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Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet I

New goodies in the store, girls!!! Single file line, no pushing, no shoving, you know the drill. hehe :) Lets play nice, here, there's plenty for all! Click HERE to go to the store :) Layouts by the FABULOUS Sharon!!! She rocks, you know :)

Well, all the right kids got to school this morning at the right times. Thank goodness! Unfortunately, Tom managed to go to school with CPT's keys... Oops. He's sent Tom off to start his truck, and Tom had been so busy taking out the trash and the recycling, and trying to catch the bus on time, that it had slipped his mind. The keys went into his pocket, and he caught the bus.

After I got the other kids on the bus, and CPT left for the gym, I headed on up to the Middle school, pulled Tom out of class, retrieved the keys, then headed back home. I sat down, designed a Wordart pack, and was in the shower by the time that CPT America came back home. I made an excutive decision, and was skipping yoga. CPT had asked me to come with him when he got his offical army photo taken today, but I said that I had Yoga. And that I'd skip it if he really wanted me to. He said to go to yoga. But you know how they SAY that, but sometimes really want you to pick them. I wasn't sure it if was that case or not.

So, I decided to just PICK him. I texted the girls, let them know what was going on, and hopped in the shower so I could be all ready and pretty when it was time to go.

We drove on over to the Army hospital, and were running a tad late, so I let him off at the main entrance, and I found a parking spot in the parking garage. By the time I found a spot, and walked inside, he was done. It didn't take long. Snap a photo, fill out a picture, and you're done. hehe. We walked back to the suburban together :)

We got home, and we took the opportunity to take some pictures of CPT in his Dress Blues. He's such a cutie!!!

We finally went inside, and changed. I'd only had 3 minutes to get dressed, and didn't like my outfit. So I put on something else. hehe. Kim and Tim texted, and wanted to know if we wanted to do lunch at 12:30. SURE! Too bad it was only 11... We were gonna starve! LOL :)

CPT ended up ironing for a bit, or something else... Not sure what else he was doing. We were hanging for a bit. I designed another WordArt pack, I know that. Time flew, that's for sure. Before we knew it, it was time to go. Carlos and Mickeys!

I headed to the suburban first, and messed around with the camera, of course...

On the way to the restaurant, I was SO wishing that I had some sunglasses. I'd forgotten mine. These yellow range glasses were all that were in the suburban... Um, yeah, NO! hehe.
And, since we ALWAYS take a photo outside of Carlos and Mickeys, we posed before going inside. Kim and Tim could wait for a minute, right? hehe. Aren't we cute!
Kim and Tim had already ordered, and their food got there when we sat down. She had remembered that she had a doctors appointment in 45 minutes. Oops. So they had to hurry. But we still had a fun lunch.

CPT and Tim ordered some kind of Surf and Turf fajata thingy, and they both really liked it. Kim got the taco salad, and I wanted the chicken soup that I'd gotten that one day. Yeah, they didn't have it. I KNOW they said that they had it for a winter special. Um, February is still winter, right? Right??? Apparently not. They no longer had it. So, I got the beef equivalent of it... It was still good, though. I did like it. The beef was super tender :) Lots of veggies and cabbage and rice to add in. I just wanted some tortillas to go with it. I ended up eating part of Kim's taco salad shell when she left - ha!

They headed out, and we finished up our lunch. Then we paid, and headed over to El Paso Saddle Blanket store. CPT wanted to get a new pair of boots. He was waiting for the tax return to come in before he got them. And it was in! So it was time. And, since we WERE going to a Brad Paisley concert next week, I probably needed a pair of boot, too, right??? Can't go to a concert without boots? Isn't that how it works??? hehe.

