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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Touch of Evil

First off, I don't think that I mentioned it yesterday, but I got an email from Captain America saying that he'd made it to his destination safe and sound :) Yeah! Miss you already, honey!

Morning, girls! Another Sunday in the Harty House. I woke up several times in the middle of the night. But eventually fell back asleep, I guess. My alarm went off at 7:30am, and I started making sure the kids were awake, and directed them to get dressed/showered/fed.

I put on a new fresh layer of make up, and braided my hair. What do you think?
OK, so it's kinda funny, but it was quick and easy and out of my face. And mostly down. hehe. It worked for me :)
I got the kids ready to go, and we headed out to church in time to get a good seat. hehe. I hate sitting in the back. We got there about 7 minutes before church started.

And yeah, I think my kids' goal was to push EVERY one of my buttons today. Tom was poking Joe. And Jake wouldn't leave everyone alone. Jim kept wanting to sit on my lap.

And to make matters worse, during the Sacrament prayer, the 16 year old who was blessing the bread was having a hard time. He has ADD and something else that gives him seizures, so his voice is really shakey. Anyway, he had to do it like 7 times, and kept messing up. And Jake, bless his heart, wasn't very patient. Come to find out, this was the kids that Jake "buddies" with at Seminary. And he was SO rude. Kept mumbling about letting a "retard" bless the Sacrament. TOTALLY uncalled for! Sigh. Aspergers strikes again... No social conformation for this kid. His therapist says that "aspies" have feelings. They know why they have them. But they can't comprehend WHY other people have them. So he was totally clueless as to why his comment might be hurtful. sigh.

Needless to say, I was a bit frazzled by the time the meeting was over. I was only too happy to send my kids to class. And as much as I wanted to go to the truck and drink a soda and hide out until Relief Society started. But I agreed to sub for a primary class. The 10-12 year old girls needed a teacher. The lesson was about John 21:1-17. The part where Christ appears to his disciples after his resurrection, and tells them to "feed my sheep". It's all about sharing the gospel. Great lesson.

After class, I was able to go to Relief Society, and sat my friend Kendall. She's pretty cool. Remember when I subbed for Sunbeams a while back. And that SUPER cute little red head girl named Kenny? Yeah, Kendall is her mom.

Anyway, the lesson was about Eternal Families, and how to keep our families strong and intact. It was a GREAT lesson :)

After church, Jimmy got a birthday bag from the bishop, and his teacher gave him a gift too. SO sweet. He was pretty excited. And I learned that Jake wore shorts and a tee shirt under his sunday clothes. Because he stripped them off in the parking lot, and traveled home in play clothes... Not sure how I feel about that...

We got home, and the kids got a snack, and I started on making some burritos. I'd cooked up some Beans and Rice a few days ago, and mixed it with sour cream and taco seasoning mix, and 5 of those roasted chilie's I'd bought a few days ago. Should be good!

I made 2 trays of burritos, one with white cheese and one with cheddar cheese. And topped it with a combo of milk, pepper, and cream of chicken soup. And then more white cheese. And cooked it for about 30-45 minutes at 375.

They were SUPER yummy! A bit too spicy for Eme and Jim, but everyone else snarffed it down! The kids watched some Star Trek, and some Doctor Who, and I laid down for a nap. And got a NICE long nap. Gotta like that!

When I got up, I decided that the kids needed to do chores, and I was gonna clean my room. See, after gaining weight, I took all the tiny clothes out of the closet. And there were about 3 GIANT storage boxes of clothes sitting in my room. And the top of my closet too. So I went through them all today, and kept the best ones. The ones that I really liked.

And this is what I ended up with in the donate pile!!!
You'd think that I would have had NO clothes left after taking out 10 bags from my room. Nope, I've still got a TON of stuff... hehe. And I put 2 boxes of clothes out in the garage :)
We had the rest of the burritos for dinner, and I watched some more 24. I'd been watching it on and off all afternoon long. I put the little kids to bed at 7:30pm, and the big ones to bed at 8:30pm. And watched some more 24. I'm on season 8. And I started blogging.

And yeah, I just finished episode 22. And it's 10pm. And I've gotta get up at 5:25am. But I did get a nap. So maybe I can squeeze in one more episode??? I can't leave it the way the episode left off! I just HAVE to know what happened!!

So Monday morning, Jake has his appointment with the Nutritionist. I got to pick the date and time because of the mess up last week. That was a nice way to make it up to me - hehe. And I'm taking Boxer to the vet at 2:15 on post to get heart worm preventative meds, and to get his bumps looked at. But they seem to be decreasing, so I don't know. Oh yeah, and when I made the vet appointment, the receptionist told me that the Debit card machine was down. So I should bring cash. Um, how much cash do I get out??? I wish she'd have explained a bit more... I guess I'll go grab some cash out before then.

And we have Soccer for Eme and Joe tomorrow too. Nothing like a full day to make you forget that your best friend and husband is 1/2 way around the world, right? hehe.

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SPOOKY~ I like this one, Sharon! Super cute :)


TeenaBugg38 said...

I always enjoy reading your blog! Ya know....I think the retard comment is actually more of an age related thing than and aspie thing......my kids have whipped that word out on more than one occassion and it is one I just will not tolerate in my house or in my presence. Doesn't help matters that my oldest son is profoundly autistic. I guess that is why I hae the word retard so much......people don't under5stand autism so they assume my son is retarded.....so I continue to educate one person at a time.....sometimes the hard way.....lol. Hang in there!!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Sep. 12, 2011. Thanks again.

Anita said...

Great word art! I think I've visited your blog before to enjoy the benefit of your art. I'm wondering where you got the elements in the sample layout -- I like them! Are they yours?

Miranda said...

A great one for a halloween page. thank you.