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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas

Another crazy busy day today - hehe. I guess I do it to myself, right? ha! Too many things that I want to either do or get done, and not enough time in a day :) I'm enjoying myself, at least! Never a dull moment in my life :)

So I got up, got kids ready, and out the door by 7:30am. We had family prayer, and off they all went. Captain America was out the door by 8:15am, and it was just Jake and Jim and I (or should that be me...any grammar experts here?)

At 9:15am, Jim and I headed out to the stores. I fell in love with these bundt cake looking muffin pans yesterday, and decided that I really did need them. hehe. Especially because I needed to make banana bread. So we headed out to Big Lots. Because maybe Big Lots would have something cheaper than Walmart. Maybe, right?

And before we went in, we had to pose on the car. And yeah, Jim took my picture, and I don't know what he did, but he made me look chunky. ROFL! And yes, Madi, those are Socks with Flip Flops. You have to be truly cool to pull that look off...

See, I didn't make HIM look fat. Hmpf!
While in Big Lots, I checked out their Christmas tree display. I love me some Christmas Trees! Mine is 4 ft and ugly. I got it for $7 after Christmas one year. hehe. WELL, I saw some BEAUTIFUL trees. But the 7 ft, pre lit, $50 tree REALLY caught my eye. I decided to spend a bit of designing dollars on a new tree!

So when I got to the front, it rang up as $70, normal full price. Whaaat? I told the chickie that it was only $50. She sent me back to show the dude the tag. It was hiding behind the tree. Yeah, apparently someone forgot to take down last weeks sale price. But I made them give it to me, because the sign was still up there. hehe. I"m tricky, huh. SO, I got the last $50 pre lit 7ft tree :) Yeah me!

And then we headed out to Walmart. Because they didn't have my bundt cake cupcake pans. But they did have cheaper mini loaf pans and cookie sheet. Yes!

Walmart was a quick trip. We got the bundt cake cupcake pan (12), and walnuts, and I think that was it. I was supposed to look for socks for Jake, but I forgot. Sorry, hon. Jim was a little miffed that he didn't get anything at Walmart, but really, we don't get something EVERYWHERE we go....

We swung by the Dollar Tree, and I totally forgot to look for bread, but let Jimmy have a dollar to pick out something. Yeah, he picked a push up ice cream. On a chilly day. hehe. And we headed back home.

Jimmy playing with his gum.
Me (yeah, my shower totally didn't happen...)
Jim and his ice cream :)
AND, just because I'm a SUPER nice person, I stopped at Circle K, and got myself, Jim/Jake, and Captain America a soda! Diet Dr Pepper, even. See, super nice.

Jim carried one to the car, and I got the other two. Jim held his/Jakes in his seat, and I put Captain America and mine in the cup holder. But Captain America's didn't go in so well. And I drove away. And then this happened to Captain Americas soda. CRAP!

At least my soda was intact....
And we came in the gate the SAME time as Jimmys bus. Ha! But I drive faster, so we got to the bus stop first. hehe. Jim got on the bus, headed to school, and I went home.

Jake helped me carry the stuff inside, and I put the stuff away. And I only had 30 minutes before Captain America would be home for lunch, and we were going up to the hospital to pick up a prescription and get lunch. Because I LOVE me some hospital pre packaged salads...

SO, I didn't have enough time for a shower. And really, I wasn't stinky. Sure, I'd worked out last night, but really, I didn't stink. Not even my pits. hehe. I'm just not that smelly, I guess. So I washed off the old make up, reapplied a new layer, slapped on some better clothes and a headband, and I passed as showered. ROFL!

And I had to take a picture of my COOL new muffin pans. Aren't they AWESOME!
And I don't think that I ever showed you guys my new zebra purse. Did I?

And then Captain America was home, and we were off to the hospital. Here's a few pics we snapped of ourselves.

And as we headed out of post on Colonel Row, we got stuck behind someone going 13 MPH! The speed limit is 25 people..... GO FASTER!

We drove to the hospital, actually found a parking spot, and got lunch. Captain America and I both got salads, and a cookie, and a Diet Dew, and he got some Tuna. I love love love the hospital salads. See how AWESOME it is! Chicken and slivered almonds and cranberries and mandarin oranges and spinach and iceburg lettuce. Mmmm, tasty!
And then we went to the pharmacy. And luckily, Captain America was in his uniform and got into the soldier line. We only had to wait for 4 people. Unlike the hour wait in the dependant line. Dude, waiting is SO not fun. There were people lined up in the hall, because the waiting room was packed...

