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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miracles Never Cease

Not having a phone is NOT cool, you know. I'm SO off of my groove without it. I woke up, reached for it on my bedside stand to check my emails, and it was gone. And I didn't even remember at first why. Sigh. I miss you, phone :(

I got up and helped the kids with breakfast, and saw Captain America off to work, and got kinda ready for the day. Ready enough - hehehe. I pulled back my hair, threw on some clothes, and Tom and I set out for an errand. We stopped at the Shoppette for a large soda, and headed to ACS. They'll do free faxes for military. I had to fax in an affidavit saying that my phone was indeed stolen.

We waited around for just a short time, and were on our way. We needed to go to the post office to mail something. Captain America had the box all ready, and wanted me to go to FedEx. I checked online, and a package that size would be $15-20. Um, yeah, no. So I checked UPS and it was about the same. So I checked USPS, and it was under $5 for a flat rate small box. I could fit a phone in a small flat rate box, I was sure.

Anyway, we drove to the post office, but the road right before getting there was closed. So I'd have to go ALL the way around to get there. Sigh. I didn't have time to do that AND make it to our 10am Cub Scout activity on time.

So we headed home. Kids got dressed, and Tom and Joe had on their uniforms. We loaded up, grabbed water bottles, and headed out. We got there a few minutes after 10am, but were still the first family to arrive.

We ended up having 3 of our Cub Scout families there. Us, and the Timmons, and the Porters. Sister Couddle was there (Acting Committee Chair) with her daughter too. We had 4 women and 13 children, oldest being 12. Yeah, it was a bit crazy.

I took a few pictures, but since this phone that I'm using right now (the home phone that Jake thinks is his) TOTALLY sucks, I can't get them off of it. Sigh. So much for that....

(I was looking at Laurie's Facebook account tonight, and found these pics. At least SOMEONE got pictures...)

At 11:15am, we called it good, and people dispersed. Kids and I headed to the Post office, going the OTHER way this time. I grabbed a pre paid box, got almost all of the stuff to fit, paid, and off we went. We were meeting Captain America at the PX for lunch. Kids got Taco Bell, Captain America had soup from home, and I got Burger King. 2 Buck Doubles and 2 side salads. I just take the meat off of one of the burgers, and crumble it into my salad. No dressing. It's really quite good. And I have 2 of their little salads. Not bad for only $4.00.

Us at the PX. Just as a side note, that uniform hanging on the wall behind me makes me look like a have a pointy head - hehehe.

After lunch, we looked at the little Kiosks there, and the Exchanged, and headed home. Captain Americawent back to work. I was SOOOO sleepy when I got home. Jimmy and I laid down and took a nap. I'm really feeling better from the UTI, but I think maybe the sleepiness was a side effect. Or it could be the LATE nights 3 nights in a row. Yeah, that could do it too - hehehe.

Anyway, I was awoken at 3pm with texts and such. The phone was on vibrate, but it was shaking the bed. I went to the bathroom, and decided to check my email before trying to go back to sleep.

I noticed that the Verizon Insurance place had emailed me. I followed the link, and started filling out the pages to get my phone back. I got to the page about which phone I was requesting, (Droid), and they informed me they were out of stock. WHAAAAAT? That was SO not the answer I was wanting. I was already feeling off of my groove. Now it's out of stock?

So I called the Insurance people, and talked with some chickie about it. And yeah, it wasn't good. She said it could be at least a week, probably longer. OK, so I sound SOOO drama queen right now, but ONE WEEK??? Are you kidding me??? All my friends will TOTALLY forget who I am in 1 week! I won't have a social life AT ALL in 1 week. Sigh.

So she tells me that I could get a Comp model. Which are those, I ask. The LG Ally. Total downgrade. Nope. A precurser to the Droid. Another nope. Not gonna go down, doesn't make sense. I'd have to keep that phone for 2 years, and I LOVE my droid. I was pissed off. Really, my voice even started to crack a few times.

I know, Drama queen....

So I say I just wanna stay on back order, cause I don't want anything besides the Droid. She said probably in 1 week they'd get something in. And I say, WHY don't you have more in stock. If people use this phone a lot, then you should have supply to meet the demand. I'm sure that people ahead of me are still waiting for one too. She just apologized, and said there was nothing she could do. She was like, yeah, a lot of people were calling in today trying to get a Droid replaced. My case in point, insurance chickie.

She said "Is there anything else I can help you with today" before she got off the phone, and I was like "You couldn't even help me with this, why would I want you to help me with anything else". OK, so maybe that was a low blow, but I was pissed off.

So I got off the phone, and instantly burst into tears. I couldn't handle one more bad thing happening. I was at the end of my rope. And it was unraveling. I sat on my bed and sobbed in the dark. I texted Captain America, and he called the second he got my text. He was on his way home (they got off early for an FRG meeting), and was soon there to hold me. Pathetic of me, I know. But I was falling apart :)

So we talk about how sad I am (I know, he's very patient with me :), then he takes a shower and gets ready for our evening meetings, then I hop in the shower too. While I'm showering, he calls the Verizon Insurance place. And by the time I'm out of the shower, I have a new Droid phone coming FedEx tomorrow. I don't know what he did, and I don't really care, but I LOVE YOU, HONEY!!!! You saved me :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

We got the kids ready, and headed out at 5:30 for our FRG meeting at Kelly Park. Commander talked for about 30 minutes with everyone, then we had a BBQ. Captain America chatted with people so long there was no food left - hehe. Poor guy. I had some burger meat, and a hot dog, and just dipped it in ketchup. Kids enjoyed the food :)

We came home, I got some veggies, and Captain America got some soup. We changed our clothes real fast, and headed off to our church meetings. Eme had Activity Days and Jake had a Duty to God program overview. Parents needed to be there too. We let the little boys and Tom play in the gym with the other siblings.

Bishop talked about the program, and we all got the manuals. It sounds like a great program. We headed home at about 8:15pm, and worked on getting the kids to bed. It's now 9:20pm, and I'm SUPER tired. I'm gonna go design something, then go to sleep. Cause I'm fried.

I'll be home most of tomorrow, unless the FedEx dude comes early in the day. I've gotta be here to sign for the package. I'll help the kids clean, and design a bit, and such. A nice, relaxing day at home might be nice. :)

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Janice said...

Thanks so much. Sorry you had a bad day.

deb said...

Thank you for the word art. Hopefully, your phone will come in MUCH sooner than they let you know.

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

SOOOO glad your phone will be coming today! Then you can smile and be happy! :-)

I'm sorry for the whole mess!

Unknown said...

Go hubbie! Sometimes you just need to hang up and get a different person to get results.... Hope your phone comes soon!!!!

Denise said...

GO BRENT!!!! I was laughing and crying during your rant about your phone. I must have missed how you lost/broke the phone. I went back and still can't find it but just dealing with Verizon is something I'm so familiar with! I want the Droid but don't want the costs associated with it. I'm so glad he was able to get one for you and that Verizon miraculously just happened to have one. Where was it when insurance chickie was on the phone (secretly in her cubby so she could give it to a friend?).

Anonymous said...

TY for the awesome gift girlie. Oh and isn't it just so cool when our men come through for us and we can appreciate them in all the Superman greatness! Happy for ya. ;)

LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) said...

thank you for the freebie! it's always a bummer living without a phone/camera...bad for a scrapper's soul,lol!
thank goodness for friends with cameraphone (go hilary)