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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eternal Sunshine

Hola! Hope you all day a great day today :) Mine was pretty busy, but good. I woke up at 5:25am, and was actually feeling rested! Going to bed at 9 ish will help that, huh? hehe. I got Jake up and ready, and he said that he was feeling nice and rested too.

Boxer was hilarious this morning. He saw a reflection of himself in the back door, and FREAKED out. He was barking SO loud, it's a wonder that all the kids didn't wake up. hehe

Jake and I chatted on the way to Seminary instead of him sleeping. It was really very nice :)

He went inside, and I messed around on my phone for a bit, then napped for about 20 minutes. And then we drove home. We got Tom off to the bus, and I hurried and threw on some clothes for my appointment, and got the kids ready for the bus.

We were out the door by 7:15am to the bus stop. I chatted with the girls for a bit too long (hehe), then headed home. I made sure Jake was ready, and gave him directions to be to the bus on time, And I headed out to the West side for my appointment. I got there RIGHT on time. Traffic was a bit busier than I was expecting...

Slug Bug!!
My appointment went really well. We talked about Captain America and I, and how we interacted when he was here, and what we needed to work on when he gets home. And we talked about how I got through this cycle, of feeling overwhelmed. And I "give up" for the day. Just say "screw it", and eat what I want and avoid real life. Yeah, that's about it. He said that I should work on thinking something different rather than "screw it" at that point. The day is not lost. I can still make good choices, and do things that will make me feel better. So I'm gonna work on that.

I got back home at 9:30am, and had just enough time to grab a bowl of frozen fruit, and sit outside and wait for Amanda to pick me up. We were going to Housing so she could learn about "clearing housing". I was just along for the heck of it - hehe.
I painted my toe nails pink on Sunday!
We were at housing until a little after 11am. And we headed back home. She dropped me off, and went to run a few errands. I changed and got ready for Yoga. Kari and I were going to Stout at 11:30m. And I had a protein bar and a nectarine for lunch.

I went and picked her up, and off we went. John was the teacher, and he 's pretty good. My legs shake real bad, and I was sweating by the end. But it was a good stretching workout. I felt good/sore after words.

We headed back home, and I was STARVING! I held off by cleaning the house for a bit. I did some dishes, and swept some rooms, and gathered some stuff for the kids to put away. And then, after about an hour, went into my room to watch some Dr Who.

And I couldn't hold off any longer, so I made a sandwich. And sandwiches for the kids for after school. Since that was supposed to be the after school snack. And it was SOOO yummy!

I put some potatoes in the oven to cook, and left them for about an hour or so. A little more, I think. Anyway, I went back to watching Dr Who. And I had some cereal. Because I was STILL hungry. But I stopped after that. See, I didn't fall completely apart :)

After the potatoes were done cooking and cooled a bit, I made them into twice baked potatoes. I added ground turkey and onions, and seasonings, and broccoli. Looked pretty good when it was all done! I topped it with cheese, and put it in the fridge for dinner. I was productive!

Tom came home at 3:15, and I went to the bus to get the kids at 3:30pm. I brought their sandwiches with me, and we picked up Kari and Leo and Josephine in addition to my kids, and we all headed to the library.

They were playing Secretariat. It was a bit long, and a bit not what my kids were wanting to see... But they did ok watching it for a bit. I got 2 WordArt packs designed, and visited with Amanda and Kari for a bit there. Then, at 4:45, we headed home. I had to get Jake to the Youth Center for his "Go Live" club.

I dropped the kids off, turned the oven on, and drove Jake out to the Youth center. And I was next to this truck at the stop light! UPS!

I dropped him off, and found out what bus went from Austin to the Youth Center. Now all I have to do is go in and get him another bus pass. And I drove back home.

I had Jim do his homework, and got dinner all served up. We had to leave at 6:10 to get Jim to Soccer on time. Eme was playing with her friend Alexis, and Tom was watching Joe. He was in charge of having Joe finish off his homework before we got home.

We picked up Josephine and Kari, and headed to soccer. We got the schedule for games, and I went inside and picked up the 9-11 year old schedule too. We signed up for snacks on one of the days, and then it was time for me to go to and pick up Jake from the youth center. Kari said that her hubby would come and pick them all up from Soccer, for me to just go and get Jake and not worry about it. Thanks, my dear!

I headed back to the youth center, and went inside to sign a permission slip for Jake. They're going on the 24th to the movies to see that new Taylor Lautner (or however you spell it) movie. Abudcted, or Abduction or something like that. I checked to make sure that it wasn't R, then got him all signed up.

And we headed home. Jake got dinner, and everyone relaxed for a bit. At 8pm, I put the little kids to bed, and I had Jake go and walk the dog. And I headed in my room to blog. Tom was still in the dining room doing homework.

It's now 8:53pm. Jake is heading to bed, and Tom is finishing up homework. I'm finishing up my episode of Doctor Who, then I'll either go to bed or watch one more. Cause it's just SO stinkin' good - hehe :)

Night, girls! Till tomorrow!

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Nice beach pictures, Sharon!!! Love the layout :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Sep. 14, 2011. Thanks again.

Tigger a(r)t work said...

Thank you so much fot your everyday wordart (*lol* output *hahaha*) ;o)))


moovet said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful word art. Your blog is one of the highlights of my day.

Miranda said...

Another great wordart, thank you.