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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Patience Comfort Love

Holy cow! I'm gonna say it again, because it was THAT long of a day! Holy freakin' cow - hehe :)

I woke up with my alarm at 7:20am. And I SO wanted to sleep in. Because it was Saturday. And because I was tired. And because it was Saturday :) But I didn't. I said my prayers, got up, and showered. I know, miracle, huh?

And I made sure that the kids were up. They were. And that they were getting ready. That needed a bit more helping along. Eme and Jim were both in the process of showering/bathing. I'm not sure what Joe was doing. And Tom, who was staying home for the morning, was playing on his computer. And Jake was at the cam out.

So I hopped in the shower, and proceeded to get ready for the day. It was gonna be straight hair and Dollar Tree eyeshadow day! How fun!

After I got all ready and dressed and junk, I realized that I had a few more minutes left, so I picked up dog poo in the backyard. Because it needed done. I can't very well turn on the sprinkler where there's poo all over. But the good thing abnout Jake letting it sit this long is that it was like picking up pine cones. Well, stinky pine cones...

I made sure that I put on 5 layers of gloves. Can't be to careful, right? If one layer, or 2, or 3, or 4 layers break, I'm STILL protected. From the vile dog poo!
And I took pictures of/with a few of the kids.

And then suddenly we were late. I don't know how that ALWAYS happens - hehe. So we loaded up in the Saturn, and headed for the West side. But not before a slight detour to Howdys!

The kids were begging for a snack, and I said NO, I'm just getting a soda. Well, the dude in front of me in line was getting Krispie Creams. And the chickie working there said that if he bought 6 instead of 3 (like he had), that he could save a quarter. But he didn't know what e was gonna do with 3 more donuts, so he offered them to me! So the kids got their treat after all! Thanks, random stranger dude!

We ended up getting to the church about 5 minutes late, but then stood in the parking lot and chatted with Sister Soderborg for another 10 minutes, so we missed the whole beginning part. Oops. I got Eme delivered where she belonged, and Jim and Joe and I headed for the flip flops room.

The girls were to have brought their flip flops, and the strips of fabric were already cut, and bagged with the proper number, so it was SUPER easy. Very good class to teach. hehe. Lots of chatting time - even better!

Me and 2 of my Hondo Pass Activity Day Girls!
My flip flops, all decorated. We just tied strips of cut fabric onto the flip flops. Speaking of Flip Flops, anyone else used to call them "thongs" when you were younger? hehe.

So within the first hour and a half, I was OUT of my DDP. Oh crap - hehe. I was chatting with some friends from 1st ward (Danielle and Terri), and they decided to make a Circle K pit stop. SWEET! I gave them a dollar, and my Howdys cup, and sent them on their way - ha!

Here's me with my 2nd 64 oz-er today - naught me :)

I really did have a fun time visiting with those girls. I haven't seen/hear from them since we switched wards. And we're not on Facebook together, so it was SO nice to catch up. They both seemed to be doing pretty good :)

And at one point, the dude from Scouts called, and said that he was having troubles with Jake. Sigh. NOT what I needed to hear. Apparently, Jake had knocked down something in camp, and they'd told him to clean it up. And he refused. And was being belligerent. Sigh. THIS is why I was leery of sending him on a campout...

The leader dude wanted me to talk to him, and yeah, besides CLEAN UP THE MESS, what was I supposed to do. He flat out refused to do what I told him to do, and so I had him put the leader on the phone, and said I was sorry, but I couldn't get him to do anything over the phone.

I just couldn't handle it anymore, and when I went back to stand by my friends in the back of the room, I started to cry. Frustration tears. Now what? What do I do with the willful, rebelious child when I get home? He was supposed to go to the Teen Center so I could have part of the day off. And if he's in trouble, can I really reward him with that??? Sigh. Just a little bit too much for me.

But the girls were a good sounding board for my story, and they had me laughing again in no time. And I once again felt in control. And had a plan. I can do this :) I know I can :)

We had a few more groups of girls come through, and here's a few more pictures...

Not sure what they eventually worked out, but I aske them to drop Jake off at he Stake Center where I was instead of taking him to the other church. So Jake was there in about 15 minutes, with about an hour and a half left to go of the meeting.

He and Jim and Joe eventually went to play in the nursery.

This one is the COOLEST!
Jim was SO cute! He found this rock outside, and was SO proud of it. It's a good thing he's cute, because he was a TURKEY today! Running in and out and around like crazy!
At 1230 ish, we headed out to the picnic tables. And had lunch. And the teachers got these for recognition. Aren't the cute! Flower sugar cookies!
Jim was SO excited to find an unclaimed cookie (of course, it was on the ground...)

It was SUPER windy, and my skirt kept blowing up. Dang you, skirt!
The kids all got hot dogs, and chips, and water, and a piece of candy, and that was lunch. And since I now had Jake, I didn't have room for someone else. The Saturn only holds 4. And I had 5... So Krystal volunteered to take Eme home. SOOO sweet! Thanks, my dear!

We loaded up, and headed back home. I left Joe and Jim in the car in the driveway as I ran inside my house, peed (128 oz...), grabbed Tom, and a chunk of cheese and a bag of salad and an apples, and hopped back in the car again. And we were off to the Logan CDC.

I dropped off Tom and Joe and Jim. And Joe and Jim had SUCH a great time looking at all the fun outside toys to play with. Tom? Yeah, he was MORTIFIED that I was gonna leave him with all the babies. I think the oldest kids was 8. POOR Tom! They assured me that in an hour, they were transfering the bigger kids over to a different child care place with more big kid activities. Hear that, Tom? It'll get better.

