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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are You Kidding Me???

So I was being held captive in a hotel room by some FBI agents (they were corrupt, if you ask me), the second hotel room that day. We'd driven real close to an airport, so I was trying to get my bearings. I was left alone for a little while, and figured out how to rewire the ceiling fan, and and just KNEW I could make it work with my escape.

And about that time, Captain America woke me up. hehehe. I was doing very well with my escape plan, thank you very much! I didn't need rescuing - ROFL! Anyway, that was 8am. It was nice to sleep in, even if busy alluding the FBI....

Captain America headed off to work, and I decided to do a work out. I KNOW! What's up with that??? I put in Slim In Six and did the start up video. About 25 minutes. I was sweating by the end, and felt pretty good. Aren't you proud of me?

I played online for a little while, chatted with me mom for a bit (my sister DID make it to Ft Hood ok, just in case you were worried - hehehe) then showered and got ready for the day. At around 11:30am, Eme and I headed out for some girl time. We hit Fallas Parades on Dyer, and looked for curtains for my living room.

Captain America was having his CAT scan done today, and was at the hospital drinking some imaginig solution, or something like that. After he'd drank it, he headed to Fallas. We looked around for just a few more minutes, then headed back home.

Eme went with Captain America, so it was just me and Muse. Here's me in my truck.
And me SINGING my heart out, windows down, hair blowing all around. Yeah, I KNOW you wish you were riding with me...

We got home, got lunch for everyone, and Captain America and I got ready to go back to the hospital. I had a few minutes, so I figured that I'd pre-blog a little bit.

AND, fast forward. It's now 8:41pm, and I'm sitting on the phone with Telenurse. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

So Captain America and I headed up to the hospital. He went and had his MRI and I sat in the waiting room. It was very quick, and we stopped by the hospital mini cafeteria for lunch. I got a chicken salad, with slivered almonds, manderine oranges, and cranberries. It was SOOO good :)

After lunch, we headed back to post. Well, back to main post. It was almost 3pm. Or was it 4pm. I can't remember. I made homemade pizza for the kids, and Captain America and I made plans to go to a store after the ballgame. I wanted to look at a new purse.....

I was kinda having a tiny bit of discomfort when I urinated, but nothing major. I tried to drink some extra water to help it out :)

Here's me before the ballgame.

And Jimmy with his pizza before the ballgame
So at 5:45PM, the kids and I loaded up in the truck and headed to the ballgame. My stomach was hurting me by this point. I thought I'd eaten too many sugar free candies, and it was causing a laxative effect. And while that may be true, I was noticing more burning. Yeah, never a great sign. I know I had to go to the bathroom twice during the 45 minute game. Another bad sign.

Tom and I at the game

And they won!!! Lets see if I can explain the structure of it all for ya. You have the platoon, whichas about 20 guys in it. There's 3 platoons in Captain Americas Battery, which is about 80 people. When Captain America was XO, he was leadership in the Battery. Then, he has 6 Battery's in a Battalion. And 5 Batallions in a Brigade. This was the Brigade championship game. And they WON! It was pretty neat. The score was 12-8, and it was close in places. I enjoyed it :) Minus the "burning" sensation.

I took some pics of the team during/after the awards ceremony. They all got trophies, which was pretty cool. Next step, Post Wide playoffs. Go Charlie 2-43!

That chickie is the scorekeeper :)

So by the time the game/ceremony was over, I was hurting. I told Captain America I didn't wanna go shopping, that we should just go home. Yeah, BIG clue that I was sick. hehehe. I peed a few more times, and called the Telenurse. She said it sounded like a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and that I should go to either WBAMC (army hospital), or she could refer me off post. Off post, thanks!

Here's Captain America and I in the waiting room of Del Sol.

It was only about a 45 minute wait. Captain America and I played our Scrabble Droid game while we waiting. It was pretty fun. Finally, we got called back. Our doctor was super cool. He was a former Special Ops Medic, and he and Captain America chatted quite a while.

I peed in a cup, and we waited FOREVER (well, probably an hour) in a little waiting room for the results. Dude came back to get us, yes, it was a UTI, and gave me some prescriptions for meds. He helped us get out of there faster than normal (thank goodness), and we were on our way.

We drove back over by our house ,and went to Walgreens. And yeah, this one by our house was not a 24 hour pharmacy. Only a 24 hour store. What's up with that???

So we headed to the 24 hour pharmacy Walgreens, and swung by Circle K on the way. Just to give it a try. Yeah, not a good one. No Diet Dr Pepper even. Cross that one off of the "good Circle K" list.

Here I am sporting my drink
And my scripts
So we get to the 24 hr walgreens at midnight. And the dude says its gonna be an hour wait. WHAAAT? Are you kidding me? That's so not cool. So we go to the car, and sleep for an hour. Then come back in. And wait for another 20 minutes. FINALLY, we have my meds, and head home.

It's now 2:14am.Captain America isn't gonna be able to go to 0445 formation, needless to say. But I'm really glad that he came with me. Last time I was sick and went to Del Sol, I had a kidney infection. And it was a BAD one. I had to drive myself, and it sucked. So it really meant a lot to me that he'd take time to come. Thanks, honey :) I love you :)

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Unknown said...

Hope you feel better soon!!! Thanks for the WA! Love it! Will work well with, well...almost all the pictures of my 12 year old daughter...lol
BTW...love the butt shot of the team...I mean... the shot of the back of the guys... you know what I mean.... (shame on me...)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

Hope you are feeling better today for some shopping! :-)

deb said...

Yuck to UTIs. Get well soon! Congrats to hubby for the Championship win. Thanks for the great word art. I can so hear my daughter saying that in my head. Well, close anyway "You gotta be Jokin' me!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Take care with the nasty UTI!!!
And thanks again for the WA :)

Sue said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for the WA!

Jamie VanBeekum said...

Thanks for the fun WA. Sorry that you have a UTI - I got those frequently for a while and it was miserable! Praying you start feeling much better today with your medications!

bj said...

thank you!!

Sarah said...

I too hope you're feeling better soon. Top marks to Brent for going with you and for the win too. Thanks for another great word art. I just love your stuff and must remember to use it more not just download and sit looking at it lol x

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better. Now I "get" this wording!