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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Majestic Beauty

Well, considering how my days typically go, today was a light day - ha! I woke up with a snuggly kid in my bed around 6:30am. First sign that Jim doesn't feel well. Poor baby!

I saw Jake off to the bus at 7am, and Tom and Eme and Joe off at 7:30am. And I don't know what I did, but soon it was 8:30am, and Kari was texting to see if I was going to exercise group. Oops. I'd totally missed that one.

We decided to skip it. I really hate workout videos, you know... But, it worked out, because I SO needed to go grocery shopping. Oh yeah, and I took pictures of my zebra flip flop shoes. You like?

I printed out my list, decided what I needed, and headed out. But first, had to clear out the trunk, because it was full of stuff. Sunday coloring stuff, and towels, and soda (full boxes that needed to go in the fridge), and swim stuff, and kids clothes. Yeah, SO messy. Looked a lot better when I was done :)

And we headed to the commissary. Jim helped me get all of the stuff that I needed, and it was SO funny, as I was standing in line, Jim looked at this cart, and was like "Wow! Do we have enough money to pay for all of this?". ROFL!

I told Jim he could have a treat at the store. And he wanted a lunchable. Perfect. Then traded it for something else. And something else. And something else. He wanted ice cream bars, but I told him that he needed something with only one in the package. So he wanted a carton of ice cream. It only had one in it. Um, yeah, not what I was talking about. They had $1 size, little things, and I told him he could have that. He tried to get a bigger one, but I was firm.

So after picking a little ice cream, he saw THESE in line at the check out. They only had one chocolate bunny in the package. ROFL! Yeah, that's a MASSIVE chocolate bunny! Sorry Jim, nice try...
We drove home, and I ended up sitting in the drive way for about 10 minutes. I SO didn't wanna carry the groceries inside. hehe. I'd lost my "grocery carrier". ha! I facebooked for a little bit, and picked at my poor ouchies on my face. They used to be zits. And now they're scabs. Why do I do that? Sigh. :)

I need a shower day, and soon - ha! I liked this picture, because it looked like I had a floating head - ROFL!
I finally went inside, unloaded the whole truck, and put away all the groceries. Pfew! That was a hastle! But it's done. And then I called Jake's old Homeschool place, and arranged for the pick up of the computer/books. And yeah, they totally wanted me to be home on a specific day from 7am to 10pm. Um, yeah, NOT gonna happen. Can you imagine??? I think I'd go crazy. hehe. So I asked what my other options were. she said they could send me labels in the mail, and I could take it to UPS myself. Yeah, that sounds better.

But I talked with them so long on the phone, that Jim missed the bus. So I loaded in the car, and then noticed that Maggie was still at the bus stop. It was RIGHT when the bus was supposed to come, so I figured that I'd lucked out, and drove over to drop Jim off. Yeah, she was just sitting there putting on her make up. I really did miss the bus. hehe. So I chatted with her for a few minutes, the drove to school and dropped Jim off. And SO wanted to go somewhere and do something. With someone. But yeah, I had nothing.

I drove back on post, and went to the Child Psychiatry place, to change Jake's appointment. It was scheduled for the day they had the TAKS test (Texas state assesment testing). Can't miss that, you know. So it got pushed back a week. Dr. Meyers was a pretty nice old man, and hopefully he can continue to help our family. He's just SUPER busy, and it takes forever to get an appointment...

So I got it all changed and scheduled, and headed back home. With nothing to do. Came inside, and facebooked on my phone for about 20 minutes. And then Amanda texted, and said that I could come over and play at her house! Woohoo!!! I was needing some social time!

I hopped in the car, and drove over to her house. We hung for a little bit, then loaded up in her Jeep and headed to Costco. Cause I can't remember if I've been there while in El Paso. It was pretty fun . We walked down all the isles, just looking at stuff. I didn't need anything, since I'd already shopped today, but had SO much fun looking at stuff. Like this HUGE amount of duct tape.... LOL!
I ended up getting a Rotisserie Chicken, because I SO enjoyed the one I bought at Walmart the other day. And it fed me for several meals. We paid, and headed to the little food court area to get a hot dog and soda. Cause they were cheap. And Amanda said they were good. Sounded good to me!

