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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Shopping

Morning, girls :) Today was SUPER fun, and SUPER frustrating all in one. Ever had one of those days? Highest highs and lowest lows all wrapped up into one? Ok, so it wasn't highest or lowest, but you get the idea :)

So after going to bed at 2-3ish, I got up at 8:45am, and got ready for my fun and exciting day. Girls lunch at Olive Garden, followed by shopping. I was pretty excited. I hadn't done anything with the group of girls for a while.

Here's me all ready to go!

So I leave my house at 10am, and pick up Leslie, who lives 2 houses down. We drive in my Suburban over to Danielles house. She lives across main post. We picked up her and her 3 kids. And we all drive over to Hilary's house. She lives off post, but on post. I know, confusing :)

We dropped off Danielle's kids at Hilary's house with her kids. Cause she has a babysitter age child. Gotta love that :)

We all load up in Hilary's car, and drive over to pick up Karen, and head to Olive Garden. My other friends hadn't gotten to experience Hilary on I-10 yet, so that was a good time. Doesn't phase me, but it sure made Danielle sweat - ROFL!

We got to Olive Garden, and Chelsie and Laurie and Laurie's mom joined us. It was a good group. We ordered our drinks, then ordered our food. I got Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks. I asked for my salad with no dressing, and not cheese. I know, boring, but safe. And safe is good. I ate 2 bowls of Minestrone soup. I figured it was the least carbs, and the most veggies. Worked for me. And I had NO breadsticks. In fact, I made sure they stayed WAY away on the other side of the table.

At one point, I left to go to the bathroom. I set my phone on the toilet paper holder, peed, and went back to lunch. About 5 minutes later, I realized I"d left my phone in the bathroom. So I went back to retrieve it. I'd left my old phone in Applebees bathroom one time, and it was turned into the management. So I went and checked the stall, and it was gone. I asked the hostess at the main desk, and she said no one had turned in a phone. Sigh.

I went back to the table, and had Hilary try and call it. INSTANTLY to voicemail. Nice. Someone had stolen it, and turned it off. I'm sure waiting to flash it, and have themselves a BRAND NEW Droid phone. That sucks.

I tried to not let it get me down. It was done and over with. Worrying about it wasn't gonna change it. I did have insurance, so it would only cost me $50 to replace it. Sure, I could have used that $50 on something better, but such it is...

We finished up lunch, and Laurie and her mom, and Chelise headed out. Karen and Danielle and Leslie and Hilary and I drove over to some stores that I wanted to shop at. Near Ross. Where Madi and I got our new purses a few weeks ago.

I found a $4 shirt, a $6 shirt, and 2 new purses (brown and yellow). And one of those shirts has a belt. Ha! I'm learning, slowly but surely. hehehe.

We stopped by Ross to go to the bathroom. Yeah, the fluid intake increase is killing me - hehehe. At least it doesn't hurt to pee anymore. Amazing thing, antibiotics are. One or two doses, and it's good as new again. Gotta love that :)

Here's some driving around pictures. Me in my new yellow/zebra sunglasses (gotta love $5 sunglasses!)
Lelsie and Karen
Hilary and I. It was funny, songs would come on the radio we knew and liked, and we'd be signing along, and the rest of the car would look at us like were were crazy - ha! Maybe we are crazy - hehehe.
Me sporting my NEW purse. Cute, eh?
We headed back to post, and dropped off Leslie first, then Karen. We gathered up Danielle's kids, and I drove them home. Hilary met me at my house, and we headed out for shoppping, round two.

She and I headed to the East side, and went to Savers. I found 4 new pairs of pants. Cause I now wear a size 7!!! Sweet, eh? I'd gone through all of my pants yesterday, and pulled out all of the "too big" ones. I only had about 1/3 of the pile left that still fit. And most of them were too short to wear with my tall shoes. So I was looking for size 7 that were long. Cause I'm 5'8", you know. And it's hard to find tall enough pants.

Anyway, I took all of the cool looking, long, size 7 pants (and a few size 8's) to the fitting room, and found 4 that worked for me. And I am a size 7. Those 8's were a bit baggy. This is coming from a girl, who at her biggest, wore a size 40 in mens. Yeah, one of the pants I tried on was a 28. That's a BIG difference.

Hilary got a few pairs of pants, too. After Savers, we headed to Hobby Lobby. Hilary had been there a few days ago, and looked in their Bandana section. And found a zebra one, in hot pink, like my zebra shirt I wore on Sunday. So, of course, I got it :) Gotta love zebra stuff :)

We headed back near post, stopping for a Circle K Diet Doctor Pepper first. She dropped me off at home, and the kids and I got ready and headed to The Dollar Tree. I had a bunch of clothes that needed organized, and I wanted some hangers to hang my pants on. You know, with the clips. Like at the stores.

