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Sunday, August 15, 2010

World More Beautiful

Holy cow, another busy day :) Woke up at 9am, a little panicked that my sister and her family had left without me knowing it. They said they were gonna leave in the morning, and I didn't mean to sleep in so long. But they got up around 9am too, so I didn't have to worry - lol.

Eme and I made french toast, while Joe and Maddie packed their car.

Captain Americaand I in the morning. Scary, I know...
At a little before 11am, Joe and Maddie and family were ready to hit the road for the trip to Kileen, Texas (Ft Hood). We'll miss you guys! Thanks SOOOO much for coming to visit :)

So after they left, we got lunch, then got ready to head out for the day. We were going to Captain America's buddy Joe's house to do some yard work. It's the same Joe who helped Captain America re-build his truck. And then Joe had to PCS move to Ft Sill for 6 months, but he didn't sell his house. So we're looking in on it.

Anyway, here's me ready to go. Yeah, I SO needed to come back home and shower before my date - heheeh
I took the suburban with the homemade trailer on it, with Jake and Eme and Joe and Jim. Captain America went in his old truck with Tom. Aren't I cool?

See my trailer in the mirror? We're gonna store it at Joe's house until he comes back home. So it doesn't have to be in our garage, and we can park the car in there. Works for me :)

So we got there, and I pulled the weeds out front. It took me about 5 minutes, and they were all gone. Not a lot of weeds. Captain America and the kids cleared the backyard of rocks so he could mow. It was a HUGE area, though, so it took forever. Since I'm whimpy, Jimmy and I sat on the back porch the whole time. Wait, I did get up once to try and pull some more weeds, but I got hit by a little rock from the lawnmower, and retreated back to my seat with Jim. I'll leave the hard work to Captain America and the kids.

So while sitting there, I convinced Jimmy to let me take a picture of his throat. See those white areas? Those are the sores from where they cauterized it. Poor baby.

And here's Jimmy and I
Captain America during water break
Jimmy found this dolls head in the yard. ha!
Here's the backyard. See why they had to look for the big rocks before mowing. It's a ton of gravel, and a little bit of grass...
Eme at water break
Joe at water break
Pulling more weeds

So apparently just watching people pull weeds can work up a sweat. Nasty. Or maybe it was the 96 degree weather.... either way, sweating is GROSS.

BUT, as a reward for hard work, we all headed over to McDonalds for ice cream after the work was done :) Here's Captain America and I cooling off in the playland :) Ice cream cones were on sale for fifty cents, so we each got one. YES, I had one too. I ate about 1/2 the ice cream, and gave the rest away. I also at 1/2 a parfait. But I don't think the sugar sat very well with me.... I'll stick to the diet coke from now on...

Lowes was our next stop. It shared a parking lot with McDonalds, so it was EXTREMELY convinent. Like I planned it that way or something... hehehe.

Our Cub Scout pack is having a Raingutter Regatta, but we have no track. And it's not that expenive to make one, so Captain America and I are gonna do it. And keep it, since the Primary is out of budget for the year. We have a Hot Wheel Derby track, why not a Raingutter Regatta?

But we decided, instead of Raingutters, to take a length of 4 inch PVC piping, cut it in half, and have 2 tracks. We got some end caps, and some PVC glue, and some valves to let the water drain out, and something to make a stand out of. And, because Captain America needed one, we got a table saw - ha! We've needed one quite a few times over the years, and never broke down and bought one. I think we're gonna work on building the track next Saturday.

Me with my big pipe

We paid for our supplies, loaded them into the truck, and headed home. We got the kids some dinner, and showered, got ready, and Captain America and I headed out on our date. Oh yeah, and dinner. He'd eaten before the shower, and I grabbed another portion of cheese and cucumbers for dinner, then we hit the road. We were going to a baseball game with the Nouhans.

Here's me riding in Captain Americas truck.

Yeahm, sometimes I can't seem to take a "normal" picture and have it look good. So you see a lot of goofy pictures of me, because they actually look better than the serious or smiling ones. Sigh.

Here's Captain America driving the truck.

We got to the game, bought tickets, and waited for Paul and Hilary to get there. They didn't know they needed cash, so had to run out to an ATM in order to have cash to park. Oops :)

Here's a few pics we took while sitting on the row closes to the main gate while waiting for the Nouhans.
You wouldn't believe how many attempts it took to get this picture - LOL. And it's not even that good!

Sometimes the silly face is better than the smiley face...
So then we found Paul and Hilary, and sat over by the 2nd base line. And I worried about getting hit with a foul ball. hehehe.

We spent the evening taking pictures of ourselves, watching the game, chatting, and having fun. It was a nice evening. Here's a few pics. I found out my camera has effects. Kinda cool :)

Hilarys let in the background. Whaaaaat? I guess she wanted her flip flops in the picture, but ended up giving me a "boot to the head". LOL!

After trying SO hard to get a good pic of Captain America and I and failing, I decided to take pics of our feet. Yeah, at least THOSE turned out good - hehehe

So a few times, there were foul balls trying to kill me. Seriously. I didn't find it funny. Captain America LOVED it, though. Here's his injury from running after a ball, and getting it. Poor guy.

This pic is from Hilarys phone. It does a pencil drawing. SO cool

Our team was losing horribly, so we left in the 6th inning. Really, we just left because we didn't wanna be out all night. We drove over to our favorite Circle K, and Paul and Hilary followed. Or we followed. I don't remember. We both went there. hehehe.

We got sodas, and chatted in the Circle K parking lot for a bit. Then they headed home, and Captain America and I headed back to Lowes to get the stuff we forgot the first time. Cause Circle K, McDonalds, and Lowes are all in the same place. hehe.

Here's me at the Key section (we needed more truck keys)
Me in the garden section (we needed a stake to fix a wayward bush in the front yard)
Me in the power tools.
Me with horns. Does that make me .... nevermind...
Me on a lawnmower, waiting in the check out line

It was a busy, but good day. I was real tired by the time we finally got home. It's now 1:26pm, and I've gotta get up at 7:20am tomorrow. Or is that today now? I don't know.

I'm gonna go desing a quick freebie, then post it, then sleep. Night, all!

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Barb said...

Thanks so much!

deb said...

Thank you for the word art. I know I've said it before but I get the biggest kick out of reading your blog now that I know you are here. I thought I had a lot of running to do with two teenagers but you run more than I do! LOL

Carol said...

Bethany, You're a beautiful girl, and the smiling pics are great! The funny faces are cute, but you don't need them! Rock on! :0)

Anonymous said...

Bethany - thanks so much for the WordArt. I love your blog and even come and read it when I don't download anything. It looks like you have a great family and friends, too = no wonder you're so busy! I remember the days when my life was like that (5 children in 6-1/2 years). Life was story time at the library, Camp Fire Girls, Cub Scouts, piano lessons...
Thanks for letting us in on your life.

TitanThirteen said...

I'd like to know where one gets a frying pan that big!

a said...

Walmart. Cause you can buy almost anything you need there - hehehe. And if you can't get it there, do you really need it? ROFL!

Anyway, I bought my big electric griddle at walmart. I can fit 9 pieces of french toasst on it. LOVE it :)