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Friday, April 1, 2011


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by Sharon

by Sharon
By Andi

by Sharon

by Sharon

by Sharon

Oh wow. WHAT a long day it was. And it wasn't supposed to be like that. It was supposed to be my quiet day. Well, quieter for me, anyway...

The smoke alarms started going off at 6am. And woke everyone up. And people were fighting over who had to turn them off. Sigh. I just kinda laid in bed and hoped that someone would turn it off. No such luck. So I drug my tired butt up the stairs, and pushed buttons until something finally worked, and it turned off. SO inconvenient! I need my sleep, you know :)

And I crawled back into bed. With company. Jim got woken up, and now he was in bed with me too. I just snuggled closer, and kinda fell back asleep. The kids were coming in, asking questions. So I tired to help and stay asleep at the same time. hehe. Jake left the house late, complaining that he just didn't have time in the morning to get ready. Um, set your clock earlier.... just a thought...

I continued to direct kids getting ready from my bed. Lazy parent day, I know... And, a few minutes late, but good enough, the others left for the bus. And Jim and I snuggled back in to sleep. Then, at 7:50am, Eme comes down stairs, in jammies, hair wild. She'd JUST woken up! Whaaat? How did I miss a sleeping child? I think Tom and Joe thought that she'd gone to the bus early. Sigh.

So I had her get all ready, Jim got ready, and I threw on come workout clothes, and we all headed out. I dropped Eme off at school (she wasn't late, which was a miracle), and I headed to Kari's house. And as I was coming back inside the gate, I realized that I'd left my purse in the trunk, so I had to stop and pull it out to get my id.

Then, as I'm handing the ID to the gate guard, of course if flies out of my hand and drops to the ground. "Sorry, it's just one of those days", I say to the guard, and he just grunts and looks at the ID, then hands it back. Fine, be that way. I'll save my funniness for someone else!

Kari drove us over to the CDC, and I dropped off Jim. Then Kari and I headed to the mountains!

It was a REALLY nice hike this week!
The weather was PERFECT (minus the flys...)

Nice little POP of color, huh?

Who said the desert can't be beautiful!

We headed back to post, and picked up Jim from the CDC. He was having a GREAT time. And we hustled back to Kari's house to grab my car, then I immediately drove Jim of to the bus stop to catch the bus. Tight time schedule, but it all worked out :)

I hopped in the shower, and got pretty, then started on some lunch. I was gonna use the last of the rotisserie chicken!
I cut it up, added 1/2 a diced tomato, and 70 grams of mozarella cheese. Then microwaved it, and put it on a Sandwich Round. SO tasty!

At around noon, Kari stopped by to pick me up. She's going to a convention for Pure Romance in Nashville this coming weekend, and it's cowboy themed. So she needed some Western wear. And El Paso is FULL of western wear. Unfortunately, it's SUPER expensive! We found some cute-ish stuff, but the shirts were like $35-55. Yeah, I'm SO not paying that much for a shirt. Kari did find a shirt she liked well enough, and a fancy silver belt.

And I, of course, had to "try" on some stuff too...

At the register, I told Kari to hang on for a second, that I'd be right back, that I needed a picture of myself and the horse statue. She thought I was pretty funny. ha!

She dropped me back off at home at 1:30pm, and I had about 30 minutes to straighten up the house before Rowan (Laurie's youngest) was gonna be over. I'm babysitting him from 2-3:30 today, and then from 7:30am -5:30pm on Friday.

Anyway, I cleaned up my house a little while, then sat down to work on my store. Rowan came over around 2:30, and we watched some episodes of Kim possible.

At 3pm, Rowan and I walked to the bus to get Jim, the walked back. Jim and Rowan watched TV and played for a bit, then Jake was home. Yeah, he was totally supposed to ride the youth center bus. Oops. He couldn't find the right one. He asked if I'd drive him over there, and I said yes, it it fits in the schedule.

Rowans dad showed up about the same time at the other kids got off the bus. I loaded everyone up, and we headed out to the youth center to drop off Jake. He was pretty excited about going. And we asked about the bus at the front desk, and he now knows which ones to ride. Thank goodness!

After dropping off Jake, we realized that we didn't have enough time to make it to ice skating. We really didn't. We'll go next week when we're not babysitting...

Tom had gotten paid today, so he wanted to buy some Legos. And since we were RIGHT by the PX, and they don't charge sales tax there, we decided to pop in and see what they had. No to little selection of Legos. Sigh. They did have super expensive soda, though....