We found some school supplies at the Dollar Tree, but not cool hangers. So we stopped by Walmart on the way home. And I was quickly tiring of shopping with Children. Individually, any of the kids would have been fine. But times that by 5, and it's a whole different matter. At one point, I let them lose in the toy isle, and went a few isles away to look at sheets. It was the most peaceful part of the trip - hehehe. Again, thankful for babysitting age kids :) LOL!

I found some new sheets for the beds upstairs, since the ones from Fallas were crap. I'm not buying super cheap sheets anymore. Remind me if I start talking about getting some, ok? That's your job :) hehehe.

We paid, and headed home. Hot dogs and baked beans for dinner, and Joe and Jim and I worked on organizing my closet. See, I had a TON TON TON of clothes. Cause I love clothes. And people like to give them to me when they don't fit them anymore. My sister, Andrea, Leigh. AND I love thrift store/cheap store shopping. So you can get a ton more clothes that way.

Anyway, some of what was in my closet didn't fit. I just didn't know what. So, first I hung up all my pants. I had Joe get a stool, and sit inside the closet. Then, I'd pass the clothes to Jimmy, he'd walk them to Joe, and Joe would hang them up. Starting with pants.

Then, I'd take down one color section (cause my closet is organized by colors) at at time, and try one each and every thing. And the ones that were too big, I'd put in a pile. Those that fit would go back on a hanger, and Jim would pass it to Joe and Joe would hang it up.

First Black, then gray, then white, then tan, then brown, then yellow, then orange, then purple, then pink, then hot pink, then red, then blue, then teal, then green. And that's how my closet is organized. Yeah, I had a TON of stuff that didn't fit. At least half was too baggy. But seriously, I still had a TON of clothes left in my closet.

You know those storage boxes from Walmart? The Sterilite ones? There's the HUGE ones, then the medium ones, then the small ones. Imagine the medium ones. Filled to bursting, it took 4 of them to hold all of the too big clothes. Yeah, there were that many :)

Anyway, my closet looks SO nice now. And everything in it fits. Not more finding just the right thing, only to find out it's too big.

Captain America got home shortly after that, and he and I headed to El Taco Tote for dinner. The kids were already in bed, since it was after 9pm. Yeah, I usually eat dinner at 5pm, but for some reason, I wasn't that hungry. And I know, I should eat. I shouldn't not, just because I wasn't hungry. So when Captain America got home, I asked if he'd take me to El Taco Tote. See, I was being good.

We drove on up, and ordered our usual, and had a very nice time eating and chatting. I hadn't got to see him at all that day. He'd had a busy work day, so it was nice to spend the late evening with him.

We drove to the mall, and checked out Kohl's jewelry department for sales. My wedding ring was WAY too big, and I wanted a cheap sterling silver ring to replace it. We found a really pretty one for $13. Not too bad :) It's a cute, petite little thing. Not like my monster sized cheap jewelry I usually buy - hehehe.

We looked around the jewelry department until they kicked us out at closing time, and headed home. I was SUPER sore from Slim in 6 yesterday, so Captain America said that going on a short walk should loosen up my muscles. So we put on our work out clothes, and headed out. We walked to Old Ft Bliss, then jogged around it, then walked back home. And he was right, my muscles DID feel a lot better. We're gonna try and do that together in the evenings. I really like spending time with my hubby walking. It makes me happy :)

I finished cleaned up my clothes, hung out a bit more, and started blogging. It's now 1:28pm, and I'm sleepy. And I still have to design something. Please, brain, work. I don't need a typo in my WordArt tonight :) LOL!

This WordArt comes because I STILL need to do this - LOL :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!


Snowsmoon said...

Girl you are too funny! I love reading your blog and you make life seem so easy and carefree through your eyes. You go girl with that yellow purse and the sun glass to match. I have always hated school shopping, but I bet it would be FUN with you!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Aug. 18, 2010. Thanks again.

Marlene said...

Mean people suck! Sorry to hear about your new droid. I'd be ticked if I had mine stolen, because a) I love my droid, and b) I don't have the insurance!

deb said...

Glad you had insurance to replace your Droid, although it would be nice if it showed back up! Thanks for the great word art.

Sharon in MI said...

Hey, you DO know that your wedding ring can be resized, right? I need to have mine enlarged, which is a little pricey, but I think going smaller is much cheaper since they aren't ADDING any gold to it.