Captain America dropped me back off at home around 1pm, and I started baking. I made a double batch of banana bread. Because I didn't need to freeze anymore. See how many are already in my freezer..
So here's the creamed butter and sugar, and the bananas
And at some point, I decided to wear my cool hat. Because I love it - hehe. And here's me, with my cool hat, and my banana bread in 4 little loaf pans.
And the ones in the bundt cake cupcake pan
And then I realized that my candle was burning my bowl. Sigh...
Here's the finished product! I sprinkled powdered sugar on top of them. Yeah, it made a HUGE mess. I think that a cream cheese glaze would have been PERFECT too.

I went to the bus at 2:30pm to pick up Jim, and told Maggie that if she wanted to come by the house that I'd give her some treats. And she came over and stayed for a bit, too! I baked the last few batches of desserts, and it was SO much fun chatting with her. And the kids played VERY nicely together. Their 1 year old LOVED Jacob. He held her on his lap and played computer games. Both were totally content. hehe.

When it was time to pick up AQ kids, Maggie and I both went, and left Jake in charge of the little ones. They all sat down to watch a few minutes of Open Season. Maggie needed to pick up some PTA fundraiser stuff from the school. We gathered the kids from AQ, got Maggies stuff, and headed back on post.

She and her kids went home, and I set my kids about getting their chores done, and I designed for about 45 minutes. It felt pretty good to design. I've really loved it a lot lately :)

And then it was 5:30pm, and it was time to make dinner. French toast night! And I had an idea to dip the bread in the eggs batter (with eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, AND cloves), then into some sweetened flaked coconut. Hawaiian French Toast! 3 of the 5 kids LOVED it :)

Everyone got one Hawaiian French toast, and the rest was made normal. I made some up with Diet bread for me for snacks for the next couple of days. And then Captain America was home, and we all ate together.

And we watched a few minutes of a Civil War movie with Captain America, and here it is, 7:03pm. Kids go to bed at 7:30pm, so it's almost that time :) And I'm all done blogging, and designing, and WOOHOO! I can spend a nice, quiet evening with my hubby :) Gotta love that ;)

Sharon made this AWESOME layout for me, to go with todays WordArt. Isn't she fabulous?!!!

How embarrassing for me, is that, that I have SO many pictures that go with this WordArt? ROFL! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Sky said...

Thank you for the great word art. I have the perfect photos of my granddaughter for this one. We let her dress herself one day and it was quite hysterical. She had winter tights, flip-flops, a tutu skirt, tank top, swimsuit cover-up, hoodie, and a knit cap to top it off. It was like she was dressed for summer & winter at the same time!

Anonymous said...

First, thank you for all of the perfect word art you give us. I wouldn't get very far without it.

Second,it is "me" not "I" - I'm not really a grammar expert but I do tend to bug people about the me/I thing. The easiest thing is to take all the other people out of the sentence and then decide which one you would use.
In your example [ it was just Jake and Jim and I (or should that be me...any grammar experts here], if you take out Jake and Jim (sorry guys, your mom'll put you back in once we finish this exercise... so your sentence would be "it was just I" which, I'm sorry to say, is just plain awkward. With "me" it becomes "it was just me" which is, I hope, better. Now, put the boys back in and you have "it was just Jake and Jim and me."

We in Spokane have some claim to the "socks & sandals" thing and in Germany, EVERYBODY wears socks and sandals so you're in good company. If anyone gives you a hard time, just pack your bags and come up here, you'll fit right in!

Anyway, thank you again. I love you, I love reading your blog, and I love your Word Art. Don't let the "I/me" thing dissuade you from doing what you've been doing...

Bit's grandma said...

Thank you so much!

Marilou said...

I wish I had even a inth of your energy! Thank you for today's WA.

januk said...

Thank you very much

deb said...

Great word art! Hysterically funny layout. Of course I've had those days! LOL The bundt pan is cute. Don't think I've ever noticed one like that.

Anonymous said...

Would love to have the banana bread recipe posted!!!!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Siggy said...

Hi Bethany,
I regularly look over your blog, and love the stories about your gorgeous family. Think I should try that Hawaiin french toast. do you think you could work a little pineapple juice into the mix.

Anyways, starting coming to your blog for the brilliant freebies, but i stay for the great stories.

Thanks again from the other side of the planet.

Siggy, Australia

TitanThirteen said...

Lol love the coin operated car pic! I always think about getting in one of those things for a pic, but then i worry that i'll get stuck lol

That muffin tray is too awesome! And i loooove the idea for the banana/coconut bread. You're a genious!