway, we went to the PX, got the few items he needed, and were home before 9pm. Marcia, the lady from the other pack, stopped by, and I bought 2 boats off of her. So now I just need to build them tomorrow.

Here it is, 9:46pm, and I'm getting ready for bed. Just need to host this WordArt, and I'm done! Woohoo! (or poop, if you're trying to text that word and Auto correct gets a hold of it.... ha!)

So, I'm sure you can figure out where this wordart idea came from. Sigh. I hate losing.... Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Aug. 25, 2010. Thanks again.

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

I'll back ya up on the COLD from last night! My jacket didn't come off until I got home! Went to the urgent care clinic AND Walgreens and left it on the whole time! And it didn't help that the wind was strong and about blew me right out of Texas! I don't mind it being a little chilly, but I don't like the wind to be with it! Brrrr!

deb said...

Well, it sucks unless it's losing weight! LOL

Sue said...

Just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to me! I gained 83lbs over the last five years and am trying to take it all off by this Christmas. I visit your blog daily and just seeing your pictures keep me motivated. Especially the first picture in today's post, WOW! You look amazing! I can't wait to be able to take a picture like that of myself! Thanks Bethany. You ROCK!!!