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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet F

Well, I did it again... I turned down my phones ringer so low that my alarm didn't wake me up this morning... Oops. Tom came in at 7am to tell me that he was leaving for the bus! I darted out of bed and got the kids ready (kind of) and out the house and to the bus at 7:15am.

I woke Jake up and got him going, then crawled back into bed. CPT and I slept in until 7:45am, then we got up and got going for the day too. We had to be out of the house by 8:30am. Our stereos and flip down TV was being installed today on the West side.

We got all the donate stuff loaded up in the suburbans, and I headed to the West side first. We had a 9am appointment to make :) He was gonna follow after. When he moved the old suburban seat, he found nasty crayon messes and such. So out came the vacuum.... It was gonna be a while...

Anyway, I got there, and the dude who was supposed to do the install was late for work. Caught in traffic or something. So I waited and texted with the girls. And it was SO loud inside. It was like chuck e cheese on my head!!! I could feel a headache coming on!!!

CPT finally got there, and we headed to Savers. Once I got out of the truck, I felt MUCH better. Thank goodness! I was afraid that I was gonna be sick all day long :) We found some new pants for Jimmy, and a new suit for Jake, and some Illinois college sweatshirts for CPT! He was pretty excited!

We eventually were done, paid, and headed out. We headed back to the Audio place, and they were done with the new Suburban. We traded out, left the old one, and had the dude show us how to use the TV. It was pretty sweet! I loved it!

We headed out to eat, and ate at Golden Corral. Nasty place. hehe. I wasn't feeling very good anyway, and I knew that if I ate somewhere good, then I'd have bad feelings towards somewhere good. So if I ate somewhere nasty, then I'd just have bad feelings towards somewhere I didn't like anyway. ROFL! I'm such a stinker! Sorry, CPT. You know it's a bad sign when CPT has to go to the bathroom BEFORE we even leave the restaurant....

After leaving the restaurant, we were gonna go to the Dollar Tree. But CPT couldn't make it! I had to go and drive him to ANOTHER bathroom! hehe. Craziness! LOL ;) That's pretty bad :) Next, we went to the Dollar Tree, and looked for Bread, but there wasn't any there. CPT got some stuff for First Aid kits for the vehicles, though. LOTS of stuff. We're gonna be SUPER duper prepared, let me tell ya! hehe :)

Next, we went to the state emissions place, and got our vehicle inspected. It passed. Thank goodness. First, though, while in the lobby, I had to call and get the insurance set up. Because they couldn't do it without the insurance. The lady also said to call in before 6:30pm tonight about the Instrument rider for our homeowners policy to get a reduction in insurance. Sweet.

Anyway, we were there forever because CPT had to talk cars with everyone. After that was finally all done, we drove a little further west to try and get the title transferred into our name. But, apparently, back in September, they passed a law where the owner now has to fill out some additional paperwork before you can sign a title over to the new owner. Great. An additional step... More work... Grrrr. We'll have to get on that tomorrow am...

We headed back to the Audio place, picked up the old suburban, then headed back to post. Tom had picked up the kids from the bus, and we showed them all the COOL TV system in the truck! They helped up carry in the purchases, and we had some dinner. The rest of the evening went SUPER fast. Chores, dinner, homework, then bed time. CPT went to lift, and I blogged. It's now 8:2opm. It's quiet in the house. CPT is still gone, and I'm just finishing up the blog. I'm SO sleepy from the long day out.

Tomorrow, I'm hiking in the AM with the girls, then it's Veronica's b-day party at Carino's Italian Restauran!! Should be a good time! I'm excited!

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Beautiful alpha letters. Thank you.

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