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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet G

Hey, you guys :) I woke up SO extra sleep this morning! I did finally get up, and get the kids going and out the door and on the bus. Then came back home and napped on the couch for about an hour before I went walking with my girls in the morning. CPT was up late stocking the 1st aid kits that he was making for the rigs. And since we didn't have any appointments together, I let him sleep in. Cause I'm just nice like that - hehe.

The girls and I went walking at 9am, and it was really a good time. It was funny, because as we went down a side street in the neighborhood, we found a full pack of cigarettes in the street. And at first, we just passed them. Then, I ran back and got them. You know, if I just left them, some kid was gonna grab then, and do who knows that with them! And I didn't wanna have that hanging over my head!!! I HAD to grab them and properly dispose of them! LOL :) I did the right thing - hehe.

We walked and chatted and had a good time. We went home, I showered, CPT was awake and getting ready to exercise, and I got ready for lunch at Carino's. It was Veronica's b-day party. Fun! And I came to the decision that my hair needed cut. I'd totally burned it on the curling iron. It was irreparable. Hmpf. I need to start looking for new do's for it... I guess I really don't like long hair. I was growing it out for CPT's benefit. He said that he liked long hair. But now he doesn't seem to care. So might as well have it the way I like it, right? That's what I'm saying :)

Anyway, I pulled it back, and I hopped in my rig, and went to pick up Kari and Kim and Erin. They liked my new ride! We headed off post, and to the Italian place. We had about 7 girls there. We ate and birthday-ed and had a grand time. And stayed and chatted WAY after we'd eaten and paid. It was a really fun time. No one wanted to leave - hehe :) I think we all enjoy one anothers company - ha!

Kim and Kari and Erin and I decided to go to the Dollar Tree when we were done, just for fun, and because I needed bread. Unfortunately, they had no Nature's Own. But they did have some white bread. White bread is nasty, BUT it 's better than no bread. LOL. So I got a few loaves. And some mechanical pencils. Then we headed back to post. I dropped the girls off, then Kim. She showed me her newly organized closet, and a few other things around her house. Then I headed home. CPT was washing the vehicles. Looking good, honey!

I picked the kids up from the bus at 3:30pm, and hung with Kari for a bit. We went through the Wolf book and decided which achievements that Leo and Joe still needed to do to earn their badge before the Blue and Gold. We wanted them to be presented it that night. I think it's doable. If we get to work!

Also, we learned that it was a 1/2 day tomorrow for all the kids! How did I miss that one??? Craziness! AND, the pool is open now! Again, how did I miss this! We're SO taking the kids after early school tomorrow! SCORE!

I was gonna design for a bit after school, but I decided to just gather some ideas instead. I got quite a few packs ready to go, though. So that's good. Gotta get those ideas written down. Without the ideas, can't do a pack. Ha!

I got the kids some dinner going, then watched some Dukes of Hazzard with the kids. It really was a relaxing evening. CPT took Jimmy with him to pick up his Dry Cleaning, then at bed time, he took Jake out to some stores. I'm not sure which ones. At one point, it was Hobby Lobby, and I know they texted and asked for the Walmart list.

The little boys and I hung up their clean clothes, and they worked on cleaning their room. I worked on organizing the HUGE mess in the dining room. That big mess that CPT moved from our room into there. Yeah, that helped.... NOT! hehe ;) It looks a lot better. Organized mess is SO much better than messy mess. Well, in my mind it is, anyway...

It's 9:14pm, and I'm gonna close this up, and go and get ready for bed. Jake has a therapy appointment in the AM that his dad is gonna take him to. Eme and Jim and Joe ALL have doctors appointments starting at 9am for Physicals. The last one starting at 10:10am. And school gets out at 12:15.... is it even worth it to take them back? Part of me says no.. But part of me says, Heck ya! Getting rid of them for even an hour is totally worth it! hehe :)

Then, at 11:20 I have a registration meeting at CYS (armys child youth services) to get the kids re-registered... Dang, there goes my whole days... Busy busy busy... and then we wanna go swimming. And I wanna get my hairs cut. And Eme has piano. I wonder if I can talk her dad into taking her? And Scouts at 7pm. I think I need a day off!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Feb. 08, 2012. Thanks again.

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Bright Eyes said...

Another georgeous letter. Thanks you.

Simply Complicated said...

Pretties! (though I had no idea there was a letter in there at first....lol)