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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blade Runner

OMHeavens, girls. I'm tired. Even for my standards. hehe. I woke up at 5:25am, and pushed snooze. But then woke up 2 minutes later realizing that I didn't have time to push snooze, so I woke up. And threw on some presentable clothes (believe me, my standards are SUPER low - ha!), got Jake awake, grabbed my pillow, and headed for the car.

We drove on over to Seminary, I dropped Jake off, and curled up in the front seat for a nap. I felt like I was laying there forever, but then Jake was knocking on the door, and it was time to go. I always feel SO much better when I wake up after my little "seminary nap". hehe.

And we headed back to post. We got there just in time to see Tom off to the bus. I threw on some better clothes, and got Jim and Joe and Eme ready for the bus. I had Jake hop in the shower, and get ready. He and I were headed to the nutritionist at 8am.

I walked the kids to the bus at 7:15am, and tried to get home right away, but ended up staying and chatting with the girls. hehe. It's hard for me to leave when people are chatting - LOL!

I got home, we put Boxer in the kennel, and Jake and I headed to Biggs for the Nutritionist appointment. We got there right at 8am, and by 8:20am, we were meeting with the Captain Noyes. He seemed pretty cool. Apparently his wife is a Special Ed teacher, and has a class full of Asperger kids! Middle school aged.

Anyway, we talked about a few simple changes we could make for Jake to improve his health. Walking the dog daily. Cutting out unwanted calories/fat (peanut butter in his shake, skin on the chicken, choices at school lunch...). Jacob seemed ok with all the stuff said. Good!

We headed out around 9am, and I took Jake to school. And dropped him off and signed him into Autsin. I wanted to stop at a store. Or Circle K. Or somewhere fun. Because I knew I needed to clean the kitchen. hehe. But I just headed home, put on some dancing music, and started cleaning.

I got all of the dishes done, then started on the counters. I moved all of the stuff off, washed it really good, and put it back. I cleaned off the stove top, and washed out the sinks. I swept the floor really good, and started some crock pot chicken. And called it good for cleaning.

Then, I went in my room, and made up a menu for the family. With healthier food options. Breakfast, and lunch (easy, since the kids eat lunch at school 5 days a week for $0.40), afternoon snack, and dinner.

It took quite a while to pick out recipes that I could use and that were healthy and that were simple enough for my busy life, and then filled out a chart. And then I had to go through it and list out each ingredient. And then I separated the ingredients into store isles. Yeah, long process, but I should be able to re-use it each week.

Anyway, I grabbed a protein bar for lunch, and a nectarine, and headed to the commissary. Might as well go shopping now, right? We needed food to run the menu! So off I went.

I needed cash, because I had an appointment for the dog at the vet later in the day, and they'd informed me that their debit card machine was down. So, I wanted to stop first at the ATM. But it was being serviced, so I was gonna need to stop there at the end.

I shopped for about 45 minutes, and found all of the stuff on my list. For cheaper than my old shopping list. The trick will be to control the food consumption. My kids (and me for that matter) are in a HORRIBLE habit of snacking on whatever they can find. And if I buy food for the menu, and they eat it, it's not gonna work. So I'm gonna start locking things again.

Anyway, I swung by the ATM on the way to the truck, the dude loaded up my truck, and I headed home. See what I saw on the way....


I had enough time to get home, put all the groceries away, lock everything up, use the bathroom, and it was time to head out to the Vet appointment with Boxer. Amanda said she'd come with me to visit, so I swung by to pick her up first. Then off to the vet.

And Boxer is SO not used to being around other dogs. He wanted to "get" everyone. And he can seem pretty vicious. It was not an enjoyable 45 minutes trying to corral the dog... Sigh. My arm muscles got a pretty good work out, though :)

Eventually, they called us back. The vet said that Boxer looked really healthy, and that he couldn't have his Heartwork check until late November. Because of the last round of treatment that he'd had. OK. And she said that he was due for more shots. OK, sounds good.

She was a little concerned with the rash on his neck, and said it looked a tad infected. So she prescribed some antibiotics and some cream for him. And prescribed him some preventative Heartworm meds. And that was it. We were done.

We headed back to the front, and waited to be called. And $75 later, we were on our way. I've never been to the vet, so I don't know if that's good or not... I dropped Amanda off at home, and went home myself.

Tom was already home, and met us in the driveway. He had only been home for a few minutes before we got home. I left Boxer with him, and headed to the bus stop to retrieve the kids. And chatted with the girls some more, then headed back home.

We had trail mix for snack. Except Jim freakin' ate Jake's snack. Sigh. We'll get this menu figured out :)

We spent the next hour or so cooking dinner and doing chores. Eme and Tom finished off the kitchen. I'd gotten it SO good for them. They just had some dishes to do. Jake worked on the living room. Joe and Jim got the table cleaned off.

At 4:45pm, we sat down for dinner. I'd made brown rice, and crock pot chicken, and green beans. We haven't sat at the table to eat dinner together in I don't know how long... Joe and Eme and Tom loved it all. Jim hated the green beans and chicken. Jake hated the rice. But I made everyone eat it all.

At 5:10, Eme and Joe and I headed out to Soccer. I left Tom with directions to have Jim clean his room. And for the boys to get their chores done. They were really fighting and bickering bad, so I was doubtful that they'd do what they were supposed to do...

We headed off to the soccer field, and i parked and let the kids out. I chatted with my mom for about 15 minutes, and then Kari and Leo got there. The kids went to practice, and Kari and I walked laps around the track. It took about 15 minutes per lap. It's not really a track. It's the loop that we normally walk, but just the end part. Around where the kids practice.

Anyway, we did about 4 1/2 laps, and it was 6:30pm and time to pick up the kids. By the time we got them, and their new jerseys, and their game schedule, and forgotten water bottles and such, it was 7pm before we got home.

The kids at home were doing well. Except that Tom didn't make Jim clean his room. So I made Tom help Jim clean his room. That's what you get for not following the directions. hehe.

I had Jim and Joe sit down and do homework. I think they were both tired. Because they were wining and throwing fits the whole time. At 7:30pm, the were done with homework, and had 30 minutes of free electronics time.

I was exhausted. I sat down with my computer, and started to blog. And put on a movie. I'm not really watching in... But it's on. At 8pm, I put Joe and Jim to bed, and had Jake and Tom and Eme turn off their electronics.

Jake is reading in his room until 8:30 with Boxer. Tom is at the table working on a homework project. Still. He's been working on it for a while. And the little boys keep coming out asking for things. They want a tuck in. And someone took someone elses flashlight. This that and the other thing... GO TO SLEEP! hehe. I sure wish I could!

When I'm done with this, I may go and take a nice relaxing bath. Or I may just turn off the movie, lay in bed with a book and read. Or maybe I'll just go to sleep. Because I'm SO tired! Limited calories and increased activity makes for a TIRED mom at the end of the day!

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Great layout, Sharon! My boys LOVE roller blades, especially Joe! He's a natural!

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Shelly said...

$75 is an excellent price for all Jake had done. You did well. :)

I hope you woke up feeling more rested today. Hugs!!!