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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Running Behind

Well, the big day for my kids finally came. First day of school! Jake started 8th grade, Tom started 5th grade, Eme started 3rd grade, Joe started 1st grade, and Jimmy started preschool. Big year for us. First time all 5 kids were in school. Dang, how did I get so old. hehe.

I set my alarm for 6:30am, but didn't wake up until 6:50am. Yeah, not sure how that worked. hehehe. But when I left my bedroom, I found 3 children, showered, dressed, backpacks on, sitting in the dark, on the couches, all ready for school. ROFL! Who knows what time they got up. hehe. Needless to say, they were pretty excited.

I cooked pancakes for them, and helped them get last minute things together. Captain America gave each of them a Fathers Blessing, which was nice. Captain America and I were able to drive them up to school. It was kinda nice. We parked and walked them down to their classes. They were all supposed to line up on the blacktop behind the school, so we delivered them to their lines. We saw Laurie (who's hubby JUST got back from Iraq last week!!! *squeel!!!*) and Becky and Veronica. Veronica just got back from Kentucky last week. She'd been there for the summer, visiting. It was nice seeing old friends again. Not that I'm calling you girls old. ha! I'm older than any of y'all! Wait. How'd I get so old??? I remember always being the baby of the group. Hrumpf!

Here's the kids, in the school, before we realized that we needed to take them out back to the blacktop.

So we came back home, the other 2 kids got blessings too, and Captain America went to work. I showered, and got ready for the day, and got Jacob set up on his classes. He had Math, Lit, Science, and Social Studies today. Not too bad.

Jimmy and I headed over to the Northeast side to look at a Goodwill I'd never been to before. He needed a lunchbox, and I figured Goodwill was a good place to start. Hilary came too. She's my new Goodwill partner, since my sister ditched me. How RUDE! ha! Maddie had the uncanny knack of looking in a thrift store and finding the MOST amazing things. I don't know how she did it.

We found Jimmy a Pirates of the Caribbean lunchbag, and I got a few tops. And a red belt. I LOVE good finds. 2 of my shirts were those little half jacket things. SUPER cute. One was black and white, and one was red and white pinstriped. I liked 'em :)

So I left Goodwill, and drove back to Jim's school, making it in time to go to the cafeteria and let him eat lunch. Maggie, her hubby, and their kids were there too. Her son, Jacob, and Jimmy are in the same class.

And, while Jimmy was eating his lunch, Joe's class came in, and he came and sat with us. SWEET! I got to eat lunch with Joe :)

Here's Jimmy with part of his lunch.
Jimmy and I (And the peanuts and fruit snacks...)
Joe and I and Jimmy
Joe and I
After lunch, we walked the boys down to their classroom. Let me tell you, it's a class FULL of little boys. hehe. That teacher oughta sleep well at night - ROFL!
And Jimmy right before I left him. I should have been more sad. I really should have. But all I could think was "FREEDOM". At least until 2:40, when the bus brought him back to me...
So, to celebrate my freedom (*giggles*), I called Captain America and had him meet me at El Taco Tote for lunch. I got there before him (cause he was coming from about 15-20 minutes away), so I ordered, and had the food all ready and waiting when he got there.

Here's what we got. A Platter for 2, including Brocheta, beans, rice, tortillas, and 2 drinks. It was SOOO yummy. Plus, there's a bar with chips and veggies and dips and salsas and such. My favorite is the Guacamole Salsa. And I hate guacamole - hehehe. But this is good :) I had one little dish of chips, a dish of cucumbers, and a salad with the brocheta.

We took the beans and the rice and the tortilla home to the kids. That's not really on my menu plan :)
Me and my soda. Unfortunately, they only had diet Coke... But it's better than diet Pepsi...
So after lunch, Captain America went back to work, and I hit the mall. The mall is right next to El Taco Tote, so it worked out well. Hilary met me there, and we looked around for a bit. I found more jewelry at The Jewelry Box. They had completely different things from last Tuesday. I was counting on the same old stuff so I didn't want anything. hehe. I found some neat purple jewelry, and was debating between these two sets of earrings. I went with the ones on the right (And got them in red, also)
We went to Melrose, and looked around there for a bit, too, then headed out. I think we both just wanted to get out of the house, not really shop. Sometimes it's nice to just be out without children. Know what I mean? Even if you do nothing of importance.

We chatted in the parking lot for a few minutes, then I headed on home. I checked in with Jake, who was done with his classes, changed into one of my new outfits, and went to get Jimmy from the bus. School got over for PreK at 2:30pm and the office said the bus would probably be there at 2:40pm. So I got to the bus stop at 2:35pm. Just to be sure. Maggie and her fam got there at about the same time too.