After the defeating Lego's experience, we headed to the food court. For some burritos. A Beefy Cheesy Nasty and a chicken burrito. $.99 each. Can't be the price.

I ordered the fod, got the water cups, and the little boys were running around OS much! That's why they're picture are so blury.

This is my "Why won't you act normal!" face...

Kids will be kids, right?
Joe and the 10 tacos...

I took the wrapper off first, you know... I had the Beefy Cheesy nasty, and even bought myself a chicken burrito, but was SO stuffed after the Beefy Cheesy nasty, that I gave it away... I shouldn't be eating such things anyway...

After eating, I went to show the kids the courtyard area. I thought they'd like it. We walked over by the little kids area, and realized that I officially don't have any little kids. They had to be UNDER the dude's hand to play...
Mmmm, soda makes everything happy!
So after eating and looking around, we loaded back up in the truck, and headed home. Only to realize that we neded colored pencils for Jake for his class. So we had to go to Walmart anyway... At least they had the legos that he wanted, right? So it wasn't a total bust...

Here's Tom with his legos.
I bought stuff for Strawberry Shortcake for tomorrow, and some plants. Because my firends all have gardens, and I'm subcoming to peer pressure! LOL! I bought a plant for each kid that I had with me :)

No car ride with me is complete without a serenade...

Here's our new little plants.
The kids got to hold their plants on the way home. I told them that plants like it when you sing/talk to them. Nicely. Kindly. You have to say it in a sweet way. They were ADORABLE with their plants!

The road home parallels are railroad track (hence the street name Railroad), and there was aline of tanks that stretched out forever!
We headed to the Teen center, picked up Jake, and headed back to post. Jake had had a fun time, but was hungry. We got back home, he ate, and the kids and I planted plants. Pray for them, because I dont' know what I'm doing. I didn't get a green them, what so ever!

Joe's Watermelon
Jim's Sweet Peas
Eme's Cherry Tomatoes
Tom's strawberries
And then it was time for bed. So I got everyone ready, and Jimmy insisted on coming back outsdie to sing to his plant. OK. He sang it Book of Mormon stories, and go the first verse right. Then started up a second verse about "Book of Mormon Poopers", and that's where I cut him off. Dorky child! I wish I could report that the poop talk gets better as they age. Yeah, not so much... LOrm
Eme and Joe and Jim went to bed, and Jake and Tom and I watched Chuck. And I quit. Wait, I think I fell asleep. I wonder what I was dreaming about. LOL! That was supposed to be, and I blogged. Ha! I was chatting with Amanda and Terra and Kari and Crystal, all at the same time, and was SO confused. hehe. And I was working on a project for Terra's hubby, and trying to get my store loaded, and my photos uploaded, and blogging done. And yeah, it's not 11:53pm, and I'm happy to say that I'm done! And I'm going to bed. Before I "quit" again. LOL!

Tomorrow, I'm babysitting, and Kari and I ware walking in the morning with strollers, then Terra and Amanda and I are having a picnic at the park with the little kids. Should be a good time. Then, we're going to see Insidious and eat at Applebees. YES! I love a good, full day.

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Sharon, GREAT layout, as usual!!!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 15 post on Apr. 01, 2011. Thanks again.

More of Mom's Special Moments said...

Did you wear a swinsuit all day ?? What was that look miss?? And I think you may have dissed the Bell!! What was that nasty thing. . you know, those are fighting words! hehebahhhh. . we love the Bell here. .two sides of lettuce, two sides of fresco, order of pinto and cheese, no red sauce, add green sauce and a med. senior diet!!!! My life in a sentence.

Creatrish said...

your day was full for sure! Desert pics are great wich I could live in Texas! xxxxxxx

Catherine said...

I found out the hard way about five years ago that fire alarms are really only good for 8-10 years before they need to be replaced. We had about a month where ours went off quite often like yours do, usually at night or early morning. My husband replaced all six of them and it's been good until a few months ago when one of them started beeping periodically. Guess I'm going to have to figure out how to replace that one soon. It's over the stairway so it will be interesting to say the least. They just don't make them like they used to. :)

deb said...

The cactus flowers were beautiful! As for TB, my son loves TB and asks to go there all the stinkin' time.

sdwrdt said...

Thanks for sharing - spent a week visiting colleges for older dd, so am trying to get caught up!