Here's me, trying to get Austin (her 4 year old) to pose with me. Yeah, NOT happening - hehe.

Here's my chicken

Yeah, I don't buy Raspberries, because just 2 of my kids could finish this off, I'm afraid...
I joked with Austin that this pizza was bigger than him, and yeah, he was like, "Um, I'm bigger than the pizza". True, dude. Very true. hehe :) He had like 3 bites, I think. It's been a long time since I've been around a kid that doesn't eat all of his pizza - hehe :)

OMHeavens, this was a WONDERFUL hot dog. More like a sausage. I loved it :) I ate the whole thing :)

We drove back to Amandas house, and I hung for about 20 more minutes, then headed back home. Poor Boxer needed to run around a little and get out of his kennel. I watched a little TV, and relaxed for a bit. And soon it was time to go and get Jim from the bus.

I walked on over to the bus stop, got him, and headed back home. He watched some Kim POssible, and I totally dozed on the couch. Jake came home 30 minutes later, and I was still dozing. By the time Joe, Jim and Eme got home 30 minutes after that, I was awake, got the kids a snack, and was sewing a project. I made a crayon holder! It's pretty cool. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow to show you guys. It holds about 30-40 crayons. Joe thought it was AWESOME! I'm sure once I make more of them, they'll look better. This one was kinda "rough" looking. But got the job done.

The kids all ate their snack, and did their chores, and soon it was time for the pool. Amanda and Austin were coming, and Kari and Josephine came late. The kids all had fun playing. And yeah, I really do think that Jim may be getting sick. Because he was crying at EVERYTHING. It was all drama, all evening. Poor kid.

Joe his hysterical! He's always the first one out of the pool (probably because he has 0% body fat), and was playing around with his nostrils. I thought it was hysterical!
The moms had fun chatting, and I think the kids had an ok time swimming. And we headed out around 6:30pm. We had "Papa Steve" pancakes for dinner. Well, they did. I had rotisserie chicken and a cucumber and apple. My dad likes his pancakes with peanut butter AND syrup. Yeah, SO good for you, huh? hehe. At least I use sugar free syrup for the kids ,right?

And for Jake, since we're dabbling with Glueton (I know it's not spelled right, but I'm too lazy to look up the spelling, but not to lazy to go on and on and on in this parenthesis about not wanting to look it up....) Free (I know, it's all or nothing...), I cooked him up some Glueton free Waffles. And he really liked them! I also got him more non-milk milk. The first stuff he liked better. It was rice milk. This stuff is soy milk. He likes the rice better, apparently. *filing for future reference*

The kids played on the computer for a bit, and roller bladed in the neighborhood, and played outside. Jake took Boxer on a walk, and I pulled a patio chair from the back yard to the front yard for a little bit out outside time. It was very nice and peaceful.

And soon it was 7:30pm, and I came back inside. At 8pm, I put the little kids to bed, read them a story (miracle!), had prayers and scriptures and song, and came back downstairs to watch an episode of Chuck with the big kids. And they went to bed. And here it is, 9:39pm. And I'm done for the evening. If I were smart, I'd design some WordArts for the coming week... But I think I'm gonna veg instead. I'm sorry, Sharon :( I'm a slacker sometimes.... hehe.

Anyway, that was my "down" day. Not too much going on...

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Monica said...

Thank you for this WO, is very beautiful :D

Stephanie said...

I saw your post about the flipflops the other day and it's so funny because I was talking to my sister last night and she mentioned that she is going to make them with the girls in her Girl Scout troop on Thursday... Now I want to make a pair too! lol

Marilou said...

What a beautiful WA! Thanks Bethany!

Christina Hicks said...

I love your word art and I used one today on a card. Here is the link to it if you would like to see.

deb said...

Thanks for the word art! I need to make some flipflops like those.