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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hidden Talent

Hey there!!! How goes it? Good, I hope. I was SO sleep when I woke up this morning. I got Jake off to the bus at 7:00am, and Joe and Jim and Eme off at 7:30am. And I got ready for Workout group, and got Jim ready for child care. Gotta use those free 16 hours, right? hehe. AND, he loves it. He has SO much fun playing with the kids and making the crafts.

I dropped him off at the childcare place, and his buddy Elijah (from the bus stop) was there! Miss Erin had a doctors appointment, so Elijah was playing at childcare. And I headed out to Exercise group. I still had most of the Howdys drink from last night left (I kept it in the fridge), and brought that instead of water to exercise group. Bad, I know. hehe :)

And doing Turbo Jam for the 3rd or 4th time at exercise group solidified in my mind that I HATE workout videos. I really do. I can't get into them. Sure, I like the people, and the socializing. But the video? Yeah, I really do hate it. And, if I keep doing Workouts that I hate, I'm gonna eventually not do them anymore. I keep up with the yoga and hiking and swimming because I LOVE it. I need to find one more thing that I love. I quit exercise group. Sorry, girls :)

I chatted in the parking lot for a while with the girls, and solidified plans for Friday night. We're going to see Insidious, or whatever it's called. It's supposed to be a scary movie. And I like scary movies. Should be a good time! And we might even do dinner before! Sweet!

On the way back home from exercise group, I decided that walking would be a good option. But, since it's getting warmer, it's gonna need to be done in the morning. And I have Jim in the morning. So he'll have to be in the stroller. And entertained. And I knew that they had Gameboy Advances at Game Stop for $40. Not a bad price for entertainment. And we already had all of the games at home. So I swung by the on post Game Stop. Yeah, they were out. Apparently, April 3rd, they stop carrying Gameboy Stuff. Crap! It's only gonna be DS stuff. I had the dude look around to a few other Game Stops in El Paso. Bassett Center (by our house) had one. Sweet! We'd go later today.

I left, and picked up Jim from childcare, and headed back home. And had about 30 minutes before the bus. I walked him over to the bus stop, and Kari picked me up from there, and we headed to Yoga. We TRIED to convince Erin to come and play with us, for lunch, or for a party, or for SOMETHING, but she refuses to play with us. She's the most friendly anti-social person I know. LOL! Politely refuses EVERY invitation. I'm starting to think that it's us - hehe. Kari and I joked about it, how she probably has this BIG group of friends that she hangs with, but that she just doesn't like us - ROFL!

We got to Yoga a few minutes late, but snuck in, and it was all good. And it was a SUPER good yoga today. We did some crazy poses, and I was mostly able to do them all - hehe. I got some good stretched. I'm SUPER tight in my hamstrings, but loose in other areas. Go figure...

And then we finished up, and headed back home. Kari dropped me off, and I emailed with Captain Americafor a bit. And Skyped with him too. I'd written to him last night, and he'd responded this morning, and we worked everything out. He'd apologized for being grouchy, and he knew that he was tired. And it was a very nice, positive conversation.

After that, I got some food. LIke this chicken...

I think I still have enough left for one more day. Although, it may be the reason my tummy hurts now... I'm not sure. Anyway, at lunch, then ate some more. And some more. And some more. Yeah, I thought I was starving. 2 workouts in one day is sometimes NOT good.

And then I went to the bathroom, and discovered that I was starting my period. Explains the excessive hunger. At least I know what it is, right? hehe. I know, TMI...

I watched a couple of shows, and Facebooked for a while, then headed out to the bus to pick up Jim. He and I were gonna go to Bassett Center to look for that Gameboy Advanced. We looked around for a bit, then the dude finally tracked one down. There were no more in the display case, but they did have one in the back. We also found a Kim Possible game. Perfect for Jim, right? hehe.

Before we left the mall, we stopped by the rides. Jim saw that a little girl was riding on the 3 person merry-go-round, and there were 2 empty seats. So he jumped on. LOL!

And I don't know why I thought this sign was so funny...
We headed back home, and got there JUSt as Jake was getting off the bus. Talk about perfect timing. And before we knew it, Tom and Eme and Joe were home from the bus. I left Tom in charge of Joe and Eme, and Jake and Jim and I and Boxer headed back to the Vet. For dose 3, day 2 of shots.

See, I bought the GameBoy Advance to entertain Jim..... My plan isn't working too well...

We didn't have to wait as long as we did yesterday, but it was still a long time. Well, maybe it just seemed that way with a dog who wants to eat cats...
He got his shots, and we got some meds for him. Prednisone, or something like that. Which reminds me, I need to give him a pill before bed. The vet said to hid it in a treat. I can do that :)

We headed back home, got everyone situated, and Jake and Jim and I prepared to go to ANOTHER appointment. This time, Jake needed to attend a school meeting with parents, about the TAKS test (state assessment testing). And JUST as we were getting ready to load up in the truck, I got a call from the school saying it was canceled. Apparently, they had an AC unit blow after school. Or something like that. So the meeting was canceled. OK, works for me.

So the kids had free time. And I had down time. And it was a very relaxing evening. And I think something was starting to make me sick. It was either the chicken, or all the food I ate today. I'm not sure which. But I just didn't feel right. So I decided to skip Wednesday night church activities. I really wish I had someone who would take the kids, because it's not always continent for me to drive them over there... Oh well. I'm doing the best I can, right?

Eme had fun playing with her friend, Estephanie, and Joe and Tom played with Noah for a while. I know that Jim rode Noah's scooter/bike thing for quite a while, and Jake worked on organizing the electronics in his room. Everyone was mellow, and it was a nice evening. We had a low key dinner (peanut butter pancakes and bananas), and I even got a nice, hot relaxing bath.

But I noticed that I had some nasty bruises on my legs. I wonder where those came from??? 6 in all!

We put the little kids to bed at 7:30pm, and Jake and Tom and I watched 2 episodes of Chuck. It really was a nice evening. Sometimes, it's good to just cancel all/most of your appointments, and stay home.

It's now 9:23 pm. I may just go to bed early. I'm sleepy. And my tummy hurts. And I shut my thumb in the door earlier, and it hurts too. And my eyes are itchy from allergies. Maybe I'll take some meds, and go be "dead to the world". That sounds like fun - ROFL!

Tomorrow, I'm going hiking in the morning (SO looking forward to it!), then babysitting Rowan from 2-3:30. Laurie is going to a Wedding in Utah, and I'm gonna watch Rowan while her hubby is at work. Remember last summer when she volunteered to watch my kids so I could go to St. Louis with my hubby? Yeah, watching one of hers is the LEAST I could do :) Friday, I have him from 7:30am to 5:00 pm. Then the girls and I are going to a movie and dinner. SO freakin' excited!!!

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I make it too easy, don't I, Sharon.... Great layout, by the way :)


Marilou said...

Very nice! Thank you.

Sandy_in_MD said...

Hope you're feeling better today, Bethany. Thanks for today's word art - love Sharon's layout!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [01 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

deb said...

Great word art. That is a CRAZY picture on the layout! LOL