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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Monkey Business.

Wow, I started blogging way too late tonight. hehe. It's 12:48am. And i'm just starting... Lets see if I can make this fast :)

I slept in today! No early morning appointment :) I think it was around 9am when i finally crawled out of bed. I went out to see what the kids were doing. And at 9:30am, I went to see why Jim hadn't woken up yet. Ha! He's not one to sleep in - hehe :) He was snoozing away, and woke up when I came in.

Check out the snow in El Paso!!! The kids had to check it out.

The kids and I had fun playing with my phone for a while. Siri can be funny :)

I decided to do something more productive than playing on the phone, so i turned on some Christmas tunes, and cleaned the sinks and counters in the bathroom. There ya go! hehe :)
We had some lunch, and then more free time. The kids were being mostly good. Mostly. I took a shower, and decided to actually straighten my hair, and do my make up, and put on good clothes. Not that I had plans for the day or anything. Ha! Maybe if I got all ready, then I'd get some plans, right???

When I was all ready and pretty (ha!), the kids wanted to go outside and play. So I went out to get some photos. They had a lot of fun, but it was REALLY cold!

Jake came home from Kim's house, and was super tired. So he took a nap on the couch. Kim and I talked about it, and we think maybe his meds are leveling out, and maybe he needs to go up a dose. He's getting "frisky" again.... Or maybe he just needs to go back to school and get back on his routine. Christmas break is kicking his butt! He's being a little more aggressive with the other kids than I'd like, though.
I really wanted to go somewhere and do something, but couldn't find anyone to play with me. So I took a nap and watched X-files at the same time. Cause I have mad skills, you know. ha!

Until I couldn't take it anymore, and I had to leave the house. And I decided, instead of "running away", that I'd take the kids with me. And that we'd go to Big Lots and to Fallas and spend the Grandma Ida dollars from Christmas and the Grandma Lyn/Grandpa Steve money too. That way, the kids would have presents! Sounded like a good idea at the time.

There were like a million people at Fallas. Yeah, Jake didn't like it at all! I forgot about that. I found some winter hats for a few of the kids, Eme found something for her Grandma Ida money, and Jake found something for his, we paid, and headed to Big Lots.

And the kids spent the rest of the money. They really did find a lot of good stuff! I'll blog about what it was on Christmas when we open it - hehe. It seemed like we were in the stores forever, though. It really did.

Finally, we all loaded up and headed back to post. And made plans to meet Kim and Kids at the "Jesus tree", as Josephine calls it. See, we walked to the BIG lit tree by the Ft Bliss religious center buildings last year as a family, and saw the nativity scene, and it was a GREAT time. So we wanted to do it again this year. Yeah, NOT the great time it was last year...

Jake was done with being out in public. And was grouchy. Well, mean, mostly. He was throwing snowballs at the kids, and chasing them, and knocking them down. And then laughing. And when I'd try and correct him, he was obstinate. Not a good evening. And he kept throwing snowballs at the nativity scene. Not appropriate...

I gave up. Kim hadn't even gotten there yet, and I led my kids back to the truck. We got about 1/2 way there, and she pulled up with Hot Chocolate. The kids got out and played a bit longer, we passed out the hot chocolate, and we finally left when Jake was about to unplug the tree. Sigh. Naughty! I'm SO ready for this deployment to be over! I need a week off!!!

This is my really? face...
Tom and I

She needs to learn to pull her sock hat down a bit - ha!
Jake was happy when we left, at least! He just doesn't do well when he's bored...
We got home, and got everyone situated. I told the kids that after another round of chores, that they could have electronics until 10pm. Then it was bedtime. Joe refused to do chores, so he was sent right to bed. And I told Jake and Tom that I'd buy them a candy bar of their choice for doing his chores. Yeah, that got their attention. LOL.

We realized that while at Big Lots, our electronics that we meant to purchase didn't get rung up. It was still sitting on the counter, un-purchased. sigh. So I needed to go back. That's ok, I needed a trip out without the kids - ha! Kim and Tim wanted to come too!

I left the kids with about 30 minutes before they were going to bed, and out we headed. Kim was driving. We swung by Big Lots, and I ran in and got the electronics that I needed. Then we went to the Transmountain Walmart. Tim headed off to the Electronics, and Kim, poor thing, wasn't feeling well after eating Dominos for dinner. So she had to run off to the bathroom to puke her guts out.

Amanda texted, and said that she was at Walmart too!!! So we Skyped, and shopped! We only were able to get a good enough signal to talk for about 10 minutes, but it was fun!!! Just like old time :) Thanks, girl!!! I miss ya!!!! I know you wanna come and visit me!

Kim started to feel better, and came and caught up with us. Here's a few pictures I snapped while on Skype

You know, it's amazing how much stuff people ditch on the wrong shelves at Walmart. And yeah, I know, I'm as guilty as the next guy. But really? If it's frozen goods? I'm not gonna ditch it in the beef jerky section at the check out!!!
I also found a head of lettuce with the peanut butter, and a package of chorrizo (Mexican sausage) with the cosmetics. Nice, huh? I don't get some people...

For Christmas, my kids and I are going over to Kim and Tim's house, and I'm in charge of desserts. So I got some stuff for pies. And mostly, we just wandered around yawning and being sleepy. hehe. We just wanted to get out of the house for a bit.

Eventually, we were done. And got in line, and paid. It wasn't even that busy. Well, compared to what it COULD have been. I think the nasty weather was keeping people away. And Kim was starting to feel icky again. And Tim had had something to drink before we came, so that left ME as the driver. hehe. That's ok. I joke with Kim that I drive her car more than she does when we go out. RofL!

I drove myself home, and she felt good enough to drive by the time we got there. Hope ya feel better, hon! My kids were all in bed (but of course, every light in the house was on...), and the chores were done. Good job! Butterfinger earned!

I wrapped a few presents, and started blogging and watching X-files. It's now 1:19am. *yawns*. Off to sleep! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I need to think about what presents to let my kids open tomorrow. If we lived near my family, we'd be doing presents from my parents and from my grandparents tomorrow evening.... Plus, if they get toys tomorrow, they will be entertained... ROFL!

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SUPER cute, Sharon!!! I'm loving this layout!!!


Tink said...

Busy day you had!! I love hangin with the girls and shopping!!!
I always get the kids new PJ's and thats the present they open tonight, they all look GREAT for pictures tomorrow morning!! LOL

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Dec. 24, 2011. Thanks again.

HighDesertGal said...

Merry Christmas!

deb said...

What a busy day! Your hair looks awesome! As for snow... we'd love some here in the Florida Panhandle. Thanks for the word art! Merry Christmas!

deb said...

What a busy day! Your hair looks awesome! As for snow... we'd love some here in the Florida Panhandle. Thanks for the word art! Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

Ha Ha, cute! I call my little ones my monkeys so I am sure I'll be using this! Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas to you and your family :)