And I headed back home, childless! Got back home, and Jake said that he felt SO bad about what happened. And he was trying to think of ways to make it better for the scout leader. He wanted to call the dude, and apologize. Which is HUGE for Jake. So I left him use my phone, and he called the leader guy. And he typed up a written apology. And, for extra good measure, he used the last of the banana oatmeal chocoalte chip cookie dough in the fridge, and baked him a batch of cookies.

And since he went out of his way to THINK of ways to make it better, I decided to let him go to the Teen Center, just lose 1 hour of it. Because he was trying. And was showing remorse. Without being told. And he'd come up with it on his own. Baby steps, here...

Anyway, Krystal dropped Eme off around 2:30, and by 3pm, we were ready to head out. Kari's hubby, Brian, dropped off their son, Justin, at my house, so I could take Justin and Jake to the Teen Center. And Kari was gonna pick them up around 6pm.

And Brian wanted to get Captain America's truck running, and move it to his house, so he could fiddle with it. SWEET! Thanks, Brian. We really appreciate it!

So I dropped Jake and Justin off (who were both pretty excited about hanging out...), and Eme and I headed to Walmart to buy fabric for more flip flop shoes!

But first, a stop at the dollar tree. Because their flip flops are SO much cheaper :) We found some flip flops for each one of us, and some frozen pretzels (cause the kids LOVED those), and Eme wanted a dollar to spend. See what she picked out?

Eme and her Rubrics Cube
And then, because 128 oz apparently wasn't enough, we went here:
Eme got a $1 sundae
Hmmm, what to get...

Waiting for my food and making faces...

I'll have a RT 44, Diet Dr Pepper (emphasis on the DIET), easy ice..
And off to Walmart we went! First stop, fabric section. We picked out 5 different prints, and got 1/4 yard of each. I think we paid under $5 for them all. And it would make TONS of flip flops. I'm excited to play!

We grabbed a few other needed items, and once we were in line, we realized tht I needed an additional car charger. And they didn't have anymore at Big Lots for $8 like I'd bought... So I bought at $20 one at Walmart. Ouch! It was either that or let my phone die, and I didn't like that option!

We were there WAY too long, but had fun looking around. We paid, and headed back to post. And the LOW GAS light came on. Crap! Hopefully we'd make it back to post. And I was having SUCH A hard time with that fuel pump. I'd put the gas nozzle into the car, and it woudln't seat right, and I didn't know how big of a tank Captain America's Saturn was, so I just put in 9 gallons, and called it good. Yeah, didn't fill it up, but it was close.

And then we headed home. And had JUST enough time to let the dog out of his Kennel for a few minutes, and grab socks for everyone in the household. And grab the Suburban, and head back over to Child care. Somehow, it was time to pick people back up!

And the NICE ladies at the SAS (where the bus took the kids RIGHT next door) told us about an after school care that they do. They'll pick the kids up from school, and bus them over to Bliss CYS (fairly near where I live), and watch them. And you get 4 free hours a month. So with my 16 free hours, I'd get 20 free hours! I was SO excited! Maybe on Monday the kids can be bused over to the CYS building - hehe.

Anyway, I grabbed Tom (who was having a GREAT time in the computer lap) and Joe, and headed to get Jim. Grabbed him, and we headed to the bowling alley.

Kari was there waiting with Jake when we got there, and I invited her to come with me to the Comedy Club tonight. Christal had free tickets, and was wanted to give them away to someone. So I asked Kari. And she and her hubby were gonna come! HOW fun!

We went inside, and got all registered, and started bowling... And eating. Can't forget the eating. They had fancy cake, and pizza. Not quite the feast they had last time, but STILL tasty. And I actually had some today. Yeah, SO don't wanna make a habit out of it...

OK, I'm totally falling asleep, so I'm gonna just breeze through these pics...

I'm too white to see the cake...


My feet
A few of our feet (SERIOUSLY Falling asleep...)

I won... by 2 point. By 2 glorious, wonderful, magical points. ROFL!
I was supposed to leave the bowling alley at 7:30 to get the kids home on time, get them in bed, the get over to the local comedy club for Crystal's b-day party. But I looked at my watch, and as soon as our game was done, it was 7:45pm. Oh crap! I was gonna be late.

We returned our shoes, thanked the ladies, and hot footed it home. I seriously considered dropping them off at the main crossroads by our house, but couldn't do that tho the poor little things! So I drove them home, Tom got them all herded into the house and ready for bed, and I headed out!

Here's me at the comedy club.
I found Crystal and her group, and sat with them. Kari and hubby came in later, and sat at the bar. And Amanda and hubby were there, too, but I think they were in the front row...

And here's the photo of the dude we saw. The headliner. He was Tom the Inkeeper in Harry Potter Azkaban. Pretty cool, huh? He was pretty funny. And I liked his British accent :)

The other 2 dudes were pretty funny as well! And it got over at 10 something, and I headed home. And instantly started blogging. And here it is, 11:46pm. I can barely keep one eye open. I'm not remembering what I'm blogging. Who knows what I'm writing. hehe. We'll see if it has holes/is missing chunks of the story tomorrow, right?

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Lesleylynn said...

Thanks Bethany I love this quotation!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 27, 2011. Thanks again.

semoharty said...

Are you on one of the best scrapbooking sites now....AWESOME! I always knew yours was, but glad to see industry recognition!

Glad you had a fun day!

Mary said...

Wow! What a busy day you had. I hope you got a good nights sleep. :)


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [28 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Dee said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and feel that I need to comment. You are a very exceptional woman and mother. I give you credit for all that you do, being essentially a single parent. I was one with 6 kids to raise and I know how hard it can be. Keep on keepin' on, you are doing great!

deb said...

Excellent word art. Loved the pictures of the flipflop circle. Too cool. Makes me want to make some!