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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Addition

Here's another FABULOUS layout from Sharon! She's AMAZING, don't you think. hehe. I'm glad that someone is scrappin' my photos, because I'm sure not - hehe :)

I'm kinda liking this 'no early morning' PT thing. The duty day now starts at 8:30am. So Captain Americahas been getting up at the same time as the rest of us, and gets to get ready and have breakfast with us :) Yippee! The soldiers now all have PT from 3:30-5pm.

Anyway, we all got up this morning together, had breakfast, and had the kids out the door by 7:30am. But not before some Orange Early Rise. Ever had that? They sell it at Walmart. It's a diet drink, and I like to make it with HOT water. So it's like Hot Tang. Remember Tang? hehe

I hung with Captain America until he left for work around 8:15am. Then I started making cookies. Because I had bananas that needed used. I still have MORE bananas that need used, too. Hmpf!

Anyway, I made my favorite Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chunk Cookies. LOVE them!

12 Dozen cookies. Yeah, I wish I had a recipe that called for a TON of bananas but that didn't make 12 dozen cookies. LOL! I got 3 dozen all packaged up and ready to deliver to friends, and put the others in containers.

The ones that went on the plates got Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting on them. I meant to do the others, but I ran out of time. hehe.

So I got the kids all ready for school, and at 10:00am, I headed out for my therapy session. I left instructions with Jake on how to get Jimmy to the bus, and 2 plates of cookies for little Jacob's family and Elijah's family. And I brought one plate to my therapist. Because EVERYONE loves cookies, right? hehe.

Here's me, on the way to my appointment on the West Side.
And yeah, I was about 20 minutes early, so I went to Savers. Because it was only a few minutes away from the office. AND it was Monday, which was $0.99 one colored tag day. Yellow day, you know :)

I found a TON of shirts, but only 3 fit the way I liked. Some were WAY too big, and some were too small. There's not a standardization in sizes, you know... AND, I found 3 Formals. SO cool. ONE was lavendar and floor length, one was very light teal and floor length, and one was a black, cocktail length dress. And yeah, after trying them on, and then paying, I was late. I texted the Doctor, and told him that I was running a few minutes late. Yeah, I left the part out about Savers. ha!

I got there about 10 minutes late, but it was ok. It was a nice session, and we talked about how I've been feeling lately, and what I've been thinking about. You know, it's nice to talk to someone each week about stuff. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance :)

I hurried home after my session, and Captain America was home for lunch. He and Jake and I hung out until he went back to work at 1:00pm. Then Jake and I headed for the NEW Walmart on Montana. Because I love it over there. hehe. Sure, it takes 20 minutes to get there, but still, it's SO worth it.

Because I wanted a new laptop. Because my old one broke. And the one before that had issues too. And I was tired of legging it along. And I'd made enough money in my last paycheck to pay for it. Sa-weet! Thanks, girls :)

I wanted one that was a Dual Core, and one that had 4GB of ram (that's the right term, right?), and a 500 GB storage space. And a decent graphics card. And this one fit the bill! It's a Sony Vaio Series E. Jake and I looked around at all the different ones for quite a while, and even chatted with the Techy guy there that worked at Walmart about it.

AND, he told me how to hook up my HDMI cable between my computer and my big TV, and get the sound to work. I made sure that Jake listened real carefully, so that we could fix it when we got home. hehe.

Here's my new Laptop, in the cart. Woohoo!

We picked up a couple of things we needed (like sugar free cough drops, tooth paste, and a new yummy smelling candle (hey, that's essential in a house filled predominately with boys...), paid, and headed back home.

I went to the bus stop to pick up Jimmy, and we both headed back to the house. And I proceeded to install all my programs on the new laptop. And yeah, that's not the most enjoyable thing one can do with an afternoon..... It's very tedious, and time consuming. BUT, I made good headway before the kids got home from school.

And then, somehow, it was 4pm, and time to go to the pool. I got the kids all changed and flip flopped and toweled real fast, and out the door we went. Kari and kids and Karin and her daughter met us there. And we even stayed an extra 30 minutes, because the kids were having SO much fun.

Me and my Diet Dr Pepper. I only had 3 diet sodas today, and NO Circle K/Howdys. What is that, only 36 oz. hehe.

Check out the pile of flip flops and glasses they left on the bleachers. hehe.
Here's Karin and I
And little Joe, FREEZING to death. He doesn't have the body fat to keep him warm that some of the others do - hehe
Kari and I

Emeline and Josephine (Kari's daughter)

Sammi (Karin's daughter) and Jimmy
We hustled home, and Captain America was there! He'd just gotten off of work, and was eating dinner. I directed the kids to have one of 3 different kinds of sandwiches (or leftover rice from last night), and changed into my workout clothes. Captain America and I were gonna go to a Spin Class. Should be fun!

But first, we swung by Laurie's house to let Captain America help give her husband a blessing. He was feeling VERY sick, so Captain America and Mark Shoaf went over and performed the blessing. And Laurie showed me her car, where she'd ran into a pole. Ouch! It was crunched all down the drivers side. She'd driven it away, but it was gonna take some fixing to get it back to normal. Poor thing :(

And then we headed to spin. The kids were at home, doing homework and watching "Get Smart", after finishing their chores. SUCH good kids :)

Here's me, ready for Spin.

We got there about 10 minutes late, but still got a 47 minute Spin workout in. I was sweating like crazy! SUCH a good workout. And it was Captain America's 2nd workout today. He'd ran 4 miles at 3pm. Yeah, he's SO much more in shape than me - hehe. See how supportive he is, to come and do extra exercises with me :) Love ya, hon :)

We got home a little after 7pm, and joined the kids watching their movie. I'd never watched the whole Get Smart movie, and it was pretty funny. And I cooked dinner for myself, since I hadn't eaten before going to the gym.

And I finished transferring files over to the new laptop (thank GOODNESS for thumb drives), and even designed my WordArt for today on it! IT WORKS!!! It's now the newest addition to my family. hehe.

See, I love my new "baby"
And then, Captain America and I were teasing Jacob about how much FUN it's gonna be when he turns 14, and Captain America and I can chaperone the Stake Dances at church. Because I have some wicked crazy moves. And then I proceeded to show all the kids the moves. Captain America too, but he refused to be photographed. Me? Bring it on...

And then we put the kids to bed, and I finished up with my blogging, Captain America discussed for a while with Jacob, and here it is, 9:50pm. I think we may go to bed "early" tonight. I had a long day. BUT, I don't really feel sick. So that's a good thing. I think Tom is coming down with something, but hopefully it won't come to me, too...

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Stephanie said...

I have that same latop, except mine is copper colored and came from Best Buy here in Killeen. I love it! It's been wonderful for me, so I hop it works great for you too! :)

Suzan (your Dutch fan ;) ) said...

Stop showing pictures of those yummie cookies or send a bunch over to Holland!!!! LOL!

Marilou said...

Thank you for the WA! Congrats on the new laptop! Woo Hoo

Madison McShinsky said...

Your dance moves look fine, its your facial expressions that make it silly :)

Anonymous said...

Crazy fun post today chica! lol Glad you are enjoying life. :)

TY for the lovely gifts as always.


MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Sharon in MI said...

Awww . . . was today's wordart in honor of our baby girl that was born this morning? How sweet of you! ;)