And I think I want a hat for the concert, too. But not this one. One that looks like this one, but not that's made of Super Glue. This one was SOOO stiff!
CPT and I tried on EVERY pair of boots in the store, I think. They had quite a few pairs of tall boots that I really liked. But they were sweaty on my legs. I didn't like that. And they were pointy toed. And to get the rounded tip, then they were $200+. What's up with that? And, the ones that were $150 didn't fit my left foot. They were too tight. Once you got to the $200 range, it all fit PERFECTLY. Sigh. Why do boot makers do that.... hehe :)

Anyway, I went with comfort. Instead of getting the cheapest pair of boots, I went with one that FELT good. And one that I still liked how they look. Snake skin. Python, to be exact. I think they're hot!
We went to pay, and got distracted looking at the sterling silver rings. They had some bigger ones, and we both ended up picking one out for our new "wedding bands". LOVE that we did it together! And that they are silver :) I'll take a picture of them tomorrow :) They are pretty cool!

We paid, and headed to the West Side for our couples therapy session. CPT called Tom and had him pick up the kids from the bus. Our session was starting just as the kids got off the bus. And got to the office RIGHT on time thanks to my stellar driving. hehe. The therapist asked us what we wanted out of our time there, and what we should focus on. Apparently I differed to CPT too much. OK, I'll work on that.

I think, all in all, I've done pretty good in staying true to who I am. To not falling back into patterns from before he deployed. I like the new me. I want her to stick around :) She's pretty cool, I must say! hehe. Before we left, Dr Slade shook my hand, pulled me back for a minute, and said "make sure you don't loose your voice". I knew what me meant. Good advice. I just need to remember that throughout the week. "Don't loose your voice". I need to speak up. Poor CPT. That's all he needs. Me remembering to speak my mind. hehe ;) I love you, honey :)

We loaded up, and headed back to post. We swung by Kim's house to pick up Kari's kids (Kim was gonna watch them until we got back), but they were still at Kari's house. So I showed Kim my new boots, then headed to Kari's house. And I snapped a few pictures of Kari and Brian. They were going to see Wicked tonight, and I was watching her kids until Justin (16) got home from Rugby practice at 8pm. Aren't they cute???
We got home, and we decided to try on the new boots, and take some pictures out by the blue truck. Yeah, I think I need a better outfit.... I'll work on it between now and next Friday :) And yeah, I totally thought that I looked better in this outfit than I really did. OK, so maybe the white skirt is gonna hit the donate pile. Cause it can't be that I'm getting SUPER fluffy. It's gotta be the outfit, right??? We took a TON of photos, and I can't bring myself to post them because I look SO horrendous...

The hat is CPT's. It doesn't fit me. It's just balanced on my head. It's way too bed. But I want one similar for the concert. On my list of things to do :)
CPT looks smashing, though!

After the photo shoot, we came back inside, and I started designing, and I sent him on a pizza run. The kids did homework and they played electronics for the evening. At almost 8pm, Justin came over and collected his brother and sister, and walked them home. CPT and the kids were watching Dukes of Hazzard, and after the next episode, they went to bed.

I continued to design, then after I was all finished, I ordered some Miche business cards. I have found myself wanting to pass them out recently. Like the El Paso Saddleblanket chickie today. She totally would have taken one if I'd have had a card! Soon. They'll come in soon :)

Then I started blogging, but kept getting distracted by Facebook and friends. Yeah, that happens. Leslie and Amanda and CPT were all distracting me. hehe. And my phone. And the music. OK, so really I was distracting myself. I admit it!

Anyway, I'm done blogging. The store is loaded. It's 11:07pm. Bedtime. Tom and Jake have doctors appointments in the morning, so they are NOT to go to school in the morning. I hope they remember. LOL :) I'm supposed to go swimming laps in the morning too. Lets hope I have more energy in the AM than I do now - ROFL! I'm pooped right now...

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Lainie said...

Your haircut is darling! Love it.

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Shelly said...

Love your new hair cut! It's super cute. You look gorgeous.

You look adorable in Captain's cowboy hat. You definitely need one of your own. :)

How neat to be able to pick out your wedding rings together. I can't wait to see them. Hugs!!!