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Friday, September 16, 2011

Modern Times

Hey there, my girls!! I was feeling slightly better today, and I think I did too much.... Sometimes that happens :)

I woke up at 5:25 after a great nights sleep, thanks to some Niquil. But I was SO tired. I got dressed, got Jake up, and the two of us headed to Seminary. And yeah, I slept in the car the whole time.

We headed back to post, and I got Tom off to the bus, and Jim and Joe and Eme ready for the bus, then walked them to the bus stop. The girls and I decided to have a Walmart trip at 9am. To the Montana one. Maggie and Hannah, and Kari, and Amanda and I were gonna go.

The kids left on the bus, and I got Jake off at 7:50, then I sat on the couch with Boxer for about 30 minutes and rested. I totally should have been cleaning, but I was still a bit sleepy.

Then, I decided to make a little shrug/wrap thingy that I saw on Flergs site. It didn't look too hard. I found a white shirt, cut it up the middle, cut off the neck band, and sewed it so that there was a draw string area. Then, I used a safety pin and threaded some teal ribbon through it :) What do you think???
I thought it was cool. And then it was time to go. Amanda came and got me, then we swung by and grabbed Kari, then Maggie and Hannah. And off we went to the Montana Walmart.

We wandered around, finding a few things to price match, and looking for random things here and there. Mostly just looking around :) I found this for you, Captain America! I didn't buy it, but I did take a picture of it - hehe :)

I looked at Bike prices for Jim, but they didn't have one there that I liked. Plus, there was no way that it would fit in Amanda's car. I decided that I was gonna get him a bike for his birthday. I wanted to get one for Joe, but he insisted on Legos.

Anyway, we looked around for a bit longer, then went to pay. And our cashier wouldn't let us do price match on Albertsons Price Match Mix and Match sale. He said we had to get 8 cake mixes, or 8 cereals, or 8 specific things, not "mix and match". Sigh. He clearly didn't get the point of the MIX and match...

So we put those items back, and paid for what did work. And loaded up Amandas car, and headed back to post. It all barely fit - ha! But it DID fit. We dropped off Kari, then Maggie and Hannah, then Amanda and I headed back out again.

Here's me with my Pringles. Aren't I hot?

We decided to do lunch at Chili's. Yummy!
I really really like these chicken nachos they have there!
Amanda got the chicken quesidillas. Or however you spell that. She said they were really good.
We headed to Verizon next. She wanted to get a charging dock for her car dash. We went in, and were seen right away, luckily. She paid, and we headed out. To Big 5 sports. Austin is starting Wrestling next Tuesday, and needed shoes. I said they'd have a better selection/price at Academy Sports. We made plans to go there Friday or next Monday. I did get some more soccer socks for the kids, so it wasn't a total bust. hehe.Check out this bike we saw outside of Big 5. Ha!
And we went to the Jaurez Walmart. And they had a bike! It was only $52. Down from $70. Can't beat that. It's a 20 incher, so it's gonna be a tad bit big for Jim, but not that big. OK, now I need to know how to teach a kid to ride a bike. hehe.
We grabbed the few other things that I needed (ha!) and headed to pay. And this time, our cashier understood the whole "mix and match" theory. Thank goodness! I got Cookie Crisp cereal for $1.50 a box, and $1.00 off of 3 boxes. Good deal! And some Hamburger Helper, and a few other things. Yummy!

It was amamzing that Everything fit in the back of Amanda's car - hehe :) But we made it fit!We headed home, and had about an hour before the kids got off the bus. I whipped up 2 boxes of Cupcakes, and worked on printing out some cupcake toppers. Oh yeah, it was a very productive hour - hehe.

Tom got home at 3:10pm, and I sent him to get the other kids at 3;30pm. They were home by 3:45pm. And Jim just LOVED his bike!

I thought the cupcakes turned out pretty good, too! What do you think?
Then we headed to the park for Jim's birthday party. Kari and kids, and Amanda and kids, and Margot and kids were there :) Maggie was gonna come, but something came up. And Terra didn't get the "memo" that it was changed to the park - hehe. And Liz had something come up. But the kids who were there had a lot of fun, I think!

The mom's sure had fun, anyway - heheWe headed home after the party, and I got Jim all ready for soccer. Tom REALLY wanted me to go to his school for the open house tonight, so I asked Kari to take Jim to his game. She's such a sweetheart! I snapped a few pictures of Jim on the day of his first game :)

Kari picked up Jim, and Tom and I headed to his school. It was a really cool meet the teacher night, actually. The did a mini version of the school day. Each class period got 8 minutes. So we went to 1st period and met the teacher, then 2nd period, then 3rd, and so forth. It was really pretty cool. Tom's teachers all seemed very good and friendly.

Here's Tom and I in his Humanities class. It seemed like a pretty cool class, actually!
After the "day", we headed back home. And Jim got home around the same time as me. And I was SO tired. I'd really over-did it today. The house was a bit messy, so I had everyone do a quick clean up job. And it looked a ton better after about 25 minutes. The kids had a quick dinner, and it was off to bed. Jake took the dog on a walk, and a storm hit. We lost power for about 15 seconds, and thankfully, it came back on - hehe. I wasn't prepared for an evening with no power - ROFL!

I let Jake and Tom and Eme finish off their episode of Star Trek, and everyone was in bed by 9pm. It's now almost 10pm, and I'm just now finishing this off. I'm so tired. I hope that tomorrow is a more restful day :) We shall see...

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Great layout, Sharon! Loving the yellows in this layout!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Sep. 16, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Feel better soon, Bethany. Jim's cupcakes looked terrific!

Thanks for the great word art. Hugs!!!

Shelly said...

Hey Bethany, it just dawned on me that it's Friday and you don't have any new word art packs out to purchase. Are you going to have any this week? I hope so.