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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grumpy Old Men

Oh yeah, sick day... Too bad I couldn't take the entire day off. I did take a lot of the day off, though. hehe. I woke up at 5:25am, got ready, got Jake up, and headed to Seminary. And slept in the car the whole time.

Jake came out, and off we went. We got home just as Tom left for the bus. I got Jim and Joe and Eme ready, and I took them to the bus. I'd texted Kari, and told her that I wasn't feeling well, and that I shouldn't walk this morning.

I chatted for a short time (well, for me), with the girls, then headed back home. Jake had about 15 minutes before he had to go to the bus. He got ready, and left. But not before he'd made me some hot herbal tea. What a sweetheart! I didn't even ask. I just mentioned in passing how it sounded good and like something that would help my poor throat.

Anyway, I slept from 8-9, and it felt so good. I got up, grabbed a laptop, and moved out to the couch. Or maybe it was the couch in my room. I don't remember. All I know is that 3 hours passed. hehe. I answered a few emails, organized some stuff on my puter, this, that, and the other thing...

See, aren't I hot?

So around noon, I decided I was a tad hungry, and soup sounded good. And I had no soup. Hmmm, where has soup? Olive Garden has soup... Spicy soup that would be good for me, right? Isn't spicy supposed to clear your sinus'?

Amanda agreed to come with me to the "doctor", and off we went. hehe. She was feeling a tad under the weather too. Oh yeah, we were quite the lively bunch...

First thing I did, was get my Diet Coke, take a few sips, then spill it ALL over the table. ha! I really was out of it...
OK, this one is better :) hehe.
And here came the food :)
Align CenterAnd the Panini
It helpled a tad :)

And I had soup and breads sticks and 1/2 a panini for later.
Amanda and I stopped at the "Jaurez" walmart on the way home, and I checked on the kids' glasses. They should have been in last week or so, but I still hadn't gotten a call. Yeah, they were in. Just no one called me. Sigh.

I got a new tire pump for the kids' bikes, and some nectarines for me, and we headed back home. I think I'd expended all my energy for the day.

I texted Krystal, the Primary President, and told her that we were skipping Cub Scouts tonight. I just didn't feel up to it. And since Joe is a pack all on his own, I figured I should tell her - hehe.

We swung by Sonic on the way home for a happy hour drink. And the DDP was totally nasty. So we went back through the drive through and got a different one. Much better!

We headed home, and I had an hour to relax before Tom got off the bus. I napped a little bit.
Tom got home at 3:10, and we got the snack all ready. Mozarrella cheese and grapes. And I had to divide them all out evenly. Because my kids KNOW if someone has one grape more than someone else.... hehe :)

At 3:30, I headed to the bus stop. And grabbed my kids, and Kari's kids. And headed back to the house. I had the kids all sit down and do their homework, and then, as they finished it up, they could come in my room and watch a movie. And I napped on my bed.

And the kids were really very good. They kept the volume to a minimum, and didn't fight. That's always good, right? hehe. At 5pm, I sent Leo home to get on his soccer clothes (his older brother was there), and then I took Joe and Eme and Leo to soccer. Tom supervised at home.

I dropped them off, and headed back home. And put the burritos in the oven. Not on the menu, but the other day when I made homemade burritos, I had a 2nd tray that I put in the freezer. For a day JUST like today :)

Kari got done with her appointment, and met the kids at the practice. And dropped off Eme and Joe, and picked up Josephine at 6:30ish. Everyone had dinner, and the kids had some free time. I rested some more. Cause resting is what you should do when you start to feel sick. Until you are SO sick that you can't do anything (which is usually what I do - hehe).

At 8pm, I had the kids turn off all electronics, and get ready for bed. And Jake informs me that he has a project due tomorrow. Sew a cloth flag. Are you kidding me??? I vaugely remember him asking me about doing it over the past few weeks, but it's always been in passing, and I've always been too busy. I guess that's as good as "asking" gets for this kid. Hmpf.

So we went into the garage, and dug through the fabric boxes. I found the green (kind of - it was flowery) and orange and white fabric. For the flag of Cote d'lvoie. Or something like that. hehe. It's late, and I can't remember. It's a country in Africa is all I know...

So we cut out the fabric, and I started sewing it while Jake took Boxer on a walk. It looked pretty good when it was done. Kinda long and skinny, but hey, I'm sick. What do you expect. hehe ;)

Jake and Tom are finishing off their episode of Star Trek, and going to bed. I'm watching a new show, Dexter, that my friends recommended... I think it might be too "rough" for me... The verdict is still out. Just started watching it :)

Anyway, I'm gonna medicate myself, and go to bed. As of yet, I haven't taken any cold meds. But I figured that night was a good time to take them. Jim has a soccer game tomorrow, and we're gonna have his birthday party at the park after school instead of at the pool. At this point, I just wanna get the party over with - hehe :)

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Great layout, Sharon!!! Are these all grumpy old men in your life??? hehe :)


Tigger a(r)t work said...

Thank you so much for your fantastic wordart freebies!!:o)

P.S. I hope you get well now!!??

moovet said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you are feeling better!