And we waited. And waited. And waited some more. At 3pm, I decided to call the school to see WHERE our kids were. Jimmy had a follow up ENT visit for his tonsillectomy at 3:15pm, and I was afraid that we were gonna miss it. Good thing it was only 5 minutes from my house... But still...

The school said that they were still waiting for the bus to show up. Whaaaat? Not cool. At 3:14pm, the bus finally showed up.

I grabbed Jimmy, and we RAN for home. I told Jake to meet the big kids at the bus at 3:30pm, and Jimmy and I headed out to the appointment. We got to the ENT office at 3:22pm, and I explained why we were late. We waited in the waiting room for all of 2 minutes, then got called back to the back.

The doctor came in within 1-2 minutes, looked in Jimmys mouth, asked how he was doing, and said he was good to go. We were back in the truck and headed home by 3:33pm. Fastest doctors appointment I'd EVER been to. It was nice.

We drove straight to the bus stop, and heard some mom's complaining about the bus dropping off part of the kids but not all of the kids. Sigh. I guess a little bit of confusion is to be expected the first day of school. Or maybe I'm just a lot more "go with the flow" than those ladies? Who knows.

I called Jake, and yup, all 3 of my kids made it home. Jimmy and I drove home, then checked backpacks, got a snack, did homework, and relaxed for a bit. We met the Nouhans at the park for about 20 minutes, and let the kids play. I left as soon as Captain America got home from work, and got dinner started and going.

Here's me with my new necklace, earrings, and red/white pinstriped jacket.

Captain America left for his game at around 5:20pm, and we followed up at 5:50pm. Jake and Jim wanted to stay home, so I brought Joe and Tom and Eme. Here's Joe. Isn't he cute/funny. He dresses like my dad. ROFL!

Tom and I sat and watched the 6pm game. Apparently we just missed the part where in 1 inning, Captain America caught 2 of the 3 outs. GOOD JOB, sweetie! We did see him slide into 3rd, though. That was pretty cool.

Here he is hitting grounder that was thrown out at first.
And him catching. The won the game 10-0 in the 5th inning. Apparently, if it's a shut out in the 5th inning, they call the game. Sweet!

The game got over a bit before 7pm, and we took a few pictures.
I could NOT convince Joe to make a nice, happy face. He, off all of the kids, makes the MOST funny faces. LOL :)

So the team was released for 40 minutes, and told to be back at the field at 7:15pm to get ready for their 8pm game. We drove home, got the kids bathed, put to bed, and Captain America and I headed back to the game. We stopped by the Shoppette and got a soda and some trail mix first, though.

Here's Captain America and I posing for a picture
And me lovin' on my soda...

The 8pm game was pretty good. The other team scored 3 runs the first inning, and we scored 8. It was pretty exciting. We got the other team out pretty fast in the 2nd, and we made 11 runs in the 2nd. That took about 30 minutes. Then it all kinda fell apart from them. We still won, by quite a lot (21-14), but there were a lot of errors on our team. More than typical.

I'm really enjoying the games, though. Cheering with the other ladies, watching the guys KICK the other teams' butts. It's a good time - hehehe.

This was the post wide championship games. We have another game tomorrow at 6pm. We don't know who we're playing yet, or if we have one or two games. But you know where I'll be. In the bleachers, cheering for Charlie 2-43! GO CHARLIE!

Captain America and I got home at 9pm, and I worked on cleaning my room for a bit, while Captain America got on the kids a bit for having a messy house. They hadn't done their chores. Well, the older 3, anyway. The youngest 2 were sound asleep.

I started blogging and designing, and here it is, 11:08pm. I'm sleepy. Getting up before 7am does NOT agree with me yet. YET. I'm gonna get where I like it, I think. I hope. ROFL!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thansk!


Unknown said...

Just found your Blog, it great lovely word art, downloaded a few, thanks for sharing

Mom2mykids said...

Aren't you lucky your kids started yesterday! Mine start next Monday and boy am I ready! LOL. My Spencer will be in 8th grade also. Sarah'll be a junior in high school. How did I get so old to have a junior? And a licensed driver? Yikes. Thanks for the word art!

Laura said...

Thank you for the beautiful word art. I just found your website and have really been loving your Word Art. It is just what I was looking for. I have been downloading some of the older ones and it was working fine a few days ago, but for some reason I can't get the links to work now. Do you know why? When I click on the link it says that "Internet Explorer cannot display the website." I tried to go directly to the "4shared" website and that didn't work either. Do you know if the 4shared website is having problems, or am I just having problems?! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Does Jake do online school? I have a friend who's 10th grader loves it and another whos 8th grader does too! Of course today is only Day 2! lol... I think it's a great idea! My oldest started Kinder yesterday and is the happiest kid ever right now!